Could someone check to see if i got the categories right on this purple heart recipient

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I got most of the information from fold 3, hoping i got the marine unit right. i was using the edit button. I think he was at Tarawa but haven't found that yet, i also did not see a category for buried at sea. Thanks Steve
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ok found him on honolulu memorial, he was at Tarawa Gilbert islands kiribati, from his find a grave, got that part down

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Yep.  It would be Purple Heart denoting an error if it was wrong.  When a category shows up in red in Profile view, it is incorrect from something as simple as a misspelling or missing bracket to the category not existing at all and needs to be created.  I wish you didn't have his Privacy locked up so others can't view his Profile.

Here is the WW2 Service sticker if you don't already have it. I can't tell.  You'll need to fill out some of the info,

{{World War II
| branch=United Sates Marine Corps
| startdate = 17 Sep 1943 (enter dates, if known in this format)
| units= (What Company was he in if known)
| enddate = 27 Sep 1945


| unit= 2nd Marine Division}}

by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (195k points)
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I will unlock, i didn't know he had passed until this morning
Thanks Steve, now I have question.  You have him as died of wounds in service and yet he was buried at sea.  This denotes to me that in essence he was killed in action.  If they got him back to a hospital ship at Tarawa and was buried at sea while in the waters of Tarawa I would suggest then that the KIA Roll of Honor would be in store for him instead of died of wounds.  If the above occurred,he died in the combat action area and should therefore be considered KIA.  Died of wounds is more in line for someone who may have lived longer before succumbing to their wounds and died in a stateside or non battle area hospital.  Your thoughts?
In the notes section there's a link to fold3 that says DOW, on the 24th of Nov, that leads me to believe he died of wounds, from what i've read that battle ended the day before on the 23rd, I originally did have him as KIA. He is a work in progress any suggestions appreciated
Well Steve, the Battle of Tarawa "officially" ended on the 23rd , but mopping up operations continued until the 28th.  See Aftermath on

This was still a combat active area and I think the KIA is more appropriate. If he had died in Hawaii or Australia a  month later, then I would say the died of wounds would be appropriate. Just my humble opinion.

My father was in the Army Corps of Engineers after the war and mapped a ton of the islands in the South Pacific from 1947 till his discharge in 1949.  He still received combat pay because many of the islands still had Japanese holdouts and were still considered active combat zones.  I remember him telling me that had a rogue Japanese soldier killed him while there, he would have received full killed in action military honors. If a local killed him, too bad.   Fortunately, as he said, he did not have a chance to prove that out.  He was cut badly while when getting into a landing craft that was taking him to shore from their LST that transported around the South Pacific and still received a Purple Heart.  3 years after the end of hostilities. The military moves in mysterious ways.  LOL
Went with your suggestions, thanks
[[Category: World War II]] isn't really necessary on the profile, since it''s a high-level category and you have two lower level ones present with WWII in them.You could add the cemetery category:

[[Category: Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii]]
great suggestion and done
Yep Natalie, you're right.  I missed that and thank you for the category for the Honolulu Memorial.  I saved that to my War Templates scratch sheet.  I have one or two folks I need to add that to.
You're welcome. LJ, remember that the Honolulu Memorial is inside the [[Category: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii]]. You might need that one, too.
And thanks again. I am stickler when it comes to where folks are buried now...or memorialized.

I'm presently going through my Watch List now to shall we say repair, some of my earlier additions to WikiTree and adding cemeteries to everyone I can.

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