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Delameter-21 and Delamater-153, Delamater-172 and Delamater-69 appear to be duplicates. Most of the information is the same with a few minor differences, mainly the parents. 

The fathers listed Abraham la Matre (La_Matre-1) and Johannes de le Metre (De_le_Metre-1) are brothers.

Can someone on the New Netherland project review these and complete the merges?

WikiTree profile: Maria Pearce
in Genealogy Help by Christopher Lamb G2G1 (1.7k points)
Although there are four profiles that appear to be the same girl, none of the profiles cites the kinds of primary records we look for to make sure that we have the right LNAB and the right parents (and also make sure that there aren't two different girls here who are being conflated). Can you look up the records and document what they say?
I think the lack of primary sources is the problem.  I have seen information on her a number of places, but none of them seem to cite a primary source or even a decent secondary source.  For example, I found a PDF document on Ancestry.com about her husband's (John Pearce) family.  It appears very well researched and is well written, but doesn't cite any sources to back up the information.
Punlished transcriptions of many Dutch Church records from New Netherland are available online, often on free sites. The project has an extensive list of sources for these records on a free-space page. Or to get started, you can search Google for "Kingston Dutch Church baptisms marriages" to find an online replica of the Kingston records compiled by Hoes in 1891. Look for this girl under the dates when she was supposedly born, married, or had children baptized. Record the full verbatim details in her profile.

Note that not all of her records will be at Kingston, but some should be there...

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I understand the lack of primary sources but the question appears to be "how to merge and eliminate clear duplicates". Putting aside the source issue, just go ahead and propose the merges. You can, and should, send each manager a comment explaining that you only wish clear the duplicates and that you are not seeking to finalize sources, or lack of sources. Specifically in this case I would at least attempt to make the bios match as closely as possible prior to merging. For Maria (Delameter) Pearce's info, it does not appear to me to be too much work to merge [Delameter-21] to [Delamater-153]. I would first correct the father and mother to reflect the known sources. Go ahead and mention the previous mis-identification in ==Notes== if you want to keep that in the profile, as well as a comment regarding spelling variations. This will help future researchers.
by Norm Davis G2G6 (8.3k points)
edited by Norm Davis
that would all be well and good but we need the source for the LNAB first so we know which way the merge should go - just going through trying to fix where eager folks merged two to three people together with the same name who are not at all the same people - so use caution - the source first can really help determine if there are more than one person involved in what looks at first like a "clear duplicate"

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