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I received lots of good feedback on the proposed Korean Naming Convention in Wikitree.   I decided to take it for a drive by using the Joseon Monarchs in Korea, which already had profiles but the names were a hodgepodge and had no consistent format.  See [[Space:Joseon Dynasty Monarchs]].  It worked very well but I did have to add some additional sections in the biographies to cover their Posthumous Names and Temple Names. This is now documented in the naming convention. No new policies were needed.  So, all 17 generations of the Josoen Monarchs from 1544-1910 are complete.  I could not go back any further because I needed pre-1500 Certification.  The new Korean names are giving lots of errors since Wikitree doesn't know that these are real names.  I also had to add a few categories to the Korea Category to distinguish between Joseon Dynasty, Korea under Japanese Rule, South Korea, and North Korea.  While I was at it, I added the categories for the Provinces.  There have been many Korean Profiles created from Wikipedia that need to be cleaned up and categorized.       

I have looked at Japanese and Chinese profiles but don't know enough yet to determine whether there would be differences for those languages/countries.   A few Korean profiles are both Korean and Japanese during the period that Japan occupied Korea.  The naming convention worked there.  

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Am I reading that correctly that the suggestion is to use romanised names? The general WikiTree policy is to use their conventions instead of ours, which includes using the original alphabet.

No.  Profiles can be in multiple languages. The  profile doesn't have to be in English, but if it is, then this convention would be used.  The profiles don't have to be in the original languages.  They should be in an accepted romantization of the original language.
Sorry, I meant in the name fields, not the biography. The name fields should always be in the original language and alphabet. Biographies are much more flexible.
There is a language button below the Suffix field.  It is my interpretation that if English is selected, the fields would be filled in using English.  If Korean is selected , the fields would be filled in using Korea characters.  I know selecting English brings up the English field for locations, while selecting Korean brings up the Korean characters for location.  I would think that if the biography is in English, the fields would be in English, too.  Same for Korean.  

The Korean profiles that were populated from Wikipedia are either using English or Korea or sometimes Japanese Wikipedia pages.  The automatic import from Wikipedia put a jumble of English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese characters in the name and location fields that made the profiles difficult to read.
It is my understanding that the language button is (currently) used only for the place standardization feature. It doesn't affect name fields in any way.

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