Ontario Project Update - July 2018

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A belated Happy Canada Day Ontario Project members!

 Thanks to everyone who is adding family members, sources and pictures to profiles in the Notable Ontarians category. Our latest subcategory is Ontario Aviation Figures and the latest profile to be added to it is Eileen Vollick, who was Canada’s first licensed woman pilot. Her birth father is proving difficult to track down and she isn’t connected to the tree, so any help from Ontario genealogical sleuths would be appreciated.

Several members  expressed interest in a Peter Robinson Settlers category. It’s now set up and the free-space page is here.

The recategorization of Ontario locations is getting there, slowly but surely. With any luck, it will be finished this month. If you see a place of birth or death changed on one of your profiles and “Recategorization of Ontario categories in process” or “Added category: Ontario Project categorization of early settlers” in the “Explain your changes” box, here’s the reason. We are simplifying the location categories so that they are easier to find. Once this is done, you’ll be able to check the “Punkeydoodle, Upper Canada” category under “Punkeydoodle” rather than “Town of Punkeydoodle” and find your ancestors’ neighbours or even possible family members. While working on the categories, we are linking early families if we see a connection that hasn’t been made.

Please let me know what you’ve been up to and whether you have any suggestions for the project. And if you aren’t a member and would like to join, please drop me a line.


Laurie (Project Coordinator)



asked in The Tree House by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Mach 6 (60.8k points)
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One direct ancestor is real notable to me - he left Quebec about 1795 - a relatively stable, civilized by then Quebec and headed west.  He was of the fourth generation born this side of "the pond"  he was born and grew up in L'Assomption. He left for what would become Manitoba and was a Voyageur with the Hudson Bay Company trapping and trading, took a Native wife and had seven children - sometime about 1818 he left - after his wife died and ended up in southern Ontario where he remarried and had another child

I can certainly see why! I'm working on Ontario's location categories and will set one up for Stoney Point and its township. I'll add the category to your ancestor's profile once that's done. Thanks for sharing.

My family had a very large part in helping establish Brantford, Ontario from mid-1800`s to about mid-1900`s.

Brantford Plow Works and Cockshutt Farm Equipment LTD. Cockshutt greenhouses LTD. I have quite a bit of information.

My family had a very large part in helping establish Brantford, Ontario from mid-1800`s to about mid-1900`s.

Brantford Plow Works and Cockshutt Farm Equipment LTD. Cockshutt greenhouses LTD. I have quite a bit of information.

Idk if I double posted, might have got confused on commenting. lol
thanks Laurie - I used to be in touch with a half-far cousin from the Ontario side, I come down from the Métis side - she had a diary he kept - hope to find her or the diary again sometime

Hi Jenn, I used to do the same thing when I first started. How exciting that you've joined us. Ignatius Cockshutt is one of our Notable Ontarians! I started his profile but "orphaned" it just now so that you can become the profile manager. You'll see "No Profile Manager (adopt this profile)" on his page. Simply click (adopt this profile) and he's yours. Tanya Quinn has added spouses and children. I'll ask her to do the same. But before you do this, you'll need to sign the Honor Code. I've confirmed you as a member.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Diaries are gold, Navarro. Hope you can find it!

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One of my earliest genealogy projects was documenting my family's connection to notable Canadian Samuel Lount. It turned out we're direct descendants of his sister Mary Lount Hawke.

This week I've been working on some profiles of Mary's descendants in the Hawke/Hawk family, including Samuel Lount Hawke, his wife Jane Cunningham Hawke, and his mother Martha Dean Hawk.

answered by Alexandra Carter G2G4 (4.3k points)
Nice work Alexandra on a very interesting family!
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Premiers of Ontario who aren't (yet) connected to the main tree:

I have to say that Ontario premiers are way better connected than BC premiers were when I first checked. 

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
Thanks, Greg, for pointing that out and a big thank you to those who have connected the other premiers to the main tree.
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Today, I was cleaning out the British Columbia category, which has scads of individual profiles linked to it, even though people should not be linking profiles directly to high-level categories like provinces. So I popped over to the Ontario category, and sure enough, there are 14 profiles linked there. Unfortunately, most of them are set to public or higher, so anybody who wants to categorise those profiles where they actually belong will need to contact the respective profile managers to get those profiles fixed.
answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
I regularly try and clear these out for Ontario and the counties if I can, but there's so much still to do on the categories themselves that I've left them for now. I was going to fix a few more "City of Xs" tonight but had more fun connecting John Robarts to the tree!

Oh, good show on connecting John Robarts, Laurie!

I have noticed that Ontario has a lot fewer stray profiles in the top level category, a lot fewer unconnected premiers, etc. It's great how people have been pitching in on that stuff. (The Canada category has a ton of stray profiles in it. Maybe we should have done a categorise-a-thon over the Canada Day weekend or something.)

I haven't even looked in most of the other provinces or territories. I imagine that some are in better shape than others.

Thanks, Greg. I find half the fun of connecting well-known people is thinking of another WikiTreer being able to say to their relatives, "Guess what, we're connected to so-and-so!"

And, yes, it's wonderful to see people pitching in. As for the Canada category, I haven't had the heart to look at it! Just looked at it. A sticker is generating Canada as a category. I've notified the project manager.

Isn't this weather glorious?

Oh, yeah. It's not like I can take credit for anybody's achievements, but it's fun to be able to point to somebody fun or interesting and say, "That's my cousin!" (Or, in my case, it's more like "That's my cousin's husband's brother's wife's aunt's nephew", but it still fun to be able to say that they're related somehow.)

Good catch on the sticker!

It probably is glorious for those who have air conditioning. For the rest of us, it's a matter of trying to hang on until nightfall, and hoping that the night will be cool enough that we'll be able to make it through tomorrow. Last I heard, at least 54 people in Quebec no longer need to have their profiles unlisted. I want to see the tree grow, of course, but not that way.

We're lucky because we're close to Lake Ontario and there's been a nice breeze off the lake the last couple of days, but today the heat's returned. True, horrible news from Quebec.
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UPDATE Tanya Quinn has just started a new free-space page on Toronto Street Namesakes. Check it out here

answered by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Mach 6 (60.8k points)

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