Nathaniel Blackstone 1771-1856 Maine, looking for parents, children, & spouse, Thanks

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Looking for any information on a John or Hiram Blackstone in Maine that is connected to this set also?
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Hello, Donnie!

I found records of a Nathaniel BLACKSTONE (born 1771 in Maine, died 13 September 1856 in Maine), son of Benjamin BLACKSTONE (1725-1799) and Eleanor PHIPPS (1729-1816). This Nathaniel is listed as the brother of Captain William Henry BLACKSTONE (1766-1850) [married to Barbara FARR], Samuel BLACKSTONE (1766-1846) [married to Hannah PETTINGILL], Soloman BLACKSTONE (1772-????) [married to Nancy UNDERWOOD], and Sarah BLACKSTONE (1778-1851) [married to William BUCKNAM].

Nathaniel's father's parents are listed as Benjamin BLACKSTONE (1699-1763) and Mehetable HUNT (1705-1763), and Nathaniel's mother's parents as Danforth PHIPPS (1709-????) and Elizabeth SKILLINGS (1713-1786). A quick glance at the tree shows that the Blackstone family line recorded with sources can be traced back as far as 1543, though I'm not sure how accurate these records are. From what I can see, however, all of Nathaniel's ancestors have been connected on this tree for quite some ways—clearly, your family is well sourced!

Nathaniel BLACKSTONE is listed as married to Apphia MERRILL (1772-1849). Their children listed include Sarah BLACKSTONE (1795-1867) [married to Edward Wilson MERRILL], Nathaniel BLACKSTONE (1797-1852) [married to Mary SAWYER], Ann BLACKSTONE (1800-1847) [married to William DECKER], Stephen M. BLACKSTONE (1803-????) [married to Susan WARNER], Joseph BLACKSTONE (1805-1883) [married to Sarah Jane STURTEVANT], Benjamin BLACKSTONE (1805-1894) [married to Mary Ann GOODELL], Elizabeth BLACKSTONE (1810-1818), and Francis BLACKSTONE (1812-1872) [married to Hannah STURTEVANT].

Here is the link to the FamilySearch profile:

I'm unsure how much of the information is correct and sourced, but hopefully if this is the correct Nathaniel it gives you a good jumping point!

Good luck!
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Was Benjamin Blackstone born 1699 the son of another Benjamin Blackstone? Thanks for helping

She answered that  in the second paragraph. If his father is Benjamin Blackstone and then she says "Nathaniel's father's parents are listed as Benjamin BLACKSTONE (1699-1763) and Mehetable HUNT (1705-1763)". She even gave you the link to the tree on Family Search.

I'm really not trying to be mean but this seems like a "give a fish or teach to fish" moment. And when you ask a question that was clearly already answered that means you didn't really read the answer. Amy gave you a huge amount of info and a link to tons more. Please honor her helpfulness by reading it, using it, and thanking her for her efforts.

God Bless you
Was Benjamin Blackstone 1699 married twice or was the two born around the same time. Thanks for helping

first, did you check this link she gave you?

second, what 2 born at the same time?

I see a Benjamin Blackstone 1699 New Hampshire married Sarah Rollins moved to Maine this Benjamin Blackstone we working on married a lady name Mehitable Hunt was he married twice or was they two Benjamin Blackstone's born 1699?  Thanks for helping
you mean this one born in 1720?

Sometimes things get crossed up.
Blackstone-42 has Benjamin Blackstone born 1699 needs to be 1720 he was the one you just shared they have his birthdate off. I just didn't want to merge. Thanks for sharing this information.
ok, that link would have been really handy in the previous question. Sourced always trumps unsourced. The problem is getting the pieces to fit together. Sometimes fathers and sons or uncles and nephews get mixed up. You need to study the sources from both locations and see how they fit together. That is how we improve the tree. The one I gave you does have a source if you look however. And the fun is puzzling it all out.
I believe Blackstone-42. May need to be removed the parents of Blackstone-42 is who the parents is of Benjamin Blackstone born 1699  the thing is they have his birth 1699 the one that married Sarah Rollin was born 1720's married in 1764, the one I'm working on Benjamin Blackstone 1699 married 1724 to Mehitable Hunt. How would you handle this just go on and do my merge being he was born 1699 makes it pre1700 project and I don't want everyone raising cain you know what I mean. I see what needs to be done but it may upset someone. I hope I'm explaining this correctly. these Blackstone are something else. Lol .Thanks for helping
I added 2 sources to Blackstone-706. one of them was actually put as Blackston with no E. Double check them, change if needed. Sources sometimes don't get the name 100% correct or year of birth is off on a census by a year or 2.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Steven Tibbetts for all the help, I added notes so the managers will see them I will check back at a later time to see if they checked before I change anything. Have a Great Day!!
Hello Donnie  Blackstone  I went to our genealogy center the other day and found something on the Blackstone's but I found it in a book called "Maryland Genealogies" and they spelled their name Blakiston and toward the end it did say "The Blackstone Family of Maryland" and I counted 11 pages of letter size, but they are doubled so that is 21 pages altogether. And the first person that they talk about is the Rev. Marmaduke Blakiston of Newton Hall,  5th son of John Blakiston of Blakiston by his first wife , Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir George Bowes of Dalden  and Streatham, Kent. He was Vicar of Woodborne, Rector of Redmarshall in 1585, Rector of Sedgefield in 1599, and was buried at St. Margaret's Crossgate, 3 Sept. 1639.  Well now that you know what might be in this, This could be very valuable to you and your research. I can see what else they may have, but if you want this, Would you send me your address so that I can put this in the mail.  There is a Nathaniel Blakiston that became governor of Maryland in 1698. There are so many names in this that I can't begin to tell you but I am sure you should read this.  So just let me know where to mail this and I will keep looking for others info at the genealogy center.  Nancy
Nancy I sent my address private. at my place of work. Thanks for helping on the Blackstone family
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rootsearch you log in with wikitree and then often you can glean sources from familysearch. You will have to make a free account there though. Not everything displayed in the search will be the correct person. But the more you know, the more you can find. Like clues in a mystery case.

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