So Barnes et al. were able to make it across the ocean. . . RE-Post to fix formatting.

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I'm working to get these relationships resolved, and at the moment, it's a spider's web.

# Deborah Dix (c.1640 - c. 1688) married Richard Barnes (I)* (c. 1629 - c. 1707 ) in 1667. They had Abraham Barnes Sr. (Aft. 1667 - Abt. 22 Jun 1708). Other children?

# Then, Abraham married Sarah McCarty (b 1682), and they had Abraham Barnes Jr. (ca. 1701 - 1778). Other children?

# Richard Barnes (II) was their child, about 1723-1834, who married Susanna Searle (b. 1727). I am pretty clear downline, but I see so many duplications, I wanted to put down what seems clear and run it past the affected profile managers. Before I work on this any further, any thoughts? Conflicting information?

* Richard Barnes (I) apparently also married Rachel Croshaw in 1668(?).
WikiTree profile: Richard Barnes
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Aren't Abraham Barnes and Sarah McCarty of Maryland, not Massachusetts - descended from a different Richard entirely?
Thanks for that, Chris. I knew something was wrong, somewhere!

1) So can you direct me to the correct Richard Barnes of MA(?)? (Profile ID preferred, please and thank you.)

2) So Dix was not Abraham's mother, then? Probably will be answered with the PID from question #1.


I had heard that 2 Richard Barnes lines were part of the problem. We may have mixed data here, already then.
Hi I am descendent of Frances Colleen Langford 1937-2011, descendent of Mary Elizabeth Barnes 1905-1982 Lincoln Co TN. Descendent of Newton Ed Lee Barnes 1866-1951 Lincoln Co. TN. Descendent of Decatur Barnes 1829-1904 Lincoln Co TN. Descendent of Abraham Barnes 1795-1882 Salisbury Rowan Co N.C. Descendent of Richard Harold Barnes 1751-1834 of Rowan Co. North Carolina. I have Childrens names and birthdates all down through the lines.

Cathy Sherrick Switzer
Hi Cathy.  

According to the Barnes Surname Project Administrators there are 16 known Barnes Families to immagrate to America but they are not DNA related.    
Our Barnes line descends from James Barnes and Ketura Shipley or possibly a brother of James but none has been found. This has been established thru Y-DNA comparrison to known descendants of James and Ketura.

Please connect with me at ( ) so we may compare trees and DNA info.

Donald Barnes

Reno, Nevada
The Richard Barnes who married Susannah Searle was the son of Richard Barnes and Sarah Stevens. And Grandson of James Barnes and Keturah Shipley. This is according to my research and do not have documents.

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+1 vote is Richard Barnes of Massachusetts, first wife Deborah Dix, second wife Elizabeth (unk) named in his will.
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (772k points)
It was still a mess, but the starting point that you provided was right on the mark! Very much appreciated.
Now we wait for a couple of merges, and the alignment for a correct descendant path may even happen today. I noticed some extra sets of children here and there, even so... One issue at a time.

Thanks again! Fann Fann

Her Majesty, The Queen awaits us cousins. What? More American cousins?!
If you descend from Abraham Barnes and Sarah McCarty, this is not the RIchard Barnes you are looking for.  Abraham came from England to Maryland.

Okay, I am marking here my *** points of uncertainty.*** From my ACTGGeneSurfer tree in How do we best separate and correct the Barnes lineage that "exists" in WikiTree in an apparent mangled and conflated state?

I am in the slow and grueling process of manually migrating from and for some of these lines, it is proving quite frustrating. How do we tag categories here, e.g., #England? If that's not possible, then I need to close this and move the question elsewhere.

Thomas Butler of Thurles Castle in Tipperary Viscount Thurles (1594 - 1619)
12th great-grandfather

Lady Ellen Eleanor Butler Countess of Clancarty ( - 1682)
daughter of Thomas Butler of Thurles Castle in Tipperary Viscount Thurles

Dennis McCarty (1652 - 1694)
son of Lady Ellen Eleanor Butler Countess of Clancarty

*** Sarah McCarty (1682 - ) ***
daughter of Dennis McCarty

*** Abraham Barnes Jr (1701 - 1778) ***
son of Sarah McCarty

*** Richard Barnes (1723 - 1834) ***
son of Abraham Barnes Jr

*** Mary Mollie Barnes (1767 - 1850) ***
daughter of Richard Barnes

W Euthamy Hill (1790 - 1840)
daughter of Mary Mollie Barnes

This Richard Barnes, 1631-1708, immigrated to Massachusetts

has nothing to do with the Maryland line of Richard Barnes > Abraham & Sarah McCarty Barnes.  I have detached Abraham from his profile.

I don't know what you mean by ''apparent mangled and conflated state''.  Are you referring to a different Richard Barnes on wikitree?

Possibly Richard and son Abraham
I agree with Chris. Richard Barnes of Annapolis,Md. c.1699- son of James Barnes and Keturah Shipley.
That may be well and good, but no Abraham Barnes occurs in that family of Richard Barnes and Deborah Dix. I suppose the names could all have been very common, it just seems odd.
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Isn't Sarah McCarty, the widow of Dennis McCarty, who married second Abraham Barnes, and not the daughter of Dennis?
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (772k points)

That's an interest wrinkle, Chris. I'll look into that as soon as I catch my breath. One change in a pedigree changes a whole lot; now, we're talking about two very significant changes.

I wrote this ditty the other day. Totally unrelated:

"I shook the tree.

"A few nuts fell out, but some fruit landed on fertile ground. Germinating, for yet another interminable generation."

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So are these the same person or not?

We show one as the grandfather of Shadrack, but the other one cites the Shadrack book as a source.

It cites another (well-researched) source which says the Colonel's father was called Thomas.  And knows nothing about a son called William Henry.

by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (573k points)
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by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (573k points)
I believe Shadrack's father's name was Gilmer Richard Barnes.

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