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Well, I try with categories.  My latest question to a category manager was answered as shown below.  I think it is worse than unhelpful.  Any thoughts?  To spare the category managers embarrassment I have deleted the name.

This is the main Orkney category page - which is not supposed to have any profiles on it.

There are several islands which have categories already - Ronaldsay, Walls, Sanday, Stronsay and Kirkwalll. 

Unless you know for sure which island your ancestor comes from, then you simply cannot put them into a category until you do find an island for them. 

Sorry but there is not really much I can do about that. 

I guess I was lucky then since my ancestors all came from South Ronaldsay. 

I would suggest that you leave Malcolm Cowan where he is for now, it does not bother me. But if you do have any record that says Sanday, you can put the family in to Sanday for now. 

In William Towers profile is this statement - Source is on a website about Orkney, 

It would help if you put a link to that website in the sources section.  Maybe even to the page on which William is mentioned. We have to know where your sources came from. 


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Although we are now in Scotland, the consistent solution which is universal in England would be to place him in [Orkney, Unknown Place].
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From this I assume you don't know the specific location  "Malcom Cowan" is from.   The category manager is letting you know it's OK to leave him in the more general location of  Orkney, Scotland.   When you have a source for the island he's from,  it should be created and then Malcom Cowan should be put in this more specific category..... you might be lucky and the island he's from already has a category created such as Sandy or  South Ronaldsay.

The good news is,  creating categories has been greatly improved!   

I found a profile for William Towers that you manage   ....... The category manager wants you to improve the sources posted for that profile...... I spent a couple minutes looking at the link you provided but found no William Towers listed with marriages and births..... It would be helpful to provide information on where William Towers is mentioned in this link.

Best of Luck with your research.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Hi.  I have added a note about the source of the information.  The person is a genealogical Dead End.  There is no way I can improve the sources for this one or for his wife, Margaret Colquhoun.
I frequently hit dead ends, just document what you've discovered and leave good notes......  the profiles I really care about I return to every year,  hoping more is posted on the internet  AND  my skills improve every year.  I've broken two solid brick walls..... one by being stubborn and the other because I posted information on WIkiTree where someone contacted me with critical information.

What's great about WikiTree....others are also working on your profiles.

Enjoy the hunt but it won't always be easy.

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I did check an Orkney website long ago (Orkney genealogy website and found that there were so many people with the names I was looking for, there was no chance of finding the right ones. Sometimes stubbornness is necessary, even though I dislike it.

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Certainly never try to embarrass or "out" another WT user when you have a problem or a misunderstanding. That goes against our Honor Code. Still, I don't see the reason for quoting this entire letter here in the forum.

Anyway, in the absence of good, verifiable information, sometimes profiles are placed in high level categories as a place holder or marker until further research points to something more specific. Sometimes that further discovery may not happen anytime soon. This is an acceptable practice and is done in many other categories associated with many project. (Such as adding [[Category: United States of America, World War II]] to a soldier's profile until further research can establish a more specific category.)  

Orkney is a place name and not managed by a project but by WikiTree.

(Edited for grammar error.)
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (967k points)
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