Is your family part of US History? Please post here to join us in the US History Project

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The United States History Project and its myriad sub-projects cover the people, places, and events through time in the geographic region that we know today as the United States of America. See the US History Project page for information on our scope of activity, our sub-projects, and some related projects.

If you are a WikiTree member who would like to help improve profiles and other WikiTree content in one or more of the US History sub-projects, please:

  1. Introduce yourself by answering this post. (Please post an answer, not a comment.) Tell us about your interests in US history -- and how you intend to contribute -- and we will get you a US History badge.
  2. Add us_history to your followed tags, as well as tags for any specific states or special topics that you are focusing on.

Please be sure to check out our project page for links to the various sub-projects you might want to join. Note that several other specialized US-related projects, such as US Southern Colonies, Mayflower, Puritan Great Migration, US Presidents, and the 1776 Project, have their own badges separate from this one. You don't also need to join the US History project to participate in one of those projects, but most of us work on multiple topics and may want to be in more than one project.

Thank you!

Please post your request to join us as an answer, not a comment or reply.

asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (849k points)
edited by Ellen Smith
Is it impolite to mention that any and all families who were here for 10 or 20,000 years or came here between 1500 and 2018 are a part of US history?
All they need is a good biography and a credible source...yes, this does reflect a prejudice toward people who left written records!
As Coordinator of the Maryland Project, let me add that once you've joined US History, if you have a specific interest in Maryland, add your name and interests to the Maryland Project, a subproject of US History and Southern Colonies.  Go to Space: Maryland Project Members.
Disagree. When one country absorbs another, they become part of the new country otherwise the US would only consist of the original 13 colonies.

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I would love to be part of your project. I have been studying my family tree for over 40 years. Part of it is here on Wikitree. I have over 153,000 names on my tree in my data base. I know there are probably many mistakes, but do find that I am related to many US presidents, several who came over on the Mayflower, and many other very famous people. I do not find this unusual because of the large number of people I am related to. I hope that I can find and remove the mistakes that have been made in putting together my tree.
answered by Ronald Rideout G2G Crew (890 points)
Thank you for joining this project, Ronald. Seeing that many of the profiles you've added here lack source citations,  I'm hoping that we can help you can get those profiles sourced!
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I'm an avid history researcher currently researching my mother's hometown of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I'd love to join the US History project and contribute to Illinois and US History!
answered by Briana Clark G2G Crew (540 points)
  • Welcome to the US History project, Briana.

You might find it helpful (and it also could be a big benefit to other researchers) to create an informational page about Buffalo Grove as a free-space profile. Some examples of the various different ways that other WikiTreers have set up that sort of page:

Thank you! I was considering starting one. You've helped me cement that decision to a firm "Heck yeah!" :)
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Requesting to join the U.S. History Project with particular interest in sourcing and connecting later generations of the early families of Piscataway, New Jersey as a sub-project...this month anyway ;)
answered by Honi Kleine G2G6 (6.1k points)
Thanks for joining this project, Honi.

Do introduce yourself to Heather Husted, New Jersey Project Coordinator -- if you haven't been working with her already, that is!
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Not sure what took me so long to join the US History Project.  I'm an avid historian and love studying anything pre-1900 especially.  I've been researching my Blanton roots as well as the Herren family, among many others.  My Blanton ancestors have fought in every American conflict since the French & Indian War (and probably before).  My Blanton line fought for the Union from Illinois, while my Herren's fought for the Confederacy from Arkansas, both sides believing they were defending their families, homes, and rights as Americans.  I'm hoping that by being a part of the US History Project, I can help bring some of that history alive.

answered by Philip Blanton G2G Crew (850 points)

Glad that you've joined the project, Philip. There are several sub-projects that would interest you, so when you start working on a particular topic, look at the US History Project page for an applicable project (maybe it's Project:Arkansas or the US Civil War project) and introduce yourself to the other project members!

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Hi, my name is Joyce Noojin.  My ancestors crossed the ocean on the First Mayflower and I'm so interested about their path across America.  Love to search for their place in history.  Have a lot of interesting ancestors and would like to know more.  Thank you so much.
answered by Joyce Noojin G2G Crew (580 points)
Thank you for joining this project, Joyce. I hope we can share your journey along your ancestors' paths!
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I would like to be a part of the US History Project, I have relatives in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, plus I work on my in-laws families which also cover those areas.  Thank you Pam
answered by P Kreutzer G2G Crew (910 points)

Thanks for joining us, Anon. Please look on the US History Project page for contact information for the sub-projects for the states you mention.

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I am interested in joining the project.  I am interested in New England, the Midwest, and tracking the development of my own tree also.
answered ago by John Martin G2G Crew (680 points)

Welcome to this project, John. Many of us share your interests... Don't be shy about posting here in G2G if you have research questions or interesting findings to share, and do check the US History Project page to find contacts for relevant sub-projects.

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Hi just checking to see if I've been accepted into the US History Project.  Thank you
answered ago by P Kreutzer G2G Crew (910 points)

You have the badge now. smiley

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I was born in Long Beach. Lived in San Gabriel Valley from the time I was 7 years old.  Did not leave California until I retired & 2 of my sons asked me to come to Colorado............I am a nut for cemeteries,  I am Historian for  DAR and State Committee Chair  for Historic Preservation- member of  GAR-  DUV. and  Cuz' 1x or another to most of you.  LOL  And would like to be added to your California  Project.   Thank you
answered ago by Carole Taylor G2G6 Mach 3 (31k points)

Hi, Carole. You already have the US History badge. Do introduce yourself to  Robin Coles, project coordinator for California. I expect that she will be happy to greet you as a fellow volunteer!

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