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I am trying to merge Spittler-29 with Spitler-80 which are the same person. I originally asked on 5/29/18 but have still not received a response.
in Policy and Style by Susan Merk G2G6 (7.7k points)
retagged by Dorothy Barry
I give up!

The merge between Spittler-29 and Spittler-80 has been approved and I have tried go merge them 5-6 times and it keeps saying "invalid data - permission is denied". Since it doesn't say which data in invalid, I have no way to know what to correct. Why can't the system tell what needs to be corrected instead of me having to read a long detailed HELP page and try to figure out what is wrong? Each time I have to re-enter the new info only to find out the system doesn't like it. It is truly confusing!

Susan Merk
Merger of Spitter-29 and Spittler-80 (John George Spittler (1819-1894)) has finally been completed.

3 Answers

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The merge is showing as approved by both pms so you can go ahead and merge.
by Vivienne Caldwell G2G6 Mach 3 (39.4k points)
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After 30 days, if a merge is ignored, it should be approved by default. You can then complete it. To find the merges that are ready for you to complete, look in and select a "initiated by me" option.
by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
One of the profiles is Green privacy, so can't be merged by someone not on trusted list. Open Profile request should be made based on dates.
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Actually, under the rules now, because one profile is public, not open, only that profile manager can complete the merge. Seems not right, but that is the way it is set up right now. She did approve the merge, so you will have to write her and ask her to complete it.
by Dave Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (137k points)
The dates on the open profile shows that the greenlocked, dateless one should be open, so this can be requested.
I now realize it will take years to know all about wikitree’s idiosyncrasies. No one bothered to tell me you can’t just send an email to request to be on a trusted list. You have to use a certain procedure to do that. People need to a supply complete directions on how one does things instead of assuming everyone knows all this.
The New Member "How To" pages cover a lot of things. (

But it is a lot to absorb at once. There is definitely a learning curve to WikiTree. It took me considerable time to figure it all out. (Not that I have figured it ALL out!)

The phrase “you will have to write her“ is what is not quite correct. That would infer I just send her an email. But alas, that is not the case. And now I have followed the correct procedure and there is still no response.

There are actually three different ways to resolve this.

One is to follow correct procedures for becoming a member of the trusted list on the Public profile involved in the merge. Once on that trusted list, you can complete the merge yourself.

Another is to write to the current profile manager of this profile, explaining the problem, and asking her to not just approve the merge, but actually complete it.

A third option would be to write to her and ask her to change the privacy setting from Public to Open, which would enable any WikiTreer to complete the merge.
Already did #1and #2.

Give her a chance to respond. Not everybody checks their mail every day.
But what if the person has deceased
If the profile manager is deceased, email the team at WikiTree and they will open profiles etc.

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