error the # I was given when I signed in to register. It does not match with their records

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in WikiTree Tech by Veronica Saunders G2G Rookie (190 points)

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Hi Veronica and welcome to WikiTree.   I'm not quite sure what the problem is.   Can you explain what number you mean and what you are trying to do.
by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (191k points)
I downloaded my Ansestory DNA file to Gedmatch, the # they want is the one they gave me when I signed in. It is an 8 digit # that I count. It did not work, so I tried my user ID # that didn't work its only a 6. I clicked on the spot where it says 1 Gedcom to all  looking for where it would take me. They asked for my Gedcom # I did. Response was   it is only digits which is what it is  that is the only # I have and it does not match their files
Answer comes up, Your GEDCOM # is not your DNA kit, it's a series of #'s from 1 to 9. the series I put in is from 1 to 9 and there are 8 #'s

Isn't an 8-digit number a GEDMatch Genesis number?

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Hello Veronica, You have been assigned the Wikitree id Delagard-1. Numbers are assigned based on what you register as your Last Name at Birth followed by a sequential number for those regisitering with that name. In this case you are the first person to join Wikitree with the last name Delagard. People use this number to find your profile. When you sign in to Wikitree you use the e-mail address that you used to set up your account.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (682k points)
I was given a # and wrote it down. Example I clicked on 1Gedcom and put in the # I was given , it says that # is wrong. just a series of didgets
Given a number where? Do you mean the gedmatch number for your DNA?
I guess so, but the only DNA company I did my DNA with is Ancestry, I only downloaded the file to Gedmatch
Then you will find your gedmatch kit number on the left hand side of the main page after you log in to gedmatch. If you used DNA from Ancestry then your kit number should be the letter A followed by 6 digits.
Yes, I realise that , but that # cannot be used it is a DNA # it's not the gedmatch # and now am wondering if because I am not a member of Gedmatch that is the reason I have no Gedmatch #. I know I can sign in because I did , and do and have downloaded my Ancestry file. Under my file name along with my DNA # that starts with A. It says I have no Gedcoms associated with my e-mail.
Your gedmatch number A with six digits is a DNA number. I think you are confusing it with the number you would get if you had uploaded a tree (gedcom) to (website for DNA analysis).

Can you explain what you are trying to do and where you got stuck so we can try to help you.
I wish I could copy and paste what keeps coming up. But I just read this whole thing on logging in etc, and I think the part I am trying to click on you have to be a member to access it. At the bottom of the page it says 10 dollars gives you extra . But no the part I am trying to access will not accept my # that starts with A. Other parts do, the one that shows matches , but when I first signed up I was given a # it's not my Ancestry # it is my Gedmatch # , you must have a separate # when you signed on from your DNA # with your DNA provider??? I know your trying to help, maybe I will just have to cancel the whole thing and start again. It's a hard site to work with as it is.
OK, from what you describe here I gather your problem is not on Wikitree, but on It sounds as though you have logged in successfully using your e-mail address.  Scroll down the panel on the left to where it says Your DNA Resources. Under there you will find your gedmatch kit number. (A with 6 digits). Now look at the right hand side where it says Analyze Your Data. The top option in that list is One-to-many Matches. Pick that one. Put your gedmatch kit number (A with 6 digits) into the box and hit display. This will take you to your match list. The closest matches are at the top.
I have already done all that and that works, that is the page that comes up when I sign on. Right?? It says Tools for DNA Genealogy.

On the left side follows down with all my information

On the right there are 2 boxes. Top light blue , bottom a darker blue.

Spot that says 1 Gedcom to all, click that on and enter the # your asked for. It's not the same as the # your signing in with.
No that box is for comparing trees, not DNA. Have you uploaded a tree, or just your DNA?
It might have been easier to just swat me up the side of the head. Thank you, that took forever for me to understand. I am giggling.

Have a great day!!!!!

You are welcome smiley

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