Have you taken WikiTree to your Family Reunion?

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This is Family Reunion Season:  Have you taken WikiTree to your family reunion?  We had our Frazier reunion in the Texas Hill Country this past weekend, and in order to help us figure out how we are related, I printed out family group sheets from WikiTree.  Our ancestors settled mainly in Burnet County back in the late 1800's and spread from there to other surrounding counties and then further out.  The Frazier Reunion began probably back in the 1950's -- before I was born anyway.  The Fraziers and related families, including Frys and Alexanders, would meet on one of the big ranches and generally eat barbequed goat.  Those large families have gradually moved away and/or dwindled down so that those of us still carrying on the tradition hardly know how we are related.  In order to help with that, I prepared a tri-fold board with a short piece of our ancestry with photos and then printed out WikiTree family groups.  That really helped us figure out how we are related.  It also introduced people to WikiTree.  I had some interest expressed in WikiTree, and I was happy to share that it is a free, one family tree.  Hopefully, some of my relatives will jump on and help build the tree.

Do you have a family plus WikiTree story?
in The Tree House by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 8 (86.4k points)

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This really a great question Edie. At large family gatherings especially I bet there would be a lot of interest. Thanks for posting it.
by Bart Triesch G2G6 Pilot (256k points)
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I have not yet, but I will be toward the end of September, when we have our Brantley cousins reunion in Metter, Georgia (If anyone is around there in late September that is related to the Brantley branch from east Georgia, let me know, we'd love to have you!). I've thought of making a simple Powerpoint presentation so I can share stories and photos, and have asked that people bring their family photos to be scanned. This is self-serving on my part because I want photos to add to my profiles, but also hopefully will preserve some old photos I haven't yet seen and I plan to offer to sent e-copies of the photos to whoever wants them, so they can expand their collection. Does anyone have any other suggestion about how to present family history to make it interesting, even to those family members that are showing up just for a meal?
by Debi Matlack G2G6 Mach 8 (82.5k points)
That is such a great idea! I'm going to do that next year!  I was just thinking yesterday that I bet some of my family members have old photos hidden at home.  That would be a great way to share them.
A few ideas to spark interest -

- Photos of themselves: humans being what they are, mostly more interested in themselves than anyone else - perhaps in poster form, present 3 to 5 photos of everyone (a young one, a current one, and others in their prime, or representative of their personality), with the idea of letting them choose which one they like best for their primary WikiTree photo.  Most people can't resist something like this, may also offer a different photo. Then lead them to photos of ancestors and ask which is the best one for them, hoping that someone will recall a better photo they have and get it for you.

- Stories: most people like good stories, both about themselves and about their relatives, so present some of the stories you have found that they may not have heard, and ask for more.  You can start by asking for the funniest and weirdest and most bazaar stories of themselves and ancestors, but slip a question in about what would be a story for each ancestor that best represented who that person was, a story that they would most want to be remembered for, always with the idea that you are looking for content for their bio's on WikiTree.  That should whet their interest in WikiTree, and what you're writing about them and their relatives!

- An idea for later, an informal email with a story and/or unusual fact from their ancestry.  I've wanted to create a roughly monthly email that mentions one or more of the most interesting thing(s) I have found out recently.  Now and then, you uncover a really interesting story, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes heroic, and you know that hardly anyone has even heard of the person.  This is a way to introduce an interesting ancestor, with their story.  Of course, you would always refer to their WikiTree page!
Those are great ideas, Rob!  I'll be prepared next year!
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Not quite. But, when we went out to a family dinner with my dad's cousins I had printed out trees I made for them here. =) This prompted a few people to join the site to see how far back I went. It was fun presenting everything and I probably should have had a Powerpoint presentation to be honest.

The trees were semi complete and they gave me some insight and I have since added a few people here and there.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (573k points)

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