Do all three GEDmatch matches used in a Triangulation have to be a Wikitreer?

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...all three GEDmatch matches...

Can we get the question title edited to correct as Peter suggested?

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Short answer, No. There is an explicit instruction in the Help section on DNA confirmation: "If a match does not have a WikiTree account and is living, only include their initials with no other identifying information or ID number."

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Thank you. I couldn't find that section.Do you enter the Gedmatch kit # ?
No Cecil. But if you have their parent or grandparent on WikiTree you can say 'a child of [[Smith-1234|John Smith]]' or 'grandchild of'
I thought the whole point of this was for it to be something that was verifiable by others. How do we have that, if there isn't even a GEDmatch kit number? This is fallout from the EU shenanigans, isn't it?
If you add verifiable sources on each of the profiles in between you and them, others are able to see the path. It just removes that one last step to proving the person. This was actually in place before the EU shenanigans, as WikiTree respects the privacy of others. Even then you couldn't see the records for the living cousin, so the only benefit was knowing exactly which child you matched to. The details in the source description, if done properly, tells you what the specifics of the match are. I can say that it is great motivation to contact those cousins and get them on WikiTree so you can complete the link.
I don't know why you're talking about the paper trail when I was clearly talking about the DNA aspect of it.

With two Kit numbers, and GEDmatch member can punch the numbers in and see that yes, the two people have a certain match of a certain size, at a certain place on a chromosome. Without that, it's "the honors system" not much different than a family legend, or some such thing. How do we know the person making the claim didn't make some questionable assumption, or simply a mistake (like even a typo)? How can we look into it, without the Kit number? Go through their whole list?

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