What is the best way to deal with an empty profile auto-generated by WikiTree? [closed]

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I have an empty profile that was auto-generated by WikiTree. 

[[Beach-4248|Unknown Beach]]

I've read the Deletion FAQ and Data Error 802 guidance, and searched G2G, but am not sure what I am supposed to do with this profile.  It has no identifiers other than Beach and male, so I could merge it into another male Beach profile (although it is not a duplicate).  What is the correct process in this situation?  Thank you.  ~ Karen

WikiTree profile: Martha Merriman
closed with the note: Question answered and issue resolved through Category:Recycle Unknowns
in WikiTree Help by K Yager G2G6 (7.2k points)
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A very big thank you to everyone who has replied and commented about my question.

I followed Gillian Causier's excellent advice and put the superfluous profile into [[Category:Recycle Unknowns]].  From there it was adopted by Anne B and has a new life as Martha Beach.

Thanks again, everyone!  ~ Karen
That's great! Glad to be of help.

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I agree with the other ideas posted here, but the best solution is to prevent the creation of these unwanted profiles.

Whenever you create a new profile by adding it as a Sibling of an existing WikiTree profile that does not have a father, a new profile is automatically created by WikiTree. WikiTree does not support siblings without a father. Your contribution list shows "18:15: K Yager added Benjamin Beach as sibling for Lydia (Beach) Woodcock", and this is how "Unknown Beach" was created. When you added the correct father to the siblings, this left "Unknown Beach" unconnected.

If you know the father, it should be added to the profile before adding siblings. That would prevent these "auto-generated by WikiTree" profiles.

by Rick Pierpont G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
selected by Gaile Connolly
This is an important thing to point out, Rick! Thanks!
Thank you, Rick, for helping me understand how the profile came to be generated, and avoid a repeat of the problem.
These two profiles would thefeore be a matched duplicate and should be merged...
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Since it appears that you were the initiator of the profile (even if there was an error by Wikitree, it's still you as the profile manager), and you would know if it is an error, then, by all means, merge it away into another Beach profile.
by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Pilot (251k points)
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Add the category [[Category:Recycle Unknowns]] and someone will turn it into a profile. It is better to recycle than merge, as merges cause redirects, which puts a burden on the server and slows things down.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (260k points)

Off this topic but........  If I'm creating an  "Unknown" last name profile,  how do I find one to recycle instead of creating a new one?

Peggy, I just went off searching and found them under Categories: Maintenance Categories at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Recycle_Unknowns

Thank you, Gillian.  Your reply was the first I'd heard about recycling unknowns, and this looks like the best way to deal with the profile.  ~ Karen
I don't understand why we would try to create a profile from nothing basically. Why not delete it instead of creating something from nothing.
Ken, you can't delete profiles on Wikitree.

Sometimes a parent profile with next to no information is necessary for holding the siblings together. I have some of these but they usually all have a name and one source. Most of them are early 1700's profiles.
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I have had this experience, when I was sure of the siblings, but had no information about the father or mother. When I finally did find information about the parent, Unknown Surr (for example), I would just edit the existing profile for the person (the parent of the sibling that WikiTree had already created), adding first name, date of birth, death, etc.

If I find a duplicate profile for the person, which certainly can happen once more information is discovered, then a merge is appropriate.

It is a good reminder to LOOK for the duplicate profile once you have enough information to identify a duplicate.
by Victoria Surr G2G6 (8.8k points)
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An Unknown profile automatically created when you add a sibling is an important profile and should not be merged away. It provides a start point when looking at the descent lines for both related families. as your tree grows, other siblings may be added. In time the identity of that unknown parent will emerge.

The way to deal with this new, empty profile is to give it the proper headings for a profile including a references tag. Decide on an appropriate approximate birth date and fill in a place of birth or death to give it some sort of context; then, below the biography heading add the explanation that this profile was automatically created as a link between the siblings - [[name-123 I one]] and [[name-124 I two]]

You might be able to add a category too.
by Valerie Willis G2G6 Mach 9 (91.7k points)
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I've adopted your Unknown. I have a line of Beaches and already see a place I can use it.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

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