I need help translating an Italian letter from 1930

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I just found this treasure among a forgotten bag of letters from 1930-31, where my Italian relatives ask help from the families that migrated to Argentina. I'm trying to understand how they were related, and this piece of paper seems to explain that! The handwriting is making it quite difficult. Could someone help me translate or transcribe it?

This is what I got:

Cara sorella

Noi tuttio per ora stiamo bene tutti come si trovamo, anche il fratello Luigi e famiglia come ... il fratello francesco e la sua famiglia. E il fratello Angelo e la sua famiglia. Avendo l'occasione di averi? la fotografia della sorella Angela. E quella mia chi sono la sorella Stella col mio nipotino Enrico figlio del mio figlio Ambrogio. .... ... in che di ventiano ... tutti i giorni ed il tempo .... Intanto che siamo 

Image also in https://i.imgur.com/QJAvtTb.png 

And all the letters I found, in case you want to help me guess which one comes after, are here: https://imgur.com/a/x6Ru7gK

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I have a mess of letters like that too.   They were written from 1900 through 1950 - family in Italy - Calabria - and Argentina where part of the family migrated.    You have to deal with dialect as well.
Angela, I had no idea about these letters until my mom moved houses and they showed up. I also have the photos that came with them, but I hadn't been able to connect the Italian side with the Argentinian. With the new translation, I'm confident I will. The early letters are during the war and they ask if they can please send them sugar. They are really heartbreaking. I hope I can connect both trees tonight when I get home and check my notes again.
Family Search has posted this blog - might be of interest:


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Cara sorella,

Noi tutti per ora stiamo bene tutti come si trovano anche il fratello Luigi e famiglia. Bene[?] pure[?] il fratello Francesco e la sua famiglia, il fratello Angelo e la sua famiglia.  Avendo l'occasione di avere[?] la fotografia della sorella Angela. E quella mia che sono la sorella Stella col mio nipotino Enrico figlio del mio figlio Ambrogio.  Per farti vedere in che modo ci troviamo che diventiamo vecchi tutti i giorni ed il tempo passa.  Intanto che siamo..

Dear sister,

We are all well, for the time being.  As are brother Luigi and his family, brother Francesco and his family, and brother Angelo and his family.  We had the opportunity to have a photo taken of sister Angela, as well of me (sister Stella) with my grandson Enrico, son of my son Ambrogio.  So you can see how we look as we get older with every day that passes and time goes by.  Whilst we are...
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Thank you so much Charlie! The biggest breakthrough is the fact that she says her name is Stella - I had missed that, and it's a great clue!
Charlie, you won't believe what just happened: I went back to check the letter again, and I realized it was folded and there was more content inside! The paper is so thin I hadn't noticed. If by any chance you have the time and will to help me again, without ANY hurry, the two little pages are here: https://imgur.com/a/0RX3IPt and https://imgur.com/bZOrsAY
Ancora in saluti altrui[?] il [?] che tu sei la maggiore. Di sapere[?] le tue notizie, che tanto li aspettiamo e non si sa mai niente.  A noi [?] [?] che le facciamo leggere, avendo la commodità. Noi tutti per ora va tutto bene c'è un po di scarsità di lavoro ma speriamo che i tempi  si cambiano, e vada meglio. Augurandoti buone feste  natalizie e Buona fine d'anno e miglior [?] te e tutti i tuoi figli e nuore e nipoti.  Ed[?] un lungo avvenire[?] di felicità.

Col salutarti da parte di tutti noi in famiglia e fratelli e sorella Angela. Saluti cari dei vari[?] figli a te a famiglia, tua sorella

Stella Oriani vedova Galli

Ti fu [?] nota che è morta la cognata Carolina, moglie del tuo fratello Gaetano all'età di 81 anni.

Ti mando saluti

Aspettando tue nuove? [?] [?]


[First bit is a bit garbled]

[?] of you who is the oldest...

...of hearing your news, for which we've been waiting for a long time and we never hear anything.

[?] which they read, when they can.

We're all well for the time being, everything is good, there's a lack of work but we hope that times will change and things will improve.

Wishing you happy Christmas holidays, a happy New Year and better [?] to you, your sons and daughters and grandchildren.  And a long future[?] of happiness.  

Greetings from all of us in the family, and brothers, and sister Angela.  Dear wishes from various[?] children to you and your family,

[Signed] Your sister Stella Oriani, the widow Galli [i.e. her husband's surname was Galli?]

Did anyone tell you that your sister-in-law Carolina (wife of your brother Gaetano) died aged 81.

I send you greetings and await your new [?]...
THANK YOU SO MUCH CHARLIE!!!! Yes, Stella's husband last name was Galli. I don't know his name, yet.
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Let's see. Using Google translate I got this:

All of us, for the moment, are all as well as we are, even brother Luigi and family like ... the brother of Francesco and his family. And his brother Angelo and his family. Having the opportunity of possessions? the photograph of his sister Angela. And that's me who is the sister Stella with my nephew Enrico son of my son Ambrogio. .... ... in that of ventiano ... every day and time .... Meanwhile we are

I can't read the rest. Sorry!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (781k points)
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Hi. It seems you’re asking how they are related which is quickly answered in the first two words.

Cara sorella  says dear sister.
by Laura Fortino-Zeni G2G Crew (320 points)
Thanks, but I got that. What I need help with (still) is the rest of the letter.

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