Alexis Fleury's second marriage problem

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A merge proposal was initiated for Fleury-373 and Fleury-465.

The hitch is the second marriage.

PRDH states:

Alexis Fleury, b. c. 1737, New France, d. 1803, Maskinongé

m. 1 Marie Anne Sicard, 1763, Maskinongé, The marriage gives Alexis parents: JB Fleury and MF Dulignon (Lamirande)

m. 2. Marie Parr, 1778, St-Cuthbert. (More below)

m. 3 Madeleine Ladouceur 1797, Maskinongé. The marriage gives Alexis previous wife as Marie Jeanpart.

The second marriage being the problem:

In IGD when you click on the marriage summary, you see that he married MF Lamirande, of St-Jean en Acadie, daughter of Jean Lamirande and Françoise Jeanpart. 

When you click on with bride's name you are taken to the Individual detail of Marie Parr, daughter of Jean Parr and Marie Josephe Roy of Acadie. The actual image ( of the marriage act: gives the parents as shown in the summary. The record also states that Marie Anne Sicard was Alexis' previous wife.

All the children of this union:

1) Alexis, 1778, Louiseville, Mother: Marie Pard

2) Marie Antoinette, 1780, Louiseville, Marie Jeanparre

3) Marie Josephe, 1782, Louiseville, d, 1783, Mother: Marie Jeanpas/Marie Janparre

4) Marie Josephe 1784, Maskinongé, Mother: Marie Janparre

5) Joseph, 1786, St-Cuthbert, Mother: Marie Janpart

6) François, 1787, St-Cuthbert, Mother: Marie Jeanpart

7) Jean Baptiste, 1793, Maskinongé, Mother: Marie Jeanpart

I think it is clear that the second wife was actually Marie Parr, not MF Lamirande and the merge should go ahead with an explanation in the Bio about the second marriage record.

Can anyone check my findings? Thanks

WikiTree profile: Alexis Fleury
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I have found a compiled website that gives the family of Marie Part dit Jeanpart. Looking now for primary sources.

2 Answers

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oh now this gets very funny.  The marriage record on 2 Feb 1778 between Alexis and Marie Françoise Lamirande names her parents as Jean Lamirande (deceased) and Françoise Jeanpart, and does say she is native of Acadie.  His aren't even mentioned in the act, just that he is widower of Marie Anne Sicard.

Among the witnesses for the bride are François Pépin  ''beau-(père ou frère) de l'épouse'' (step-father or brother-in-law), Marianne Jeanpart  and others not related.  Marie Anne is married to an Alexandre Pépin per her profile.

8+ months after the marriage, on October 23rd is born the first child of Alexis and Marie Pard/Parr/Part.  All subsequent children are with her bearing that name in all its variations.  Her funeral names her Marie Jeanpard, aged 44, wife of Alexis Fleury.

Alexis remarried on 31 July 1797 to Madeleine Ladouceur, and his deceased wife is clearly named Marie Jeanpart.

So yes, this definitely points to ''Marie Françoise Lamirande'' being in fact Marie Part/Pard, daughter of Jean Part and most likely Françoise Lamirande.  Inverted names on marriage record I think.  Lamirande is definitely among Acadian names.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (480k points)

MF Lamirande was Alexis Fleury's mother according to his first marriage. I suppose it is possible that Marie Parr/Part might have a mother with the same name, but her profile says MJ Roy. There is not a good source for that at this point. I will see if I can dig up more.

Thanks for the confirmation.
the Lamirande as mother is my surmise, not seen a source for the Roy either yet.
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see at the bottom of each page and archival records responses

here is what the page has- will put in 2 parts, as this one will not accept all in one response

Part 1

Marie-Françoise Dulignon aka Lamirande 1 (1707 - 1785)

# 90017 ( Add a note )

She is also known under the name of Marie-Françoise Lamirande known as Dulignon 2 . She is also known as Marie Françoise Dulignon 3 . She is also known as Marie Françoise Lamirande 4 .

She is the daughter of Pierre Dulignon dit Lamirande 5 and Marguerite Degerlais 5 .

She is not the daughter of Françoise Par 6 and Jean Lamirande 6 .

She was born on February 16, 1707 in Louiseville, Quebec, Canada 5 . She married Jean Fleury son of Jeanne Gilles and François Fleury dit Mitron on October 17, 1728 in Louiseville 1 , 5 . She marries Daniel-Louis Cottu son of Louise Lesiège and François Coutu 3 , 5 . She died on November 12, 1785 in Louiseville. She was buried on November 12, 1785 in Maskinongé, Quebec by Antoine Rinfret in the presence of Jean Gérard 3 .

by Arora Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (124k points)

part 3 - here is the archival records responses over confusions for Parr /Lamirande

Questions, comments, information from the collaboration section: ( Add a note )

1. Email from Natalie Bédard - July 31, 2007, according to PRDH

2. Email from Yves Dupuis - December 17, 2004

3. Original Acts and Minutes - Maskinongé, 1785, p. 13

4. Email from Natalie Bédard - July 31, 2007, according to PRDH, August 27, 2007, it's her mother

5. Nobility of Quebec - Table 71

6. Natalie Bédard's email - July 31, 2007, according to PRDH, August 27, 2007, error in the PRDH

7. Internet - e-mail of Chantal Fleury ( of August 9, 2002

8. Email from Natalie Bédard - August 27, 2007, according to PRDH

9. Note by Natalie Bédard - August 8, 2007

lol, once again François Marchi puts all his eggs in one basket.  He has Marie Part's sister Marie Anne present at the wedding of Alexis with Marie Françoise Lamirande and also present at the marriage of Alexis with Marie Part, both on the same day.  DuuuuuH!  Problem with his site is very often his sources are people's e-mails, or else Tanguay, without corrections.
So I have been away and am just able to get back to this...

Have we come to any consensus?

Should the merge go ahead?
I think so, she is Marie Part, the marriage records appears to be a confusion by the priest when he wrote it, nobody caught it, most people couldn't read back then.

Re: Should the merge go ahead?

Consensus has been reached to the extent that there is clear enough credible information at Nos Origines 873362 and at Généalogie Québec 67081 in terms of:

i) Alexis Fleury having been married 3 times:

  • To Marie-Anne Sicard daughter of Jean Sicard de Carufel & Angélique Baron dite Lupien at Maskinongé on 21 November 1760
  • Marie Parr / Par Marie Par daughter of Jean Parr / Paris [sic] & Marie Roy at Saint-Cuthbert,on 2 February 1778 
  • Madeleine Lecoq dite Ladouceur, daughter of Jean Baptiste Lecoq dit Ladouceur et Marie-Jeanne Godard at Maskinongé in 1797.

ii) Alexis Fleury's parents being Jean-Baptiste Fleury & Francoise Dulignon  Lamirande.

This is more than enough informaion to merge Fleury-465 into Fleury-373.

There is no need to make merging contingent of verifying all the primary sources.

Nos Origines and Généalogie Québec sources are good enough for such merging purposes.

Fine tuning with primary sources can be argued after the merge has been made.

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