Anyway to connect siblings without having WikiTree parents records?

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I have only parents' names for 8 children. Can't add the parents' names to WikTree without any other information, so the children appear as un-connected profiles. Anyway I can connect them without having the data on the parents?

WikiTree profile: Joannes Szemeti
in Genealogy Help by Terri Jerkes G2G6 Mach 1 (16.1k points)
I did think about adding the father's name and an estimated date of birth, but then I get the "must have a reference" message.    Could get around that by selecting the "reference will be added by" box, I guess.

Would be worth doing that just to get all the children listed, and I've run into that same problem on different branches.

Thanks  for the replies and suggestions.

4 Answers

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If you have the parents' names and the date of birth of the first child then you can make an estimate as to when the parents were born.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)

See here, and make sure you use the {{Estimated Date}} tag.

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Terri, you can connect siblings by just going to one of their edit screens and using the siblings link under edit family.  However, since the data base doesn't store sibling relationships directly (I'm told), the software will automatically create an "Unnamed Father" profile to keep track of the relationships.  You'll be the Profile Manager of Unnamed Father, and you can then edit that to include whatever info you know or can estimate (as Lynda and Chris suggest).  You may also create a profile for the mother if you wish, but it wouldn't be necessary for showing the other relationships.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (472k points)
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In your location/time period of interest, what is a typical age (range of ages) for a first marriage for men and women? This can be used to estimate ages. The first child is often born within the first year of marriage.

For an area that I am searching, the men are frequently in the range of 20-25 years at marriage (although some younger or older) and women are typically 15-20 (again, some times older or younger).

Thus if the first child was born in 1776, the marriage could have been in 1775. The husband was then born about 1750-55, and the wife 1755-60. The birthdate estimate if a man has a second marriage is tougher. Some he remarries sooner, sometimes later. It may depend on whether or not he has young children. The age of a man’s second wife is often similar to the first wife, ie 15-20 years, but older women are more likely in a second marriage.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (501k points)
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I've seen profiles where, for lack of better sources, they cite sources for the children that name the parents. Definitely add a note that says something like, "No direct sources for ____ _____ have been found yet. His name comes from his children's records. His birth year is estimated as at least X years prior to the birth of his first child." (You could even add a note asking that if anyone has any information on him, please add it or email you and you'll add it. I've gotten good information that way from from non-WikiTree members just Googling their ancestor's names and finding the profiles I've made in the results.) And then list his children's sources that name him as his parent. I would add the children's mother, too, the same way, and link them as a married couple. The more information you have and can add to the bio or even guess, the better. (E.g., "____ was likely born in Germany or Poland between x year and x year")
by Emily Yaden G2G6 Mach 1 (13.9k points)

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