How do I get the GEDCOM file to my tre on WIKITREE

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I ticked the files I want put into my WIKITREE but cannot see any function how to transfer them.  I have manually entered 4 generation tree, and now want the branches that I know are correct to transfer in bulk.  Some i want to do more research through digitized records, some records I am waiting on to be published, but I want what I have now all in one place ASAP, because I do not wish to renew my membership on My Heritage for another year.  It is running out in few weeks time, so i do not have time to mess around transferring 1500 entries singly.
in WikiTree Tech by Lida Simon G2G1 (1.8k points)

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Lida, there is no bulk GEDCOM transfer option here. While you don't have to manually enter each profile's data, you do need to check and add each profile from your GEDCOM individually through the ADD button for each entry in GEDCOMPARE (after you've checked each against what's already on WikiTree).

Bulk adding of GEDCOMs was removed (last year? the year before?) because it was creating too many duplicates that uploaders rarely got around to merging, resulting in an increased workload for the limited number of active volunteers.

Read this help page:
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (934k points)
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I am not familiar with MyHeritage myself, but if you could provide some clarification, I am sure we can get you rolling with WikiTree.

I ticked the files I want put into my WIKITREE but cannot see any function how to transfer them.

Is this action being completed in MyHeritage or WikiTree? WikiTree no longer supports automatic uploades of GEDCOM data, so we now use the GEDCOMpare system, where your GEDCOM data from another site or program (i.e. MyHeritage or Family Tree Maker) is compared to the profiles currently existing on WikiTree. If matches are found, you can add your data to the existing profiles.

After you have reviewed all of the suggestions in your file (either accepting or rejecting matches), you will be provided the option to add new profiles to WikiTree based on your GEDCOM data. This can be a long process for some, especially if you are working with a large amount of GEDCOM data (a bunch of individuals), but this process allows WikiTree to remain duplicate free - since we all share profiles for collaboration in order to build a single family tree.

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (775k points)
Thanks for responding.  I got the GEDCOM file into my computer and then uploaded it to WIKITREE. So now I have the whole list of 1500 people, and want them transferred to WIKITREE.  What ever I tried, putting tick or clicking and other bits,  I cannot see anything that would let me transfer the entry to my tree.  I was told when I first joined WIKITREE about 6 month ago that I will be able to transfer whole sections.

Another problem is that I have lots of old photos on My Heritage, and when I was getting the GEDCOM I made sure I clicked for the photos to be included, but they do not seem to?  Many are photos of grave stones, which show confirmation of dates.
GEDCOM is a plain-text format, and does not contain photos or other media. GEDCOM files can contain links to other files.

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