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CHANGE TO BEST ANSWER PROCESS:  After much discussion we have come to the conclusion that all answers in the Weekend Chat are of equal importance and weight.  So we are going to discontinue the Best Answer portion as it adds points and then takes them away from posters and is causing some hurt feelings.  So in the interest of everyone is equal and valued we will delete any best answers given which will deduct those points because it has been pointed out that to give everyone best answer is also not a viable option. 

Weekend Chat is for everyone. It's a place to catch up on what people are up to and to share what you've been doing.  New members can say hello, introduce themselves, ask questions, and meet each other.  Our seasoned members can share progress or successes from their projects, give tips and advice, or chime in on hot topics.

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Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

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in The Tree House by Mindy Silva G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
closed by Dorothy Barry

OMG Chris I just caught that comment image

I'm so glad that you are better now!

Wow - chat is hopping this weekend! I had to wait too long for my exciting announcement though, it's sitting back on the third page lol. Make sure you guys read through all of the great posts for this wonderful Weekend Chat!
Hi, I am Martha Beaugh-15   Leger - am interested  in joining with other members as I have a lot to learn  so help me please to join in

Hi Martha - welcome to the Weekend Chat! This is a great way to meet others on WikiTree, see what people are working on, and relax a little from our genealogy research and just have fun!

To say hi, and let others know how you are doing, what your weather is like, or what research you are focusing on simply click on the 'Answer' button under this main heading.

Type something in you want to talk about, and then click 'Add answer.' I hope you join chat often!

do I get to chat  or is it over for this wek end ??

Nope. It's still going. You can chat until Monday morning! Or until Mindy gets sick and tired of us cluttering her inbox. =)
lol, thank you Chris! Just follow the directions I posted with the picture Martha. We'd love for you to introduce yourself!

Thanks Mindy for hosting the WikiTree weekend chat. Also good to here from our newest WikiTree weekend chatter Mary G.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

Hi Martha sorry been outside cooler day Welcome. My first weekend chat. It was fun . Well folks it was fun and I  am sure we will stay in contact while searching our roots.


I am still learning how to do things. I love that tag. thanks will look into them heart

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Mindy, Thanks for hosting!
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
Hi Laura, you're very welcome. Welcome to the weekend chat!
This was a very busy chat weekend, how nice! Make sure to read through all the posts...

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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July is generally hot for most of the Northern Hemisphere and cold for the Southern one so a lot of our members may be staying in to beat the heat and the cold.  So this is a good time to:

1,  Review your Watchlist.  Are there any profiles that you need to improve?  Make a list of them.  If you have tried with no luck, ask for help in G2G.  The collective collaboration can bring down brick walls

2.  New projects are being added all the time.  And subprojects too.  This is a good time to review what projects are out there and join in with other people that share your interest.

3.  DNA testers this is a good time to review your matches.  A lot of new kits will have been loaded from Mothers Day and Fathers Day gifts. 

4.  Often wonder how to query for things that queries are not prebuilt for?  The Data Doctors use this site:  http://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm Towards the bottom is an option called Search.  This will take a text query.  Try dropping in a Cemetery name, a school, a location.  The Managed By option allows you run for a specific PM.  Categories allows you to run a specific category.  Drop in {{Unsourced}} to see Unsourced profiles.    Try experimenting with these queries. 

5.  And if you are staying in this is also a good time to work some Suggestions. 

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
Thank you for the tips Laura! Hmmm, I haven't checked for new dna matches lately.
The query link is great to have Laura!   I'll be using this a lot.
Glad it will be of use to you!  Feel free to post how you use it.  We can all learn from each other!
great tips Laura! going to make a list right now!

well after I read the rest of chat anyhow
As usual another group of great tips this weekend...Thanks Laura...
Welcome, Dean, to the Weekend Chat!
I was going through a box that I had set aside a few months ago thinking it was junk .BEHOLD I found papers from like 1998  on my dads side. I even found letters from a cousin I found years ago in Slovensko, Europa  dated from 2005. Funny to look how we did English to Slovak , Here is the question  anyone know a good site I can go to put English to Slovak??  There seems to be more then before.
Treasure!  Great find!
good sugestions - always helps to learn about trying new things - can never learn enough about working with Wiki Tree . -thanks  

Welcome Martha to the Weekend Chat!
Thanks - hope to learn new things to try on Wiki Tree -

Thanks, Martha,  feel free to contribute what you learn too!  We all have things we can learn from each other!  Thanks for dropping into the Weekend Chat!

I agree with everyone on this chat. Yes great Treasure and great find Mary G. Also those are marvelous tips Laura.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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It's been sizzling hot here in Kentucky (heat indexes of 105-110 the past few days) so I thought I'd give the recipe for a hot and spicy Siracha. 

Homemade Siracha (like Garlic Tobasco, but you can make it hotter)

3/4 lb Jalapenos, stems removed, roughly chopped

3/4 lb Serrano peppers, stems removed, roughly chopped

4 cloves Garlic

3 Tbl Brown Sugar

1 Tbl Kosher Salt

1/3 c Water

Small piece of Thai Chile (or other really hot pepper - optional)

Mix all of that in a blender. Put mixture in a large glass jar and cover loosely with plastic wrap. Place in a cool, dark spot for 3-5 days, stirring down once a day. Once bubbly (fermented) blend with 1/2 distilled white Vinegar. Strain through a fine mesh strainer, pushing pulp through.

Put sauce in a heavy pan and bring to a boil, stirring often, until thickened (5-10 minutes). Skim foam from the top. Refrigerate once cooled. Stays good for months. 

Note: you can use red Jalapenos (Fresno Chilies) and it will be hotter. Use green jalapenos and serrano's if that is all you have. The sauce will be green, but still tasty! Add little bits of the sauce to chili or soup =)

My last bottle of Siracha

by Mindy Silva G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Herb, I'm glad she was a good sport!  @ Laura, sounds tasty - what ratio? @ Chris different kinds of heat
Yes, I think someone should make a heat scale. From mild sauce to ghost pepper.
One would need a fire extinguisher with that stuff!!
The wasabi dipping sauce?  The gave you a small bowl say 1 oz?  I would put two chopsticks of wasabi (probably around 1 tsp and filled the bowl with soy sauce and would add more wasabi if I wanted more heat.
Chris there are all kinds of Scoville Scale charts out on the web.  

The Scoville scale is the standard for heat charts.  

Neat! =D
That looks yummy, Mindy! Do you have any Portuguese recipes? I got a family cookbook from one of our Silva cousins, Carol Pacheco (great granddaughter of Maria da Silva and Joao Duarte Moniz), who compiled recipes from her mom and aunts, as well as other members of the family. A cousin on the de Franca Campainha side just posted a photo of a Portuguese recipe notebook she dug up in her family's stuff - looks to be beginning of the 20th century. I am angling for a copy.

I wish I did! I'll have to talk Kim out of a couple (hint, hint, Kim). My granny Vi always did the cooking on that side of the family and she loved the Hawaiin food - poi, laulau (cooked underground there), haupia...I think that's where I got my love of manapuas (pork pastries). Granny Vi made her poi sweet, instead of seasoning with salt or pepper. My cousin Kimmy could 'smell' that stuff across the street, I swear lol, cuz she always came running over and grabbed a big spoon. She also made incredible homemade fries from vegetables she had shipped from over there. I was never sure if it was a potato or something else. I don't think it was taro root. I was fairly young, so I really didn't know to ask.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Hidden message.  There is a message hidden among the 35 words we often find used on WikiTree.  Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

xxxxxxxxx is xxx when you xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxx big xxxx

The answers are in the answer folder and there are docx and pdf versions of the puzzle at 


by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
Great puzzle - thank you!
Thanks for the puzzle, Laura!
Awesome puzzle, Laura! It was perfect to wake me up :)
It was great, wasn't it? Welcome to the Weekend Chat Amy!
If anyone needs some clues let me know.  I can post the word list for the search.

Laura you should anyway. In docx and pdf.

I agree with everyone on this chat Laura it is a marvelous puzzle.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

The word list is on page 3 of the docx or pdf file at the URL  


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Thanks for hosting, Mindy!

This weekend caught me unprepared, origami-wise, but I promise to catch up this afternoon or tomorrow.  Meanwhile, what to do while waiting for the coals...



by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (770k points)
Herb did I fumble finger type Chipotle?  I do that sometimes...  sigh...

No Laura, I didn't see you mention chipotle at all.  But I often hear people pronounce it 'chipol-tay.'  angry

Ah, I did somewhere on here...  I would get people asking for all kinds of things with what I decided had to be regional dialects because more than one group would ask for thinks with the same odd sounding names to herbs and spices I thought I was saying right.  

I know there was a big argument about Paprika... Pap rick a or Pap reek a?
This looks absolutely delicious! I don't know if we actually get jalapeños here in New Zealand (if we do, it isn't at the mainstream supermarket chains) but now I'm very tempted to go on the hunt!
Amy, any fresh pepper works.  Roasted red bell peppers are delicious.  If you plan to try it, here are some helpful details:

 - You need a lot of heat.  A gas burner on high works, but the peppers drip and make a mess.  You can use a broiler or a blowtorch.  I'm partial to the chimney charcoal starter.

 - Put the peppers on the heat and turn them until the skin is uniformly blackened, even a bit charred.

 - Remove from heat, and put in a bag for five or ten minutes.  Then rub off all the skin, which should come off easily.

Despite the horrible bubbly blackened skin, you'll find the meat of the peppers barely cooked, but the process really brings out their sweetness.  Enjoy!
our jalapenos are tooooo hot this year - even with seeds scraped out they are way hot - not sure if we can use them for much

I wish I was closer I would take some of them off your hands! The hotter the better for me smiley  My peppers are just now starting to fill out and ripen. 

Oh my  GOSH yes love those
Sometimes a neighbor may have planted habanero or some other hotter pepper and the plants will cross pollinate that makes yours hotter.  

I had that happen one year.  Learned to not plant two types of peppers

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Today is....

National Graham Cracker Day!! 


The Graham Cracker was developed in 1822 in Bound Brook, New Jersey, by Presbyterian minister Rev. Sylvester Graham.  It was originally conceived of as a health food as part of the Graham Diet, a regimen to suppress what he considered unhealthy carnal urges, the source of many maladies according to Graham. Graham's preaching was taken up widely in the United States in the midst of the 1829–51 cholera pandemic.   Read more on Rev. Graham here: 


Though called a cracker, it is sweet rather than salty and so bears some resemblance to what Americans call a cookie and the British call a biscuit. The true graham cracker is made with graham flour, which is unsifted and coarsely ground wheat flour. 

Graham crackers were originally made from whole-wheat graham flour with added bran and wheat germs. Modern graham crackers are made with bleached white flour and come in a variety of flavors including honey, cinnamon and chocolate. While a delicious snack on their own, they are also terrific ingredients for desserts. Crushed graham crackers blended with butter and pressed into pie tins or springform pans make excellent crusts when lightly toasted. One of the most popular treats made with graham crackers is the S’more.

Some modern commercial graham crackers are no longer considered health food, but have remained popular as a snack food and breakfast cereal with greater amounts of sugar, honey and other sweeteners than in the original recipe, and far less graham flour, often with no whole-wheat flour whatsoever. Cinnamon or chocolate may be added to enhance the flavor of the crackers.

National Graham Cracker Day is observed annually on July 5th.





by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
Thank you Dorothy! I actually put that on a timeline recently, my husband got a kick out of it! I also put the telephone, and saltine crackers as well as their military and state moves. Welcome to the chat!

I loves me some graham crackers, which reminds me today is grocery day.  And what a coincidence, since I stumbled upon this amusing video just this week:


And it is a prime ingredient in S'Mores!  Also cheesecake crust, and little ones without a lot of teeth can generally eat them as they sort of melt in your mouth...
Graham crackers, chunky peanut butter, and Nutella!
S'Mores are honestly a gift to the world! Graham crackers are certainly a must—though I've found before that a great replacement can be a doughnut?  It sound's nuts, but if you cut a doughnut in half (horizontally) and then make your S'Mores with it, it turns out tasting strangely delicious. Of course, I only tried this because we ran out of grahams...
Hmmm, never thought of using a doughnut. Way to be creative!
Oh that sounds incredible.  The world truly needs more alternative uses for the humble doughnut.  Thank you, Amy!
I had to give up Graham crackers because of the wheat flour - so happy to know they now make them with white flour. [ I have gluten problems  but will sometimes try food if it does not have WHEAT   - hope I can find them in our small town of Sunset , Louisiana .

thanks for info.


Dorothy you always come up with marvelous National Day stuff. I agree with everything and everyone on this chat.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Lets see...

Some high temps in Toronto, pretty muggy - but as long as we keep the windows open, the fans going and drinking lots of bottleed water, we are doing fine.

My mothers DNA sample has finally arrived at the lab - but nothing further shows up. Tests results can be expected between 24 snd 31 july.

Nothing new in the DNA matches list - and yes I have just checked before writing this post. LOL

Family chat due in 4 hours otherwise a quiet week.

Thanks for hosting, Mindy.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Hi Robynne,

Stay cool! oh... it's so hard to wait for those results. Hopefully they get them done early. Have a great family chat, and welcome to the weekend chat!
I think most of the labs post new results at least once a week.  Some more frequently if they have big batches after holidays.  GedMatch updates I think daily because I have been working with one of my adoptees and her one to many keeps adding new folks daily...

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

I have been working on GEDCOMS that I have recently add. I am also working on LDS Project Profile for the Week of 2 July 2018: David Whitmer for Jamie Nelson I hope it pass Jamie Nelson inspection.

+19 votes
Well here it has gone from stay inside in the AC to open the windows weather so I am going to get outside!  Hi all!  thanks for hosting and being here my fellow Wiki folk - just say no to bad - unsourced merges - see ya later
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (169k points)
How wonderful Navarro! It's supposed to start cooling off here as well, and be a fairly nice weekend. Yep, gotta watch out for merges with no sources...

Welcome to the weekend chat!
Humidity dropped a lot this weekend making it almost pleasant in the evening.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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What am I looking at frown. So this past week I got my dna results back. I realize the ethnicity is an estimate however some I can understand. However when making determinations into cM's and Largest Segments etc. I'm lost. I would have thought that there be a few who have done dna with my surname that may be related however most of the results I get are between 3rd and 5th cousins as of now. With most having a Spanish Origin. I have yet to get a-hold of my non-certified copy of original birth certificate. So I have another thing to be skeptical about. I have a sneaking suspicion my birth mother didn't know my father. If anyone willing to give me some guidance my gedmatch is H422753 Sometime soon I gonna get tested again with ancestry for sure by the end of summer.

by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (386k points)
edited by Anthony McCabe
Hi Steve - welcome to the weekend chat! It looks like you have quite a few matches on gedmatch that are closer than fourth cousins. Have you tried looking at the few that say 'GED' to see if you can find your match? I don't have a lot of close matches either, but have found a few cousins using the email address, and sending them the link to my tree, or the  surnames for the generations around the match.
Couldn't hurt to e-mail them and say "Hi. My name is Steve and I put my DNA on gedmatch. We appear to be a match (show how). I was wondering if we could talk about our respective trees and see if we could find our common ancestor."

Something like that. I would do that for the closest people first. See what they have for trees. If any. You just got your foot in the door. Now just see what happens if you e-mail. Be cool about it.
I am running a couple of reports and dropping them to Excel.  Do you have Excel?  I will put the reports for you in dropbox and post a link.  You should move them into your computer hard drive.  

First observation:  The person you match the closest to also matches to a huge number of people on your matchlist from GedMatch.   None of the top 15 matches between you and this person have an X Match to you so it is possible this is all coming from your father's side since an X can only come from your mother's side.  The names on this large group look to be primarily Spanish or French.

You only have 3 people with an Xmatch.  These have to be coming from your mother's side.  I also ran a report to see who you and the person with the largest Xmatch have in common.   Once again this will be in dropbox at the url below.  Just move these into your hard drive.  

I would definitely send these 3 Xmatch people and the top other person an email to start with.    From the X Match Group:  You have triangulation with multiple people on Chromosome 1.  That means you have solid evidence of being related to these people.  If you can get any of these people to work with you, my guess is you will find you can determine info on your Mom from this.  

Hope that helps.  I will post the URL when I am done with all the reports.

I need a few minutes to do the larger group that I suspect is coming from your Dad's side.
Laura Bozzay, master genealogist for hire.


I am still so glad you were around to help me make sense of gedmatch. My mom's now on Gedmatch and ftdna. Still relatively the same matches on Ancestry with a few additions here and there.

I remember when you did this report for me. That was fun. Of course it was very easy in my case.
Yeah I'm really expensive... my going rate is nothing but a smile...

Steve I am over halfway now on the really big report.  I hope to get it done before the morning... But I agree with Chris.  For sure send an email to David (the first name on the One to Many Report) and to Amy Bryan as that is the X match which has to come from your mother's side.  I have that side of the analysis done.  Let me know if you can read Excel ad what version you run so I know if I have to drop it to something else or not...
Haha. I wish I knew what was going through your mind when you saw my matches.
Chris I do so many of these I honestly do not remember, but I know I would have told you what I thought.  Or at the least given you some direction of what to do next.   Some of these are pretty clear cut and others are muddy.

Each is as unique as each of us are....
Steve I have the One to Many Report analysis done.  I have the XChromosome Report analysis done.  I have 8 more chromosomes to analyze on the big list.  I need to stop and get some sleep it is a little after 4 am here.  I have someplace I need to be tomorrow before 2.  I will work on this when I get back from that.  Not sure how early I can go...  

I won't move anything until I know you are on line so you can move them into your hard drive.  I am happy to move what I have done and then this last piece will follow sometime tomorrow...
Everyone is unique. Yea. Wasn't expecting a clear memory. But, I am glad Steve is all cleared. I bet I have the e-mail somewhere in the abyss of my g-mail.
Chris at my age a clear memory is something to celebrate!   Steve has his reports and is digesting the info.  I will let him give you any updates!
Updates will come probably next Friday weekend chat when I have digested and got some more replies however things are looking up

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Happy Week End to All!

Blazing hot this past week, but a we enjoyed a great 4th of July. My wife even got in some morning gardening with the supervision of one of our cats.

by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)

Sounds great Doug. Nice picture of the cat smiley  Welcome to the weekend chat!

Great phot as always, Doug! Have not done any gardening been busy rebuilding and painting the railing around our patio. Of course, I picked the hottest days to work as it was 102 in the shade with a heat index of 108. The box fan only blows hot air so have had to stop work each day around noon.
I look forward to your great photos every week!
She's a beautiful cat!

I agree with everyone on this chat Doug.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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I had a different origami plan for this Chat, but stuff happens.

by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (770k points)
Origami Poop Emoji????????

What?!  I thought it was soft-serve chocolate ice cream!  surprise

It's not anything I would put in a cone LOL (btw, not a fan of chocolate Ice Cream)
I thought it was a pumpkin you know Christmas in July shows on Hallmark got me thinking of cooler days and holidays.
I like your ice cream answer Herb. Thanks for the origami!

Hi Steven, welcome to the weekend chat!
"ice cream" Right.....
You must have had fall and cooler weather in mind with the pumpkin Origami, Herb. Now your dinosaurs will have something to eat!
Yep, dinos love pumpkin.  Great source of fiber.
Happy face on an orange cupcake with lots of tiered icing...  laughing because of all the calories in this innocent looking temptation...
I have decided that my mission this chat is to see who i am related to and guess what - we are related Herbert: 8th cousins once removed with Charles Boudrot our common great grandfather: 8th to you and 7th for me.  BTW, when i first saw your origami "master piece" I wasnt sure what it was and refrained from comments.  I guess now that i know we are related, we probably share a sense of humor, so I was going to say it looked like a smiley face mountain to me.
Hi cousin Nicole!

I agree with Mary G, and David that it looks like a carved pumkin with eyes and mouth. That is marvelous origami Herbert. I agree with everyone even Herbert on this chat.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Lately I've actually been busy working. I guess this is a good thing earning colored rectangles I can use to make other people give me stuff. As such, I haven't really had much time on Wikitree aside from keeping the sheet updated.

Speaking of the sheet, I had several requests for people to be able to access the sheet. This kind of shocked me as anyone with the link has free access. (or at least I thought) It seems someone changed the access privileges on the sheet so you had to sign up to use it. This was NOT MY INTENTION. Signing up is only for having your name displayed and to activate the chat feature I can't seem to get many people to use yet. lol

I've reset it now so once again it is free for all to have a free-for-all. Any of you that have tips, tricks, shortcuts, and useful information please feel free to go to the info tab and add it for all of us to find.

Now, I am currently procrastinating from tearing my roof open to access above the ceiling to add bracing for a ceiling fan. Bad Me. :D It is almost reasonably cool and I suppose I should drive myself to do this so I can install the 52 inch fan and actually cool the living room. It is a screwed down metal roof over a trailor sheet metal roof that has already been cut open, so it isn't as traumatic as it sounds.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (411k points)

Thanks for letting us know about the sheet. I hadn't realized that it had changed.

I love ceiling fans. You should really get it done smiley

OK, I had to send my inner twelve-year-old to his room for a timeout.
Well, I cut myself taking the metal sheet off. Then I discovered the space was only 4 inches so there was no chance of crawling in and installing any bracket. So, I had to remove a second sheet and cut through the underlying roof tin. Then while going to measure the gap between the support beams I sliced my arm on the tin.

After finally making a bracket needing 4 pieces of wood held together by 7 long screws I managed to get it into place and attached by 5 long screws. Then it was a hassle covering the holes and re-installing the outer sheets. After clean-up I thought I was all done and ready for when I got a metal electrical box to mount the ceiling fan to.

Silly me. My g/f went to turn the existing light on and it didn't work. It seems in the process of installing the bracket I knocked a wire loose from the light. Totally disassemble light fixture and re-wire nut the wire together then reassemble.

At least the fan will be easier. (I hope) And the 1 slice and 2 stab wounds weren't serious. I just bled them well and let them clot.
Ceiling fans are great!  And they make a room look so inviting.
This story needs duct tape!  Glad your injuries were only minor, Steven.  Stay safe, and keep your stick on the ice.

Ouch! Glad they were minor. Maybe do less bleeding next time wink. Congrats on getting it done!

Herbert, the duct tape and a piece of toilet paper was the bandage for the slice. So duct tape made it in after all. :P
That reminds me of a tv show where people came in and changed over a room in your house without you being there.  The show seemed to hate ceiling fans because, even if the owners requested that they be left, the fans were ALL removed.  I learned to appreciate them after spending a
winter with one in our trailer in Florida.

Hi Beulah, and welcome to the Weekend Chat! Oh goodness, I have never seen that! I'd be horrified to come home and find everything changed. surprise and I really love ceiling fans - they are much nicer than keeping air conditioning going all the time. My in-laws even have one on their back porch. When the air gets still and hot in Kentucky it is a blessing to have.

I am sorry I linked folks to the old sheet instead of the new one on that place name flare of questions about a month ago - I sure use it and recommend people use it - cringe when I see United States on a profile from 1619 and call up the sheet and hit the edit tab!

I think if I join another challenge I now know how to use the sheet as well as the chat which I did use in the one - thanks again for the work on that sheet

oh and dude - get a tetanus shot!
Mindy, the show was where two families got together and each changed a room in the other persons home.  I hated most of the few changes I managed to watch until i got so bored with the show and quit watching.
I did watch long enough to know I would never be a participant.
Me neither Beulah!!

When we built this house we are in in 1994 we put a ceiling fan in my mothers and dads living room and one in my living room so we have 2 in the house. Steven metal cuts no matter if they are bad the hurt and stay sore for about 3 days.

heart Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Greetings to All....

This weekend my WikiTree goals are to take advantage of the Fold3 free Revolutionary Files offer..... good through July 15th.    The weather is cooperating because it's so hot, no one wants to go outside after 9:00am,; despite projects in the garden which are unattended.

I joined WikiTree about 3 1/2 years ago and have now joined my first project!  (Perhaps a little later than most but I seemed busy.)  I'm now on the Civil War project with the incredible Paula J.....

In the spirit of being a Civil War Project Member,  I'll promote my favorite Civil War fiction book..... while it's fiction, the author is incredibly skilled; you feel like you are actually smelling  the acrid POW camp.... (If that sounds repulsive,  the book may not be for you.)   Hmmmmm, this book review is going downhill.....  I'll just say  "try it" if you like to read.  (Ohhhhh... I won't mention how long it is,  but Crime and Punishment is certainly longer.)

"Andersonville"  by  McKanley Kantor
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (473k points)
Hi Peggy, smart to use up that Fold3 offer. I've gotten some great records from there. I hear ya on the heat. I've had plenty of time to put into WikiTree projects. Too hot to work in the yard during the day.

Hmm, I hadn't heard of that book. Not that expensive either, and in some libraries. Thanks for the recommendation. And welcome to the weekend chat!
I have found some great stuff in the Revolutionary War pension applications. There was a will in one, another a death date not documented elsewhere, lots of family relationships, and tidbits like married by the Rev xx, a circuit preacher. The most interesting was Burk's statement about his time as a prisoner in Canada (that was before they escaped).
Hi Kay, I love the letters that they have sometimes, telling about family and their service. Welcome to the weekend chat!
Andersonville was hell on earth. Extremely high death rate.  Brutal.
I read a report once that even the prison authorities were short of food, say nothing of starving the prisoners.
I've put it on my 'wish list' in Amazon. How awful Beulah!
I forgot to mention,  it did win a Pulitzer decades ago.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

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I just got back today from a little family road trip to visit cousins in Ontario, so that was fun! Took some tombstone photos I'm hoping to upload to WikiTree profiles in the next few days.

As for right now, I've been trying to expand the Armitage branch of my tree, and that has sorta morphed into me adding a bunch of unrelated Armitage profiles. I figure if I research enough Armitage families eventually mine will come out of the woodwork!

Also, I recently started working in a school, so now I have two months off!! First time since high school. I'm hoping to plan out some big projects to work on (and of course get out there and photograph some cemeteries for the Global Cemeteries Project)!
by Liander Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (456k points)
Sounds like you had fun with the cousins Lianne. I love wandering through cemeteries with a camera. I'm hoping we have some decent days so that I can do more photo requests. Congrats on the time off and welcome to the weekend chat.
I looked up "relationship to me" and we are 7th cousins with Augustin Ouellet being our sixth great grand-father.  Cool eh?  Also, congrats on getting a job in a school and having time off in the summer.
Hi Nicole, welcome to the weekend chat!
A while back my husband and I took a trip to Ontario so that I could meet my family I had just learned about.  It was a fascinating trip, wonderful. warm people, and I found out so much of our family history that had been lost.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

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Weekend everyone.

Hot! What else can we say. So hot that the Golden Retriever was ready to come home after only 25 minutes of swimming. Usually she won't give it up.

This week, of course, I got distracted by the Revolutionary War access on fold3. I was able to capture documents for a few of my ancestors. My favorite was my husband's ggg grandfather - whose friends actually stated that although he knew how to write he obviously didn't know how to spell his first name, which appeared in records as Austin, Orson, Orrson, Orstin, Orsten, and Osson.

Other than that, I connected with a new found cousin, and worked on adding children's profiles for Austin/Orson/Osson's son Billy. I have 14 of them done, and couple possibles to investigate, but have not done his 6 step-children.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
So many didn't know how to spell back then, or read and write. Sounds like lotsa kids - I have quite a few families like that. For the Portuguese people especially - if there are less than five I look for their death record lol. How did you find the cousin? WikiTree? Gedmatch? Those are always such a treasure!
Even formally / higher educated folks like Lewis and Clark did not spell consistently on the same page.  They just were not concerned and figured people would sound it out and understand and that was good enough.  

We live in a world of dates, spell check, and documents.  They lived in a much different world.  Sometimes I wonder what we have lost....
I hear ya Laura! It drove my girls nuts when they were younger. They would come to me and ask me how to spell something for their handwritten homework. I always made them get the dictionary. With spell check they didn't see why spelling was so important. Now a couple of them are on the 'grammar police' squad on social networks lol.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

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The city here and a couple of businesses host a summer concert series.  Pretty much every Thursday evening 7-9PM.  It's outdoors and at a neat little venue where the stage is on one end of a fairly large (man made) lagoon:


Best of all, the concerts are free.  There's seating but lots of folks just bring a blanket and plop down on the grass.  Last night was a local group called Face Vocal Band, an A Cappella group of five guys ... used to be six.  They sing, but they also add band sounds, pretty cool.  The 'best' was their do of 'The Devil Went Down to Boulder' ... where, instead of a fiddle it was a spittle ... spittle 'cause the percussion guy would spit when he did his drum sounds ... not really but it was a good lead in.  You can see a performance of that at Red Rocks ... not great audio but you can get the idea ... click up to the 2 minute mark for the drum/spittle solo ... all those sounds come from him!!

by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Hi Bob, I wish we had concerts around here like that! How fun smiley

Welcome to the weekend chat!

Great way the community to enjoy the arts together.

Here in Lenoir City and Loudon, Tennessee on every Friday night in the summer they have free movie night and you provide your own seat. But it a good deal.

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+16 votes

A lot to talk about this week. My mom brought out some old pics to show me and some of them were stuck together. I did manage to get a couple scanned. One of them was everyone on Plum Island flounder fishing. There are so many. Now you can only get ten flounder per person. If that. That's what happens when over-fishing happened outside the Merrimack River.

One tip on removing pics seems to be warm water, a drop of dish detergent and a little determination. Got some groovy '60s era pics.

Still got a couple decent pictures of her grandparents. Scanner is working good. I am still editing the video and am in the process of working on a comic for this weekend. But, y'all don't wanna hear about that. No, you guys want some stories. Alright. I'll toss one your way.

A while back my great-aunt gave me an e-mail address of a cousin in Italy. I decided to send her a message and got a mailer error. The address was wrong and Hotmail is not good anyway. So, I had to do something to contact this person who lived in my grandfather's ancestral town. What do I do? Well, I did a Facebook search for my great-aunt's contact. She had a FB account and is already friends with a cousin in Italy. I sent her a message and we got to talking. She told me something that gave me the feels. She said and I quote:

"A piece of us is there, in America and a piece of you is here in Italy."

Someone's cutting onions. I bet it's Eddie. I'll get him for that. Maybe it's Charlotte..... =P

Not much else to report. Have a great chat!

Oh, I registered on Find a Grave. Bonking some heads right at the source so they DON'T show up as errors/suggestions here. *cricks neck*
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (778k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo

Congrats on the pictures! I love looking at the old ones. Hey, we like comics and stories. We just want it all lol.

Wow. Love the quote!!! onion, eh?

When I registered at FindAGrave to ask a question a day later the manager of (most of) the memorials in the cemetery made me manager of all the memorials with my surname. Most of them were my relatives, and he probably knew that.

Careful what you wish for, just saying....
Figure of speech used on the 'net whenever someone is crying or has "the feels". Maybe I should have quoted Linda Richmond from SNL. Getting all fuklempt. I'll give you a topic. A peanut is neither a pea nor a nut. Discuss.

And thanks. Glad you like comics and stories. And videos. =D

Was a good quote.
Hey Chris,

Great approach with Find A Grave.     Don't be too disappointed if the Find A Grave managers don't respond quickly....... I manage Find A Grave profiles and was shocked about 2 years ago when I realized I don't get email notification of Recommended Changes..... I have to log in frequently to check messages.....maybe there are some settings I can change..... but... it's not obvious.
I have that problem too Peggy. They only have settings are to receive new messages or photo requests. I have to log in each week to check for suggested edits.
No one has made me manager, yet. We'll see what happens. Apparently a few profiles are managed by F.A.G. itself.

I got this ancestor of mine attached to her parents: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/9128047/lucy-e.-lahaye

Problem is they made the profile with her second husband's last name. I had to make that correction. I don't know how to get them to put her first husband in. I can't find his grave even though he died in Haverhill in 1901. He's gotta be buried there. Probably in St. Joseph's.

Only one profile has my surname and my cousin operates it:


I asked her to change his birthplace and she did.

So far no one has said or done anything else. Still not sure how to fix a few odds and ends and I haven't gone too far back.
Most of the ones that I manage are for cemeteries that I've photographed in. Sometimes mom and I walk through the whole thing. If it's small we look them up for memorials. If it's large, we just photograph a whole section and then I check when I get home. I turn any of those over to family that requests ownership, and I  have it on my profile that my pictures can be used without permission. The point is to preserve the data on the stone.

Beautiful stone!
I would like to see if I could find a few. I live right near Haverhill. Haverhill has a ton of cemeteries. I wouldn't know where to start looking for Antoine Legault's grave. Then again I am betting he is in St. Joseph's. I could go to town hall and look up his death certificate.

Downloaded my mom's DNA and put it on FTDNA and gedmatch. One of my dad's cousins submitted her sample to Ancestry. Been told to keep my ear to the ground. Will help her of course. =D
That's exciting Chris! I've been trying to get someone to go to my mom's in California and help her with her dna test. I had it sent there, but she isn't good with directions anymore and her hands are unsteady. I'm clear across the country from her now so I can't go and do it myself.
Good luck! Just need to make sure she doesn't eat or anything before the test. Hope someone helps her out!
Mindy does she have a friend or neighbor who might be able to help?
I have a much younger sister there (she was raised playing with my oldest daughter) but she works two jobs, and also doesn't understand the importance of the test. My mom hasn't been mobile for years now, so hasn't made friends in the area my sister took her to (I had mom by me for years, now she's taking her turn). If I were still in Nevada I would just drive over, but it's too far to go from Kentucky. I'm hoping to make a trip to see mom this year. Then I can do it myself.

Ditto to what everyone said here. Especially to Chris about his stories and everything.

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Eddie and I made a profile of yet another Italian actor. I have NO idea what this guy was in: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Picerni-1
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (778k points)

Nice profile Chris. 1940's, 1950's actor... hmmm... wonder why you don't know? laugh

Hey, there are some '40s and '50s actors I know about....

Who did work in their later years.....Like Adam West.
That's because he was Batman...
There are some others too that aren't William Shatner. =D

Lucille Ball? The cast of Dennis the Menace? I watched reruns of both in the '80s.
I used to watch both of those
Awesome. Though the commercials in the '50s were weird. Here's proto Kermit the Frog:


Kermit was homicidal back then.

And then there's this gem:


I would say people were on all of the drugs, but, then I remember commercials from the '80s and '90s.  Those were a trip, too.
A lot of the commercials in the 80s on go for the idea that it doesn't have to be good, just memorable... but then  if you ask people what they were advertising  they can't tell you so really what good is a commercial if you can't even identify the product?  And today we tend to speed through them.
My generation is the result of those ads from the '80s and '90s. So many cartoons were made to sell toys. Or vice versa in the case of He-Man. Been watching "The Toys that Made Us"  on Netflix and the ones on He-Man, G.I Joe and Transformers were definitely telling. There were definitely more to those product lines back then.

Transformers was brought over from Japan and given to Marvel Comics to make bios and comics of. Cartoon was made later.

G.I. Joe scaled down their line and Marvel had a hand in that.

He-Man was basically made to appeal to kids who liked Conan.

I do remember those ads. They were memorable. You might remember 'em, Laura.  Now I'm not saying those ads effected me in any way....but, my brother and I had a sizable collection of Transformers. =)
Bought a lot of that stuff for my sons.  Have boxes in the basement with those in it...definitely played with condition
I still have a fair few of those in my parents' attic. My brother sold most of the Transformers ages ago. But, I got some back in the form of reissues. Some we kept, though. They are in played with condition, too. Definitely played with condition....

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Finding cousins 

Just a note about finding cousins. Both my husband and I have done DNA tests on both Ancestry and 23AndMe. We both found new cousins this week. Neither was a DNA match. His had a complete well sourced Ancestry tree for a great grandfather. Mine had a well sourced Ancestry tree with pictures of my great grandfather and siblings. After contacting them, one is a DAR member, the other the daughter of a DAR member.

So, there is some good to be found in Ancestry trees.

by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (607k points)
Nice find! I wonder why they weren't a dna match
Yes there are good Ancestry trees. Some, though? Not so much.

Congrats on the find! Not sure why the match was wonky. Weird.
My bad. My husband matched, they share great grandparents.

My non match makes sense. My gg grandfather married twice. I descend from his first wife. My cousin descends from his second wife, and he is her ggg grandfather.
Yay for things making sense! =D
I spend a lot of time doing DNA analysis for others.  You would think I have my own nailed down... but no...  it never ceases to amaze me how few of the names on my lists mean anything to me.  I have paper trails that are very extensive but I don't have a lot of the names that show up in my DNA lists so that begs questions like... are these false positives?  Did one of my ancestors play around and I don't know it?  Are these folks coming from one of the siblings of my grandparents who I do not have completely mapped?

Tied to this is the number of people who either don't respond or if they do they have no idea how we relate either...

I dd have a grandfather who disappeared and was never found so he could be the culprit...

I'm not nearly as experienced as you with dna Laura but I know what you mean. Some of the people that do link trees on gedmatch don't make sense to me (no matches to mine). I wonder about the 'playing around' as well, as I have a few strong dna matches on my mom's side that I just can't find the MRCA for. I do have a few cousins that I know the ancestor for - but they weren't aware of the first wife (my ancestor) ... awkward! I also get those that just don't respond. I guess it's worth it for the few cousins that I have found that way that are true treasures! 

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Early in the week we made a trip to Indiana to visit some relatives. It was a nice visit and we even got some information that allowed me to add to an uncle's family as well as update his profile. Today we went to two salvage stores, grocery as well as other items, then we went to an Amish produce store in our area. After that we had lunch and I walked about 10 minutes to check the mail. This evening we went to the Chardon Farmers Market and another grocery store. All I will say is FEET HURT! I did manage to work on WikiTree a bit this week, I have made 145 contributions so far this month and still managed to reduce my watchlist a bit. On the "suggestions" report I only have 3, all unconnected notables, also all open profiles. I have edited every profile on my watchlist since mid November and hope to have all edited sometime in 2018 soon, some edits are very minor but I have worked on the biography for a few and except for some of the Unlisted profiles all have at least 1 actual source on them. It is going to be a relatively slow weekend for me with only a couple of hours spoken for on Sunday afternoon so maybe I can work on a few more profiles and even make a stab at connecting at least one of those notables.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Wow, sounds productive Dale. Rest those sore feet a bit, and welcome to the weekend chat!

I already put on my night clothes and don't plan to move from my recliner until it is time to go to bed tonight, and then my grandson knocked on the door to borrow my Ryobi 18 volt batteries for his dad, at least they did not ask for help. Tomorrow I have no plans to do anything so rest is in my future for sure.

Ahhhh Amish produce and farmers market sounds great.

You sure have been busy.
Hmm. Do I wanna post this Weird Al song? Yes. Yes I do:

Good one Chris. I live near a large Amish community, even the Wal Mart has hitching posts for the horses, and we shop at their stores all the time. Once you get to know them they are very friendly and nice along with hard workers who do good quality work. I had a friend who grew up Amish and because of her I have even been invited to the wedding of one of her family members, a very rare thing for a Yankee.
Kay, We only bought some cucumbers, 3, and a small loaf of Zucchini Bread, both were very good, and the cost for both was $3.00, not bad for our area
Living in Nevada I didn't see any true Amish communities. Here in Kentucky it is nothing to see them traveling to town with their horse and buggy. We buy canning supplies from one of the Amish stores, and I love the woodwork some of them produce! An Amish family put in new sidewalks for mom and dad a few years back, and it was wonderful to see the teamwork while they completed it.
I've nothing but respect for a lot of people. Amish included. Being in NH you don't see them much. Though I think I saw some when we were driving to Virginia. Had to go through PA.

And that's very cool, Mindy. =D
I live between Chardon Ohio and Middlefield Ohio, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middlefield,_Ohio so I shop in Middlefield a lot and it is the worlds fourth largest Amish community so I see Amish several times every week. They even travel to Chardon to shop a lot so I have seen them there as well. I have lived in this general area for most of my life, between 1956 and 1990 then between 2003 and  today with a few months in 2014 in North Carolina and the Youngstown Ohio area, and my grandmother lived very near Lancaster Pennsylvania for her early years and near the end of her life so seeing Amish has been very common for me since I was 5 years old, they even worked on my current home as well as several of my neighbors homes.
I love Amish Markets really any country market.  One gorgeous Saturday my husband and I had taken a drive into the country and were in an Amish town where we had the only auto among a bunch of horse and buggies.  We had a new car and somehow we managed to trigger the car alarm and we sat there with the horn beeping, the lights blinking, and just making total clowns of ourselves.   The nice Amish folks tried very hard not to laugh at us, point, or stare...  It us a few minutes to figure out how to turn of the alarm...  and then we quietly sped out of town....
How embarassing Laura!
I think of that and laugh.  It is good to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time.  Now we always check on how to turn off the car alarm with any new car.
=) That is too funny!
Don't feel bad - last time I took a trip they changed the rental car at the last minute. They pulled it out of the way and left the emergency flashers on. Mom was driving and started to leave when we realized neither of us could find the button for it. Mom parked, I googled, mom started hitting buttons. It was pretty hilarious. I thought we were going to have to drive back and ask them. Mom found the button, all was saved.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

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