About how many profiles would Geni have if there were no duplicates?

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Geni.com is said to have 180 million profiles.  Has anyone made a rough estimate of the number of profiles that would remain if all their duplicates could be eliminated?
in The Tree House by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (727k points)
I have the same question about wikitree.
Jillaine, I wish I could select your comment as a best answer!

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After doing some mathematical calculations utilizing the amount of profiles on Geni, the tracking records or site usage, the price of eggs in Hong Kong, the average number of bees in a hive and total world population of the world for the past 200 years inclusive, I came up with the number of 42.

Which oddly enough also happens to the answer to the Ultimate Question on  Life, the Universe and Everything in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (222k points)
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop... One Two... Threeee... *CRUNCH*

The world may never know...

LOL - that's a good 'un yes laugh

LJ Russell, you are my hero. =)
I’m now a bit embarrassed that I asked the question.  I’m also surprised that no one has attempted to examine a random sample of Geni profiles to get a  rough estimate.

I still believe it is an important question in regards to the relative merits of WikiTree vs Geni vs FamilySearch.

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
Don't be - I think we're more or less claiming we simply don't know and aren't qualified to make much more than a guess. It's incredibly hard to predict the number of duplicates Geni has or WikiTree has, for example. So I doubt you'll get much more than speculation.
I want to apologize Peter for my flippant answer to your posting.  I meant no harm, just a jest.  I had no idea it would be so well received by others.

I was on Geni years ago and found it to be lacking at that time for any serious genealogical research.  Possibly it has changed in the meantime.

So again, accept my humble apology for any ill will I may have created with my unintended calumny..

All the best,

Lee Russell
Thanks Lee.  All is well (-:
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A lot less. I just cleaned out my merge center.  Will be nice to see how long that lasts. It's been a couple days. Then there are zombie profiles. For those we need Bruce Campbell. =) Groovy.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (804k points)
Alas, Ash and the Evil Dead has been cancelled!
Fine. We'll go the Walking Dead route. =)
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I think it is a good question, Peter. Geni has serious trouble with duplicates. I rarely go there; I really only used it while working on GFR stuff and I found that the duplicates were as numerous, if not more than WikiTree's. The other issue are the genealogies for fantasy, like people's favorite book series (we're related to Frodo!) or TV show (Chandler Bing!). I haven't checked back in awhile, but with that sort of thing cluttering it, and that isn't to say it doesn't happen here, there are definitely some inflated numbers. I do think we have a better system in place to prevent and fix our own inflation issues between Arborists and Rangers keeping an eye on things. Food for thought for a Friday morning. I like it.
by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (772k points)
There's a tree for Chandfler Bing? This I gotta see.

I'd get into serious trouble if I did superhero genealogy. So many kids from alternate futures and people dying and coming back....

Edit: Whew. Only a page for Matthew Perry. That's good.

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