Honour Clayton, Prudence Lanckford, and Prudence Mickel

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I'm starting this thread as a meeting place for the various PMs, trusted list folks, and interested ancestors of these profiles to have a place to chat and collaborate.

T (Bowling) Cassidy added an unmerged match of Honour (Brown) Clayton [Clayton-149] & Honour (Browne) Clayton [Clayton-4273].  The PM of 4273 is unable to merge because the mother's dates do not match - nor should they, they are different profiles.

I believe that the profile for 149 is correct:

Honour (Brown) Clayton [Clayton-149] is the daughter of

Prudence (Lanckford) Clayton [Lanckford-1] who, in the Wikitree profiles is purported to be the daughter of:

Prudence (Mickel) Lanckford [Mickel-58].

the profile for 4273 has as her mother:

Prudence (Mickel) Clayton [Mickel-14].

Edit to add: upon further research, there is no evidence to support that "Mickel" is the mother of Prudence Lanckford Clayton:

Looks like the parents are just as messed up as the Honour Claytons:

Here is what is documented in this family:

William Clayton [Clayton-170] is the husband of:

Prudence Lanckford [Lanckford-1], she is the daughter of:

William Lanckford [Lanckford-2] and:

most likely Elizabeth (Reading) Lanckford. [Reading-249]

There is a lot of internet speculation that her mother is Prudence Mickel.  To date, no source has been produced to support this notion.  Also, William Clayton Jr. [Clayton-176] is often noted as William Mickel Clayton.  No source has been produced to show the middle name Mickel and at this point in time resembles internet fantasy.

Here is what is documented about Prudence Lanckford's parents:

On 7 November 1653, banns (an announcement of an intended marriage) were recorded in the parish of St. Pancras of the marriage of William Clayton to Prudence Lanckford. Since the church at St. Pancras had been destroyed, the ceremony likely occurred somewhere else, perhaps in the church in the adjoining parish of Rumboldswyke. In the banns, the father of the bride was recorded as William Lanckford of “Broughton” in Hampshire. Researchers have found no extant records of that family name in Broughton, but the marriage of a William Lanckford “of Southwick” to Elizabeth Reading, “spinster, of Wymering,” in the parish of Wymering, Hampshire on 12 June 1622 could be that of Prudence’s parents. Southwick and Wymering are parishes adjacent to each other, located about nine miles west of Chichester.

In the records of the Lewes and Chichester Monthly Meeting, the death of “William Lankford of Rumbolds Wyke” is noted on 1 January 1665/1666. The births of William and Prudence Lanckford’s children throughout the 1660s are found in the same monthly meeting records, with the parents’ residence listed as Rumboldswyke. Today this parish is now a suburb of Chichester on the southern edge of that city, and locally referred to as just “Wyke.”[1]

On the Lanckford-1 profile there is a quote from the Bill Putman site with the following unsourced information:

Prudence was born in Surry in the early 1630s. She was a daughter of William Lanckford originally from Broughton Parish, Hampshire. There were a number of early genealogies that all stated Prudence's last name was Mickles. Louis Jones, on one of his many trips to England, determined she was a Lanckford. However, she may have been married first to a man named Mickles who died shortly thereafter. Don't know, but it isn't really very important to our line who her first husband was...

Note: The Putman site is rife with innacuraccies to include a ficticious link to an aristrocratic Clayton line. 

See: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/628663/william-clayton-pennsylvania-provincial-council-ancestry

In the end, any mention of Mickel whether it be for the son, the wife, or the grandmother is unsourced.  If anyone has any sources that say otherwise, please share.

In the meantime, there are quite a circle of Mickel profiles (besides the aforementioned Clayton-176):

* Prudence (Mickel) Lanckford [Mickel-58] - not substantiated as the mother of Prudence Lanckford and should be removed and a link reference added.

* Prudence (Mickel) Clayton [Mickel-14] - currently the mother of William Clayton Jr. [Clayton-176], Joseph Clayton [Clayton-157], Elizabeth Clayton [Clayton-144], and Hanna Clayton [Clayton-148], but not the wife of their father, William Clayton Sr. [Clayton-170]

* Unknown (Unknown) Mickel [Unknown-26414] - this profile purports to be the wife of William Mickel and mother of Prudence (Mickel) Clayton [Mickel-14] (just above).

Looks like a good cleaning is in order for this line.

1. Hunt, Roger D. The History of the Hunt Family. Oregon City, OR: Privately published, 2011. pp 210-216. Accessed 29 April 2015. See also: Hansen, Charles M. “The Parentage of William Clayton, Quaker Immigrant to Pennsylvania: A Correction,” The Genealogist 4 (1983): 169-73. http://fasg.org/fellows/current-fellows/charles-m-hansen/, and "An Alternative Ancestry for William Clayton of Chichester, Sussex, and Pennsylvania," published in The Journal Plain Language in 1996 (Vol. 6, No. 2).

WikiTree profile: Prudence Clayton
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edited by SJ Baty

Update: Honour (Brown) Clayton [Clayton-149] & Honour (Browne) Clayton [Clayton-4273] were merged.  Still sorting out the other profiles an the "Mickel" uncertainty.

These questions appeared in my daily / weekly email from wikitree (11 Dec 2021) but I have been working and commenting on these profiles for the last couple of years and wish I'd known or thought to look for these discussions since I am a direct descendent of William and Prudence once, possibly twice but the sources and references with Cordelia have been tricky to decipher but would make a second direct line for me.

   I wanted to say thank you for everyone's hard work on these profiles and the dedication to continuing research for keeping everything accurate. I have tried to take what we know here and apply it to FamilySearch since those profiles are constantly ruined with new merges and no preservation of sources/memories etc and I couldn't do any of it without learning from everyone on here.


  Becky Elizabeth (Simmons-11603)

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In my opinion we might do well to have a free space for each of the people and we can present documentation on the different profiles because the paper trail should speak for it self.
by Living Snyder G2G6 Mach 2 (25.2k points)
Can we accomplish the same by comparing the profiles side by side based on their sources and documentation?
Usually but often you keep having the same discussions when a new person comes along, so you end up having to go though it again, so I was just looking for a longer lasting  way. What ever everyone else thinks is acceptable to me
Ah, I see what you mean now.  That actually isn't a bad idea - write up a free space page explanation of the previous issue, lay out the fix that was made, and add it as a note at the top of the profiles asking anyone to read the free space page before any edits.  Sort of a link to a road sign.
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Looks like a lot of work in line for this family - I don't see any actual documentation for "Mickel" anywhere - just a lot of unsourced ancestry trees.

I've edited the original post to reflect what I've discovered while trying to organize these duplicate profiles.
by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by SJ Baty
Thank you for the research SJ I added you to any ancestors and siblings related to William Lankford. I have a lot of things on my plate at home and probably won’t be much help.
This William Mickel sure gets around!

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THANK YOU! I was so confused when 'hints' to Prudence Mickel or William Mickel Clayton started popping up - like it isn't difficult enough to keep all of our "Claytons" straight! I also can't find any documented proof of Mickel for either Prudence or William Clayton. So frustrating! I'm so glad I came across this post!
by Jeri Jones G2G Rookie (260 points)

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