If a sex offender is doing genealogy? Convicted how would wikitree police that? [closed]

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Just wondering.. If a rapist has been tried in the USA, convicted, and then released for rape, had victims that were never charged for, but got charged for a few.. served then came on here.. to do genealogy... how is that policed? Do you bother that they can see living people... whom don't want them to don't want them to see them?

I am not a victim I just wonder... how wikitree handles that?
closed with the note: They don't have a policy, and they don't see a need for one, as it is not import to them.
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My head is asking - why is she asking this question?

I am wondering if Amy actually sort of, kind of, wants a policy of convicted rapists being banned from using the internet at all, maybe? I could be wrong, but something has to have happened for her to ask.

In the USA, I beleive this goes against freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

And anyone has the right to do genealogy no matter what their personal history is.

I'm just thinking out loud in this comment.

Hi Robynne,

Well the specifics regarding different court stipulations is quite broad. On a general note the right to use a computer especially in this day and age is protected. However there are cases where it has been done to prevent recidivism and protect the public. USA v. Paul in the United States 5 Circuit court of appeals

Great question Amy. I have been very concerned about how data is used in this day and age myself. I know that people denoted as living, and as private are the best way to minimize access by others. I am unsure if any of the security measures can be overridden.
Too many dead people around here. The living are all unlisted except for members who do genealogy and in only a few instances will you see that members have public trees. So the odds of gaining info from wikitree as apposed to social media sites is so very slim. I would think near impossible.

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They would only be able to see a living person if the living person is a member of WikiTree. They would be able to see this information even if they didn't have an account.

As long as they are using the site for genealogy, I don't see a problem.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (641k points)
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Hi Amy,
I don't believe that wikitree has any policy on this specific issue. Alas, I would recommend if anyone would have such concern that they should consider Anonymization

by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (387k points)
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This is a public website just like any other website and so they can see what everyone else sees.

As long as members don't write their physical address on their profile, I dont think any convicted criminal is going to worry about them,

All living NON Members on Wikitree are UNLISTED so noone can see them.

The only way to be completely safe from any criminal coming after you - is abstinence - as in abstain fron using the internet at all!!  LOL
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
So they can still hunt victims here.. if they please.. thank you for clearing that up..
Not happy, but updated..
I will unlist older people in  my tree and delete, them then that are living around them..
Anonymous - if they really want to - they can hunt vicitims on facebook and twitter and instagram and any other social media.

Nowhere is totally safe in the internet.
I doubt if Wikitree is going to be their first thought of places to look for victims. There are many easier ways to find people. As to the people in your tree, they should already be unlisted if they are living and are not a member. If they have their own Wikitree accounts then it is not your job to unlist them.
I have no control on them. once they confirm they are the user in my tree.. they see all before the unlisted and listed stuff... now... I have to just consider how that is taken, .
this listed and unlisted stuff is new...
Yes, the «unlisted stuff» is new. Since the introduction of new privacy policies due to GDPR all living non-members are unlisted. This should cover most of your concerns about potential perpetrators seeing information about potential victims.

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