how do I add a profile that I manage to Acadian

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how do I add a profile that I manage to Acadian Project ?

I tried to get Acadian Template on my profile but could not - why is that ? what did I do wrong ? please help -

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Hi Martha! Templates have double braces. Categories have double brackets & include Category:

{{Acadian}} is actually the project box for the Acadians Project, and project boxes generally do not go on profiles of active WikiTree members, as the profiles with project boxes are managed by the corresponding project.

I edited your profile to have a Descendant sticker saying you're descended from Acadians:


I also added one to say you're a descendant of Michel Richard


Cheers, Liz

P.S. Love your bio!

pps - then I read Jackie's comment below, so I've also added {{Acadian}} to your profile.

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Hi Martha

You can find the information here on the Project Page Acadians Project

The Project Box for this project is Template:Acadian. To use it on a profile, just put the following text on the profile, above the biography:


This will display the project box, and will also put the profile in Category:Acadians, so you don't need to include the Category line when you're including the project box.

Template:Migrating Ancestor should also be used on the profiles of people who immigrated to Acadia. For someone who migrated from France to Acadia, put the following text on the profile:

{{Migrating Ancestor
| origin = France
| origin-flag = Flags.png
| destination = Acadia
| destination-flag = Acadie-1.png

So for just the Acadians Project box you would use {{Acadian}} than leave a comment for your edit and hit save.

Hope this works for you and answered your question.

Best Regards


by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (390k points)
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thanks - will try to follow instructions           martha
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If you're talking about your own profile (that's how I read the question) you should only put the Acadian template on profiles for people who were born or lived in Acadia, or were maybe the direct, immediate, descendants of Acadians, living in a primarily Acadian community in some place like Ile Madame. There aren't any absolute rules, but it probably doesn't make sense to put the Acadian template for anyone born after about 1850, even if they're living in French towns in Cape Breton or New Brunswick.

So, for your own profile, it's enough to ask for an Acadian project badge, and to follow the tag 'acadian'.
by Brad Foley G2G6 Mach 8 (87.9k points)
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Hi Martha, Brad and Steve and thanks for your interest in the Acadian Project. Under the new guidelines (rules?) for project boxes, if the project template is on a profile, the project itself must be one of the profile managers. The Acadian Project hasn't made the conversion to the new system yet as I am the only active leader at the moment and can't work on it, but my intention is to only put the project box on profiles up to about 1755. After that time, profiles would have a sticker which also hasn't been designed and implemented. If you want to put {{Acadian}} on a profile now though please go ahead because when the conversion is made via a Bot, those profiles not qualifying for the project will automatically get a sticker instead of the project box and won't be managed by the project. At least, that is my understanding of how it will work--I would love to be enlightened if I've got it wrong.

Anybody want to help do this? I would welcome some assistance.
thanks - that helps  me understand a little more

Hi Jackie! I'm trying to be "part-time" this month, but if you'd like me to work with you to design an Acadian Sticker give me a holler (if not this month, then probably not till October - I hope to be completely offline in August, which means September will probably be spent on getting caught up). You could also posting for help on getting a sticker in G2G, tagged templates.

Cheers, Liz
That would be wonderful Liz, I would like that very much. Thank you!

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