I am looking for any info regarding the Brown family tree that changed the name from Bruyn in the late 1700's.

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Gwen, if you could give a little more detail, it would help immensely. Do you have any profiles set for this line?
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Yes I had a family tree from my cousin to substantiate the paternal line ..I am not familiar with some of the names you have found ..however I did trace through ancestry all the way to Hendricks van rein & speirs from new Amsterdam...my ancestry shows I'm descended from the first sons of each generation..and my grandfather still owned the last of all their land in northern nj ..in 1970s it was all sold off by his children for a development..there is still a street named Brown Ave after the family..I hope some of this helps..you will see on Hendricks wikitree page the line ..keep in touch
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Gwen, I have traced my tree back to Ephraim Brown, born approx 1792 in NJ, and who appears to have changed his surname from Bruyn to Brown.  Although his father is listed on Ephraim's death certificate as "Jacob" and his mother as "Anne", I believe his mother's name was Engeltje Van Ness, and that Jacob may have been born "Johannes" (or "Johannis")...still working to verify, but wondering if this is the same Bruyn to Brown switch you're trying to figure out.
by Christine Jakubowski G2G Crew (540 points)

I believe it may be the same family as mine Van Ness is a common name in NJ and the dates seem correct they had large families..also if it states second river NJ which is where they all lived during that time period. That is Belleville NJ going to Montclair area border. Jersey city they lived also went by Pemmerpoe can’t spell it by memory. Some are buried there and at the Dutch reformed church in Belleville.  Any family stories you may have would be appreciated. And the time line is correct after the war they changed to American names. Dutch Bruyn to the English version Brown. I check my tree for your ancestors names. Keep me posted thanks for your input. Gwen

Gwen and Christine,

Said Ephraim Brown born 1792 in his paternal homestead on Smull Avenue in Caldwell NJ (built circa 1750, razed by 1992) is my paternal 2nd great grandfather: my father Vincent de Paul Brown's father James Harvey Brown's father James Bogert Brown's (1835~1923) father.

Ephraim's wife was Maria Bogert, daughter of Willem Bogert and wife Elizabeth Demarest. (Elizabeth descends from three sons~~David Jr., Samuel and Jean~~of emigrant French Protestant couple David Demarest and Marie Sohier from (de) Marets in Picardy, France. They were first acquirers and settlers of vast tracts in northern NJ, and are the subject of a book Hugenots on the Hackensack.)

Ephraim's mother indeed was "Ann" born Engeltje (Angela) Van Ness 1754, died after 1832.

But Ephraim Brown's father was Jacob Bruyn born September 15, 1752. His parents were from colonial Second River, NJ~~Johannes Bruyn, Jr. born 1706 and wife Femmetje Messeker. His parents were Johannes Bruyn, Sr. and wife Rebecca van den Boogh (aunt of first NYC First Lady Catrintje de Boogh, wife of Mayor Wilhelmus Beeckman). Rebecca was daughter of Captain Hendrick de Boogh (whose wife's sister was Mrs. Jonas Bronck, etymon of the later river and borough Bronx). "DeBow" is a later variant of their surname.

Johannes Bruyn, Sr.'s parents were Hendrik Hendriksen van Reine (from the Rhineland Palatinate, Germany) and wife Seytje Spier (born 1655 Nieuw Amsterdam), daughter of emigrants from Germany Hendrick Jansen Spier and wife born Magdalena Van Swol, who after living in N.A. a few years became in the late 1600s the first ever German family to move to New Jersey~~at first Bergen and Pemmerpoch (later "Jersey City"), then to Second River and northern and western Essex County. Seytie's brothers Hans and Jan Spier founded Dutch colonial Speertown, which later became Upper Montclair NJ.

Engeltje Van Ness's parents were Catrintje Cadmus born 1714 in Second River NJ (daughter of emigrant Thomas Cadmus) and Evert Van Ness born 1710 in Horseneck, Gansegat, Essex County.

Evert's father Simon Van Ness born in Albany or Rennselaerswyck NY was by a 1701 deed with the Lenni Lenape Native Americans one of about ten mostly Dutch settlers who bought land in northwestern Essex County. Simon bought 300 acres that span Fairfield NJ.

Gwen and Christine, as so far of the six children of Ephraim Brown I've found just one son, James Bogert Brown (my dad's grandfather), I am curious if you descend from him, JBB (and if so, by which of his sons~~Joseph Brown? who I heard "went West ..."; my dad's uncle. Or "Jesse" Brown named in the US Census 1880 for JBB's household, who may be a son. Or do you descend from my grandfather James Harvey Brown (1883~ c. 1932 in Harrison NJ) and wife Margaret/Marguerite MacInnes (1883~1976)? If so, we are first cousins, once or twice removed. My dad had an older brother James Harvey Brown, Jr. (later "Harvey Francis Brown") born 1906 (whose only son Vincent H. Brown born 1941 had a son Vincent, who in turn had a son Vincent). And a sister Agnes born 1907; I don't know if she lived to marry and have children. And a sister Marian born 1915, who by 1940 US Census lived in Franklin NJ and had a daughter Joyce; but Marian died in early 1940s.

Christine, as a descendent of Jacob Bruyn whose grandmother was a "de Boogh" later "DeBow," an apt coincidence that your surname is "Jakubowski." I'd be interested to learn if you descend from Ephraim Brown by any of his five daughters: Catherine Brown (Mrs. William) Budd born 1828; Rachel Brown (Mrs. Charles) Albert  born 1829, whose daughter Maria married Marcus Stager, and had a son Harold Stager who died 1918; Eliza also born 1829; or Ann(a) born 1837, or Hester born 1842, whose graves my dad once took me to see.

More info than you queried for, but hope this enlightens your search. Much fascinating material.
Gwen, just now after seeing your Wikitree trace of your Brown ancestry back to Hendrik Bruyn and wife Margrietje LaCombe, I see that your and my nearest common Brown ancestor is his father (my 6th great grandfather) emigrant from Germany, Hendrik Hendriksen Van Reine (1650 to c. 1700), whom you profiled at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Bruyn-139.

On such page you cite HHVR's wife as "unknown." But per my prior reply comment today to you, such wife was Seytie (a/k/a "Zeytie") Spier born in Nieuw Amsterdam 1655 and there baptized at the Reformed Church. Her parents from Germany (Hendrick Jansen Spier and wife Magdalena van Swol) were the first Spier couple in America, and with their children the first ever German family to move to New Jersey to live.

I descend from HHVR and Seytie's son Johannes (then also spelled "Johannis") Bruyn, Sr. (by hs wife Femmetke Messeker), brother to your ancestor Hendrik Bruyn whose wife was born Margrietje LaCombe. So you and I are about seventh Brown and Spier/Speer cousins.

A few years ago I found a source cite to a 1692 quitclaim deed signed by HHVR (locally also known as "Hance Henderson") and entered in the Newark NJ Hall of Records, by which he acquired title to 40 acres of upland in Second River that straddled later Belleville and Nutley. Today in southwest Nutley bordering Lincoln School there is a "Brown Street" that commemorates his purchase, and later devise of parcels to his sons who stayed in Nutley.
Your welcome ..yes pemmerpoe I'd now Jersey city some r buried there and others second river which is belleville nj buried at the old Dutch church
Cool ..sounds fantastic..Hello cousin! Yes he did marry her I..spier family and those families actually moved together to new jersey..also I found the history of Harlem also has our ancestor owning property there and another son on staten island owning there ..they were very large families..I'm happy to hear of another Brown street.
Also I found no document with the name change it just seemed to happen..and also fyi I believe we do have records with the dutch society in New York because there is a old dutch church there also..u have to prove your a descendant from one..and they all lived there prior to nj..please also I have not found any relationship to de bruyn....that is a different family..it does get confusing when u go way back because the spellings are different in certain documents..my tree is in ancestry also..use as a reference if u like ..thanks and good luck

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