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The Virginia Project covers the people, places, and events through time in the geographic region that we know today as Virginia. See the Virginia Project page for information on our scope of activity and some related projects.

If you are a WikiTree member who would like to help improve profiles and other WikiTree content in Virginia, please:

  1. Introduce yourself by answering this post. (Please post an answer, not a comment.) Tell us about your interests in Virginia -- and how you intend to contribute -- and we will get you a US History badge.
  2. Add virginia to your followed tags.

Please be sure to check out our project page for links to the various related-projects you might want to join.  Note that several other specialized US-related projects, such as US Southern ColoniesUS Presidents, and the 1776 Project, have their own badges separate from this one.  You don't also need to join the Virginia project to participate in one of those projects, but most of us work on multiple topics and may want to be in more than one project.

Thank you!

Please post your request to join us as an answer, not a comment.

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I have revolutionary war ancestors from Williamsburg.  I would like to contribute to profiles of Virginians who lived during the War for Independence.  My ancestors lived primarily in Orange and Fauquier counties prior to their westward migration.  I am willing to contribute to fix and add profiles for any Virginian.
by James Jackson G2G Crew (780 points)

Hi James,

Thanks for joining us.  We'll get the US History badge awarded soon.  In the mean time, please add Virginia to the tags you follow on your profile see more details here of what to do:

If you have any questions, please let me know.
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All of my ancestors lived in Virginia and all my paternal lines but one (who came down from NJ c1763) were in what became Washington County, Virginia, by c1750. On my mother's side they mostly arrived (in Botetourt County) from Maryland and Pennsylvania in the 1790s. Just cleaning up all my ancestral and collateral ancestral profiles can keep me busy -- as well as crating/improving free space profiles in re Virginia. I'm also happy to help in any other way I can! 


by Patricia Hickin G2G6 Mach 8 (88.6k points)
Hi Pat! I just checked... you joined the Virginia Project in May 2017. This is just a new join post for the project. Thanks so much for all you do! Cheers, Liz
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I have many Virginia ancestors, from Williamsburg, New Kent County, Hanover, and others. I realize the importance of contributions and help especially for the “burned out” counties with few records.

My research in Virginia began in the 1970’s, and continues. I would be happy to contribute by adding and fixing profiles.
by L. Ahring G2G Crew (780 points)
Great, we'd love your experienced help in the burned counties of Virginia!
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100% of my tree is Bedford Co VA. Lots of Endogamy.

by Sherrie Mitchell G2G6 Mach 4 (42.1k points)
Sherrie, thanks for joining us, your Bedford County expertise will be great to have.

BTW, it looks like you actually already joined us in December 2017, this is just a new post to solicit members.
yes, I saw my name on the list.... forgot to add on my profile.
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All my ancestors have roots in Virginia. I've spent thousands of hours, and traveled to the areas to find more information. Counties include Mathews, Gloucester, Kingston Parish, Dinwiddie, Bland, Northumberland, Richmond, Leesburg, and others.

As everyone knows, these are hard counties to research due to the lack of historic materials. I'm hoping to bring my land-title experience and digital-forensic expertise to my research. I've acquired some pretty good imagery from civil records and am taking another trip this year to visit various archives.
by M White G2G2 (2.1k points)
Hello, glad to have your land-title experience added to the mix of our combined skills! -William
Thanks, William!
I'm curious how to adopt Mathews County, VA? I see there's no link to it yet. Instructions indicate to leave a comment, alas, I've not located where to do this. I also noticed Bland County, VA is missing. Should we perhaps add this as well?

Thank you!
Matt W.
Adding them, but I need you to send me a private message on Wikitree so I can make you the manager.
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:[ Jamestown Society Qualifying Eligible Grandparental Lineages Ancestors] {{English_Ancestor_Sticker}}
:[ [[Bayley-98|Bayly, John]] - A704]; died ca. 1620 Jamestowne Island; (Ancient Planter).
:[ [[Bayley-97|Bayly, Mary Holt]] - A705]; born ca. 1605, died 1643, James City Co.: (Resident prior to Muster), daughter of John Bayly, wife of Randall Holt.
:[ [[Biggs-87|Biggs, Richard]] - A810]; died 1625/6; Shirley Hundred: 1624-25 (Burgess).
:[ [[Clay-10|Clay, John]] - A1706]; born 1587, died by 1664/5, Charles City Co.: (Ancient Planter).
:[ [[English-1312|English, John]] - A9426]; died 1678, Isle of Wight Co.: 1659 (Burgess).
:[ [[English-925|English, William]] - A2501]; Elizabeth City: 1628, 1629, 1632, 1633 (Burgess).
:[ [[Farley-600|Fareley/Farley/Farlowe, Thomas]] - A2506]; born 1590, died 1634; Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martin's Hundred: 1628 (Burgess), Harrop Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martin's Hundred: 1630 (Burgess).
:[ [[Holt-1037|Holt, Randall]] - A4003]; born 1606/7, died by 1643 (Muster of 1624/5)
:[  [[Reade-10|Reade, George]] - A6606]; born 25 October 1608, died October 1671, York Co.: 1658-71 (Councillor)

:[ [[Wyatt-188|Wyatt, Haute]] - A9207]; born 1594, buried 1 August 1638 County Kent, England; (Muster of 1623/4); (Resident of Jamestowne).

:[[Wynne-2|Wynne/Wynn, Robert]] - A9301; born ca. 1622, died 1675, Charles City Co.: 1658 (Burgess); 1661-74 (Speaker of House of

:[ The Shirley News about Jamestown]
:[ Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary By Martha W. McCartney pg 349]

Many of our Grandparental family were some of the early ancestors especially to Jamestown, Augusta County, Bedford, Giles, Tazewell, and many other Counties as well in Virginia before many moved to West Virginia or lived there when WV became a separate state from VA.
by Andrea Pack G2G6 Mach 5 (53.3k points)

Hi Andrea, 

You've already got the US History Project badge, so just add virginia to your followed tags, add a short bio for yourself on our Project page, and add yourself to our Google group list for discussions.

Look forward to your Jamestown contributions.


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My direct line runs back to Virginia.  The earliest I have been able to trace is to Daniel Epperson/Apperson, Sr., (Epperson-1050) born before 1745 and who lived his adult life in Lunenburg County, Virginia and died there in 1827 (Will proved 9 Apr 1827).  I have been researching his descendants since 1985 and have copies of many PRIMARY documents including will and tax documents for him and his descendants.  I recently uploaded a GEDCOM of about 3,000 of his descendants to WikiTree.

So far, I have been able to identify the following sons and daughters of Daniel, Sr.   James; Martha, Mary Ann, Jonathan, David, Sr., and Daniel, Jr..

The Jonathan Epperson/Apperson above, is often confused with the Albemarle County Epperson/Appersons.  I am fairly confident that I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jonathan Epperson/Apperson, who was born about 1768, married first Sarah Parrish 28 Dec 1789 in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia, and then Elizabeth Moore, 16 Feb 1830, in Lunenburg County, Virginia, and who died after 1840 was the son of Daniel Epperson/Apperson, Sr.  So far, I have been not been able to establish any connection between the Lunenburg and the Albemarle Epperson/Appersons.

Jonathan had a son named James born about 1792, married Mary 'Polly' M. Moore on 31 Mar 1813 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, and later married Elizabeth S. Smith on 3 Sep 1845 in Brunswick, Virginia (the county to the east of Lunenburg).  James died in Wythe County, Virginia in 1858.

Most of James' sons and daughters can next be found in Wythe County, Virginia.

My genealogical mission at the moment is to try and communicate with as many people as I can to try and get this tree straighten out.  I believe that my tree is quite accurate, but have been researching long enough to know that surprises are always just around the corner.

If you have any connection to this tree, I would beg you to contact me to discuss and share information.  


Larry Dale Epperson
Rogers, AR

by Larry Epperson G2G Crew (620 points)
Hello Larry,

Looking forward to your sharp research skills and wealth of primary source documents you have copies of.

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Would love to join the project. I am currently leading the Addington Name Study project which corresponds heavily with the Virginia Project. I have around 400 ancestors all hailing for the Commonwealth and have been working on Wikitree for four years.  Thanks.
by Jeremy Addington G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Jeremy,

Nice to hear you already have a lot of experience by way of your Addington Name Study.  Look forward to your additions.

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I'd like to join the Virginia Project.  I have extensive deed images and transcriptions from Prince William County obtained in the course of researching Jackson ancestors.
by Janie Kimble G2G6 Mach 2 (24.5k points)
Great to hear about your large number of deed images and transcriptions for Prince William County.  Looking forward to your contributions.

Several years ago John McAnally posted on google a large number of images of deeds/wills from Prince William County pertaining the surname Jackson so we both could view them and work at transcribing them.  We used the relationships revealed in those deeds and wills to build a Jackson family tree.  I'd like to get it all uploaded but I'm still learning my way around WikiTree.  So this will take a while and I look forward to being part of the Virginia Project to keep me informed as to who else might be connected to the folks in this Jackson tree. 

Sounds great Janie!  Would like to get a link to the files added to the Prince William County page so others can easily discover it when researching in that county.  I can guide and assist as needed, just send me a private message through my profile link for private messages.

Right now most of them are private files and aren't sorted in good order.  I'm hoping to find time to create an index, and will make them public.  When that happens, I can put a notice somewhere that they are available.  Tho all pertain to the Jackson name, there are a lot of other names also.
I encourage you to use the benefit of crowd sourcing.  If you put up the unsorted data, then the burden of sorting it out could be distributed across many folks.  Each person reviewing, adds a little info, and slowly the whole is worked out.  For example, folks could contribute to the index as they find info.
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My ancestor, Ezekiel Hirons, fought and died in the U.S. Civil War at the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain. His remains have been moved multiple times, as far as I know the last time he was cremated and interred somewhere in North Carolina. I have no idea which cemetery, please help me find him and bring him home to be buried with his family in the Brownstown Cemetery near Mount Orab, Ohio. He has a monument erected there and we want to bring him home to us. We have not forgotten him. But trying to locate his remains has been something of a "Where's Waldo?' Kind of game. Please help bring him home.
by Anonymous Hirons G2G2 (2.0k points)
Hi Natalie,

I don't have much experience with tracking down remains that have been moved around, but maybe another in our project can help?  But, we look forward to your participation in the Virginia project.

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Until this year, I didn't know that two of my family lines, the Cain's and Scott's traced back to Virginia.  The Cain's were from Augusta and Albemarle counties.  The Scott's were in Bedford county about 1793, but unknown where before that.  Previously, I had only my Green's from Berkeley county (VA/WV) before 1798.  This dynamically changes my need to learn the history and source types of this region.  I expect my involvement to begin with being educated.  My personality style is to share my knowledge and teach skills I have learned, and that will be my contribution to this project.
by Steve Lake G2G6 Mach 1 (13.2k points)
edited by Steve Lake
Thanks Steve, we look forward to your contributions and are happy to try and answer your questions.  -William
Hi there I have a William Covington born 1593 in Bedforshire England and died in 1638 somewhere in Essex Cty Virginia. Seems there were several who were in Essex Cty Va.
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My 6x great grandfather Daniel Prentice-1264 was born ca 1740 in Virginia.  He owned land and other property which he sold about 1790 before moving to Kentucky where he died ca 1805.  His records are found in Botetourt County 1771 - 1790.  There is much to learn about him and his wife too.  Looking forward to being part of this Virginia group.

by Ronald Prentice G2G6 Mach 1 (14.8k points)
Ronald, great to add you as a member of the Virginia project group!
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So far I have traced two ancestors who migrated from England to Virginia Colony (Biggs and Cardwell) and one ancestor who immigrated from Germany to Virginia (Fritts).  I would like to contribute by building these families out.  I am also keenly interested in (obsessed with) correcting those pre-1776 profiles that identify Virginia USA instead of the British or English Colony of Virginia (based on date).  thanks
by Chuck Biggs G2G4 (4.9k points)

Hi Chuck, Look forward to your help in Virginia.  Note that we have this project page for how to refer to various locations in North America over time. -William

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I am a direct descendant of Rev. Roland Jones, first rector of Bruton Parish Church in Williamson and other Early Virginia Settlers dating to the 1600 and 1700s.  I would like to be part of this project.
by William Wells G2G Crew (470 points)
Great to have you join us William!
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Ninth great-granddaughter of Margaret Dauson who was one of the "Maids For Virginia" sent to the Jamestowne Colony in 1621, by the  London Company of Virginia, to become a bride. She picked ninth great-grandfather, Ezekiah Raughton as her husband. They both survived the Indian Massacre of 1622, that took place in the English Colony of Virginia. A total of 347  English settlers, including men, woman, and children of all ages did not survive. Who was the Indian Chief of the Powhatan's at the time of the massacre?
by Cheryl Givens G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
Hi Cheryl,

I cannot answer the question about who the chief was, but I look forward to your expertise in the Jamestowne Colony area of Virginia.

Chief Opechancanough was the tribal chief of the Powhatan Confederacy, from abt 1618 until his death in 1646.

Looks like that is this profile:

This profile could use some carefully thought-out categories.
@Christine, feel free to add or suggest the categories to add to Powhatan-170.
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I have several 17th and 18th century Virginia ancestors, Armistead, Christian, Tyler and more who come from primarily, Charles City County, New Kent County and Goochland County. I would like to help with the Virginia Project.
by Adele Culp G2G1 (1.0k points)
Wonderful to get your help, especially with the counties you are familiar with.  -William
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Many of my ancestors came from the Virginia/West Virginia areas. I'd love to become a member of the project.
by Danelle Freed G2G2 (2.7k points)
Hi Danelle, great to have you join us! -William
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My husband has numerous Virginia ancestors, including Jeremiah Burnett, whose profile I worked on.

by Ellen Spertus G2G6 (7.4k points)
Great to get more Virginia help, looking forward to your further profile work!
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Hi, I am new to WikiTree, all of my family ties originate in Virginia. We are Powell, Randolph, Carter, Eppes, Bradsher, Halliburton descendants. I am working on a Masters in History and hope to teach History at UVA some day! I would love to learn as much about my ancestors as possible!  My favorite period is the colonial period/ 18th century. We live in a reproduction home filled with 18th century period and reproduction pieces. I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC currently but plan to retire to Charlottesville eventually!
by Adrian Bradsher G2G Crew (630 points)
Your masters in History should be very handy in supporting our Virginia project.  Looking forward to your expertise.
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Hello. I have interest in families in Essex County, Middlesex County, Westmoreland County, King and Queen County, and surrounding areas, and in the now-extinct Rappahannock County (often called Old Rappahannock County), from about 1650 to 1900, with surnames Boughan, Burke, Caston, Croxton, Daniel, Davis, Dix, Dunn, Edmondson, Farguson, Gatewood, Haile, Hundley, Lutrell, McTyre, Munday, Pagett (various spellings), Ryland, Street, Taylor, Wood, and others. I've been doing research for about 30 years. Personal website is at

by Thomas Moore G2G1 (1.4k points)
Hi Thomas,

Great to have your help in the areas where your family is from!


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