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I have learned that I am probably descended from Peter Busecot, early inhabitant of Warwick, Rhode Island, so I have started cleaning up his profile. He looks like he is PGM.  In fact, one of the sources left on his profile some time ago says that he immigrated in 1633.  If so, it is surprising that he has no profile in "The Great Migration Begins".  (His last name has many spellings, but I only found one reference to him searching the Peters in the index, a lawsuit in 1644).  

Edit: okay, I just found something about him in "The Great Migration Newsletter" -- a fine levied in 1636.  It's in Volume 13, p.26.  So that confirms he's PGM, correct?

So, I am hoping someone with an Ancestry account would be willing to look him up in the US and Canada Passaneger Lists Index

I can see there is a record for "Peter Busicot", but I can't see the record without an account.  Does it really give a year of 1633?  And does it give a birth year of 1620?  (The original profile creators suggested the immigration list as the source for that as well.)

The other lookup I'd really appreciate is a Great Migration Directory lookup, since he doesn't seem to be anywhere in "The Great Migration Begins".  Thanks so much in advance for any help.

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Great Migration Directory: Peter Busicot: From Hartland  Devonshire, immigration 1636: settled Salem, Hartford, Warwick. [MBCR 1:177, 244,248; EQC 1:7-9; 54; HaBOP 310; CCCR 1:102, 111, 114, 115, 123, 157, 160, 168, 169, 177, 181; PrTR 15:25-26; Austin 33-34; TAG 58:230

Anderson Key

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Thank you!
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It does show Peter Busicot’s arrival in 1633. It does not show his year of birth.
by Brian Bourn G2G5 (5.7k points)
Okay, thanks!  Does it say anything else (ship name? point of origin? point of entry?)
Only his arrival - at Boston, Mass.
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No write up in ''The Great Migration Begins". I'll check via for any mentions in others.
by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Pilot (258k points)

Great Migration Newsletter, V.13, p. 26, "The General Amnesty of 1638" based on records of the Mass. Bay General Court for 6 Sep 1638 [MBCR 1:243-45]. The clerk wrote: "The Court did discharge the fines underwritten, which do stand recorded before in this book" followed by 72 entries arranged in rough chronological order. The list covers fines over a period of 8 years. "This category of entry is typified by the case of Peter Bussaker, who taunted the court on 6 Sep 1636 [MBCR 1:177]:

Peter Bussaker was censured for drunkenness to be whipped, & to have twenty stripes sharply inflicted, & fined £5, for slighting the magistrates, or what they could do, saying they could but fine him.

"On 6 Sep 1638, the court made the following order [MBCR 1:244]:

6th 7th [1636], Peter Bussaker, being fined £5, it is remitted to 20s.

"Perhaps the full fine was not remitted because, at the time of the amnesty, "Peter Busgott" was appearing in Essex Court for "condemning authority of court" and "condemning court and Mr. Nowell" [EOC 1:7-9]. By 1643 he had left the colony, appearing briefly at Hartford and then settling in Warwick [TAG 58:230]."

Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume V, M-P, p. 70, "Matthew Marvin"

"On 12 Sep 1644, "Mathew Marven" sued Peter Bussaker [CCCR 1:111]."

(No further details given.)

Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume VII, T-Y, p. 249, "Abraham Warren"

"On 27 March 1638, "Abram Warren" sued "Peter Buscott" for an unknown cause [EQC 1:7]."  (Abraham Warren was living in Salem, Essex, Mass. Bay Colony)

You beat me to it Bobby.  This 1636 record is the earliest I have found so far.  I haven't yet found the record confirming he was in Boston by 1633 (but I have only been looking for 10 minutes).

Ha, Joe, you're bored, too? cheeky

One more, which would help locate him in Salem on particular dates:

Essex Antiquarian Vol. 3(1899) 84-85, "Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files"

Court, 26:4:1638

James Smith v. Peter Buscott.

Tho: Oliver v. Peter Buscott.

Court, 25:10:1638

Richard Graues and Peter Busgutt to sit in stocks for breach of the peace, and Busgutt whipped for comtemning court and Mr. Newell

Bobbie, you must be really bored! Good work!

That's it, that's all I've got. It was fun, though.
NICE work, Bobbie!! And...we hope Barry will incorporate all this great work into the profile.

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