Notables July 2018

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Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!

If you are interested in people who are famous, notable, noted, significant, important, historic, heroic, or otherwise fascinating, then the Notables Project might be for you!

The idea behind this post is for anyone who needs help with connecting Notables to the tree to post to this thread and ask for help.

Or if you just want to tell us whom you have successfully connected up.

Above is the Notables Project page where you can find unconnected Notables who have profiles and who need to be connected to the tree.

Please remember to concentrate on those Notables who have already passed (died), so that we can see their profiles. If you create a profile for a living Notable, that profile WILL GO UNLISTED and noone can see it except for the PM and anyone on the trusted list!

And remember - Notables should have a Wikipedia page at the very least to qualify. And they should be DEAD!

Above is a list of those who have passed already this year.

Have fun!!

in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I have been adding NOTABLES as I come across them in various programmes, YouTube videos and podcasts.  I add the banner and the Category: Notables to the profiles... should I be posting their names somewhere else for help connecting them to the tree????
I'd suspect everyone noticed the icon change for the project. I believe that Chris did that change last month. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but it's growing on me (get it?... it's a tree icon... it's uh... grow... never mind)...
Hi DK - you don't have to name drop them here, but it never hurts if you want help on them. I'd highly recommend it but as long as they're open privacy, someone will find them. Eventually.
I hate to say it but I am a limited-attention-span person, so often flit to the next mentioned person instead of fleshing out trees. Too much of my information comes from the initial video reference and Wikipedia.

I must admit that I was not aware of all the subcategories and have just been placing them in the generic notables category.  Belated apologies.

Some of the my notables entries (through the B's):

Павличенко-1 / Петро́в-1 / Савић-1 / Ben Affleck Affleck-Boldt-1 / Casey Affleck Affleck-Boldt-2 / Anderson-30806 / Aldridge-1418 / Barbey-62 / De_Pourtalès-1 / Balding-252 / Balding-253 / Balding-265 / Balding-267 / Ball-12279 / Baskette-23 / Belcher-2875 / Belknap-28 / Belknap-354 / Ben_Gershon-1 / Bianco-95 / Biffin-18 (just entered her yesterday) / Bernstein-486 / Bischoffsheim-9 / Bischoffsheim-10 / Bischoffsheim-6 / Bischoffsheim-8 / Blaschke-17 / Blaschka-1 / Bitton-35 / Blaine-27 / Bond-3492 / Bond-3493 / Bond-3498 / Boulton-428 / Boyd-7138 / Bostwick-303 / Brazile-15 / Breaux-581 / Brooks-7287 / Broyard-2 / Bump-149 / Bump-148 / Burnham-1636 / Buscemi-7... etc.

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I recently added and connected Olry Worms de Romilly, long-time President of the Israelite Central Consistory of France.  Since he connects easily to the Ratisbonne and Cerfbeer families, I'll try to add some of their notable family members later this month.

by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (379k points)

this is great news! I have had Jacqueline de Romilly, (nee David - wife of Michel Worms de Romilly) on my to-do list for a while. I should be easy to add her now.

(I think I had another connection for them but I forget what it was).

My initial connection to Worms de Romilly was accidental and quite obscure, running through New France.  I found out soon thereafter that a second, more obvious connection was possible through the already connected Salomon Oppenheim, via Héléna Zélie Ratisbonne.

My plan was to go use a Rodriques-Henriques connection but they are pretty difficult to source - no records available before the Revolution since they are from Bordeaux and Jewish.

One of Olry's daughters, Cornélie, married Abraham Gustave Rodigues Henriques, who could (perhaps) be connected to Edgar Isaac Rodrigues Henriques, they are first cousins once removed (I think).

Jacqueline de Romilly is now connected to the tree.  Looking at the featured profiles this week, it's interesting to see that the connection paths are diverse.  The one to William Foster is longer than the others and runs through the Taschereau family in Canada.

Baron Haussmann will show as connected once the system updates.  He connected easily through the Dollfus family (his son-in-law already had a connected profile).

Oh, thank you!

I started adding ancestors to Jacqueline de Romilly herself. Her father died in the early weeks of WWI but the judgment that made Jacqueline a ward of the state was not before1921. This means the family did not get support until then. Her mother became a recognized author in her own right.
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I’ve added three Notables recently.

James Trapier - CSA General

Stephen Burbridge - Union General

Joseph Wilson - Railroad Executive and Botonist

I added a few more today and got them linked to the tree

John Wellborn Root already existed but was unconnected.

John Wellborn Root, Jr - Architect

Sidney Root - Planter

by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Pilot (493k points)
edited by Gurney Thompson
Posting their profile links would be helpful as well.
I knew that.  I started to do it but I wanted to do it like the others where it only shows the name and not the whole link.  How is that code written?  Here is the link for James Trapier.  (( James Trapier))
Highlight the name of the person

Click on the "link" icon (looking like chain links, on the right of the "A" icons)

This opens a box, paste the full URL of the profile there and save.
Thanks Isabelle.  i now have a new tool to use.
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I'm still working on three periodically, any help is welcome:

Eudora Welty, author

Ron Glass, actor

Lowell Cedric Steward, Tuskeegee Airman

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (412k points)
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can I do joan foantaine?
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 2 (20.5k points)

She already has a connected profile with lots of sources-see De_Havilland-66.  Perhaps you could build out her biography or add more ancestors?

thank you
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Guitarist Tommy Bolin (RIP) could use assistance from someone well-versed in Swedish (father) or Syrian (mother) genealogy.
by Jessica Key G2G6 Pilot (325k points)
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Notables in the News

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (712k points)
edited by Greg Slade
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I would like to join the Notables project,  I will work on notables from British Columbia and have just added Pierre Berton to Wikitree -  joe
by Joe Patterson G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
edited by Joe Patterson
I also know that Pierre Berton's daughter married a son of Bruno Gerussi (another Canadian Notable), since both these people are still living, is there any way on Wikitree to connect Pierre and Bruno?  -  joe

Regarding censuses (censii?), if you're talking about Canada census results, I strongly prefer it when people link to the census records on the Library and Archives Canada site. As Robynne pointed out, Ancestry records don't help people who aren't members of Ancestry.

And, Joe, I haven't actually looked at the record, so this probably doesn't apply to you, but I have seen way too many people put in a source like "Census records.", which doesn't even help people who are on Ancestry. I'm okay with people adding Ancestry sources, as long as they:

  1. understand that that source is only going to be readable by other Ancestry members, and
  2. put in the full URL to the actual source document on Ancestry.
But Robynne, you may not have heard this, but FamilySearch has stopped letting people who haven't set up FamilySearch accounts even read their sources, let alone search for them. (I started in on the process to create an account, but they asked way too many nosy questions about my family, so I never completed it.) That means that I can't even read FamilySearch sources that I had looked up and added to WikiTree myself. We are not amused.
So I have redoubled my efforts to find truly free sources, which means that my sourcing and connecting efforts have been pretty severely restricted. (But at least I can access census results within Canada, and BMD records in British ColumbiaNew BrunswickNova Scotia, West Virginia, and some in the United Kingdom. (There are probably other jurisdictions with free BMD sources, but these are the ones I've found so far.)


Yes Greg I do agree with you.  I usually put at least the Ancestry link on my sources and often also the URL, AND sometimes I forget both, (I corrected Francis George Berton) <grin>.  I do have a large tree on Ancestry and it is the easiest for me to search there, whereas bac-lac can be a chore at times.  For Québec you can actually download all of the Tanguay collection from here and it is at least a start.

Greg - re the FAmily search account. I opened an account with FS several years ago. I started a tree just like they asked for - and then a few days later I removed it. I still have the account, but I dont have the tree.

I assume that they require everyone to have an account for the recording of cookies. There's really NO getting away from it.

Pretty soon there will be no place where you can be totally anonymous and free to do a search.

There is still one place where I can search for govt records (indexed records)  without any account required, but that is just for NZ only.

I am aware of the PANB website for NB, but I seldom need to use other Canadian websites.

I guess I'm weird, because I actually prefer the LAC site. Or maybe that's just because I use it so much that I know a bunch of tricks. (I'm pretty sure that the staff at the LAC are sick of hearing from me, because I'm always sending them feedback about typos. Although, in their defence, a lot of those enumerators had terrible handwriting.)

For instance, during that period when the 1921 census was only available on Ancestry and not on the LAC site, I could not find my grandfather and his family. Just no way. (But probably that's because I gave up on Ancestry years ago, even though I still have an account there, and usually don't even bother trying to search there. So people who use it regularly probably know all kinds of tricks that I don't.) I knew they were in South Vancouver, but no matter how I searched on Ancestry, it never gave me a hit. But when that census was finally released on the LAC site, I found them right away. 

Robynne, oh, sure, since the GDPR came out, pretty much every web site has a pop-up asking permission to use cookies. I don't care about those.

I just checked the sign up page for FamilySearch, and now I see that the creepier questions have been removed, so maybe I need to reconsider setting up an account, at least to be able to read FS sources again. But for a while there, it was really intrusive.
FYI - you shouldn't use both the template and the sticker version. Essentially if it's an Open profile, it's the sticker. If it's not an Open Profile AND you want the project to be the primary manager then it's the template. And if it's inbetween, well... it can get more complicated.
Oh yeah... and I fixed that one, so it's just the sticker now. Thanks!
So {{Notables Sticker}} if the profile is open, and {{Notables}} if it's not, right?
Yes. That's a good rule of thumb.
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I just connected a string of Notables, so once the links update tonight, the following will be connected to the global tree: - Robert Six, CEO of Continental Airlines - FABULOUS Ethel Merman - Actress Audrey Cotter - Actor Ernest Borgnine

Definitely happy to get that cluster connected. :)
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Add Burl Ives to that list:

He's not connected to that earlier cluster, but he had a pretty clear path to a connection.
Aw... I "thought" I had the large cluster connected, but was mistaken... I only succeeded in connecting two large UNCONNECTED clusters together. Grrrrr....

I have a longer path I can build that I found earlier, but this one was a bit easier to reach. Guess I'll go the longer route.
Wait... doesn't look like any of the connections are showing... guess I'll hold off until I check this out a bit further.
Whew - temporary situation apparently. Connections showing now. On to the next one...
Just connected actress Shirley Jones, but the connection doesn't feel right to me. I would feel better if the birth date, the marriage date of his parents, and the grave information/obituary all lined up a bit better. <-- Shirley Jones <-- Her ancestor, William Winnett

William was born... well, it depends. F-A-G says 1761. His parents were married 1773. His nearest sibling was born 1776. Early Census records put him at being born around 1772-1775, give or take. His Obit says he was a Centenarian (100-year old) when he died in 1861. He's a bit of a frustration and I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to figure out, unless his record is conflated with someone else with a similar name, born and raised in a similar place, and somehow there's just a coincidence that it looks like 2 different people.
A family member in that line is graciously doing some research to prove the connection (thank you!).

On to a recent passing. I've created Harlan Ellison, a very passionate sci-fi writer who was known for his unusual behavior and combustive personality. Just starting the hunt for a connection, but if anyone wants to contribute, here he is:

I'm still trying to connect Dame Margaret Rutherford, without success (and I've got no idea where I'm going). I've already connected her branch to two other twigs but neither was connected to the big tree.

Just saw this - I'll take a look at her this weekend.

Been working on a few other Science Fiction author/editors:

HL Gold -->

John Campbell -->

John is connected to the global tree, but still working on Ellison and Gold.

Margaret Rutherford is showing as connected today, but it was such a struggle to find a connection (through the American in-laws of her cousin, Tony Benn), I'm sure there are much better possibilities.

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I would like to join the project.

My primary focus will be British notables or those in my tree.
by Philip Gale G2G6 Mach 3 (35.7k points)
Welcome to the Notables Team!
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I have added several folk as Notables within a little project I've set myself to have every Australian Army General on WikiTree, and connected.  Of course, several of these folk will be Notables.  Every deceased general now has a profile.  The connected part of it is taking a bit longer than i was hoping.
by Kenneth Evans G2G6 Pilot (258k points)
What do you mean by the connected part of it is taking longer? Depending on what time of the say in Australia, you created and save the profiles, it could from 24 to 36 hours for the profiles to be connected.

Connection time is uaually from midnight british time to around 6 am in the motning - british time. Anything saved during that time has to wait another full 24 to 36 hours to be connected.

I'm guessing that Kenneth meant that it takes a lot longer to connect people to the main tree than it does to create them in the first place. It has often taken me months to find connections to the main tree. (But then it's all the more satisfying when I finally make the connection!)

OOPS My bad - Sorry Kenneth!!

Hi Kenneth,

I've managed to connect three of your Generals yesterday:
William Riddell Birdwood
Stuart Milligan Anderson
Henry Finn
Am only looking at those born in England, so there are only another 12 that I'll try and connect for you. Can you try and enlist the help of some Australian connectors, as that is what you really need. Maybe try a new G2G post with a few relevant tags to draw their attention.

Thank you, Carol.  Very much appreciated.

I managed to connect another two Generals yesterday:

William Kinsey Bolton
Neville Reginald Howse

I think I've done the easier ones, the other Generals born in England are not looking quite so straightforward. Will keep trying for you.

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With the death of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange co-creator, Steve Ditko, I am gonna see about making a page for him tomorrow or later. Keep your ears open and your eyes on Wikitree!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (802k points)
+9 votes
I have now added 2 new Kiwi Notables to the tree (well one will be connected to his wife after the updates tonight)

They are Selwyn Toogood, the creator and long time host of the TV Game Show - It's in the Bag

And his Maori relative Thomas Ellison, a prominent Maori Rugby Player who influenced how Kiwis play the game. The name of Ellison has continued down as a dynasty in the annals of football and rugby in New Zealand as well as in Australia and even the NFL in the USA.

Now I plan to continue with Tom Ellisons family - at least the European lines anyway - as long as I can find the records and sources.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Isabelle Martin
Hi Robynne, just fixed a small typo in your post.
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Have just read of the sad passing of Canadian hockey player in the NHL  - Ray Emery - who died yesterday aged 35.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
+9 votes
I've been working on several new Notables as well.

Science Fiction author and artist, Hannes Bok --> - he should be connected to the tree tonight

Chris F. got me motivated to help out on Steve Ditko --> and we've got him connected to the tree as well.

Actor Roger Perry --> - he recently passed away. He was married to Joanne Worley (still living) and Joyce Bulifant (still living, but has an existing profile). He is also connected to the tree.

Actor Maximilian Schell --> - I've got some work to do on him though.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
+8 votes
On a quest for day trip information I discovered that the founder of J. M. Smuckers did not have a profile on here. I created one and enough of his family to get him connected but all of the profiles still need work.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
+7 votes

Just putting this up to link into this thread:

Adrian Cronauer ("Good Morning Vietnam") Died. What Notables Category?

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (712k points)
Very nice Profile. Thanks Greg!!
+7 votes

I found out that a link exists between a connected branch and whole set of unconnected French notables including Stéphane Audran and her former husband Claude Chabrol - unfortunately, it is now impossible to complete the connection, since it would go through profiles of living people I can't access. *sigh*

by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (586k points)
I've found most people are OK with adding to the trusted list if you've got a need to connect them. If you'd prefer, you can always remove yourself from the list once you're done making the updates. The connections will go through the profiles even if you can't see them, but they just show up as "unlisted profile" or something along those lines.
Thanks, Scott! I did try contacting the PM but he's fairly inactive. Never did get a response from him before. We'll see. The profile is Paradis-342 and that person is Notable, but I'm afraid not on the Notables Project watchlist.

FYI, I did try to create the profile to see what happened, and the unlisted duplicate came up as a possible match, so the system works.
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I had added a notable a while back but updated him back in may this year, he is also connected to the big tree


I am still missing a child which I would like to try and find
by Steph Meredith G2G6 Mach 8 (89.6k points)

great, thank you for sharing information. i like your blog

vex 3

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