WHY is CRI Genetics NOT listed as a contributor here. Thanks.

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Any new opinions on CRI?

It appears that they still do not supply raw data, but that they give both y and mtdna haplogroups in their reports

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Could you please provide a link to their website?

I am unable to determine which company you are speaking of. Thanks.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
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It looks as though they don’t offer matching. Would there be any purpose in registering here that you have tested with them?
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)
Thank you Lynda.  I am such a newbie, I am not sure.  Also, I do not know what "matching" means.  I have my reports, but I am unsure of some of the terminology.  I AM willing to share any of the information from the reports, however.  Again, my thanks.
DNA matches are those that you share significant segments of DNA with, suggesting that you have common ancestors. I could not see any information about that on there website.

CRI has come up in discussion before; don't remember if it was here or elsewhere. They're a very new and very small company: about 18 months old and with only four full-time employees. They don't do their own lab testing, but they don't disclose who processes it for them. The lab results and raw data are very likely perfectly fine, because I imagine a lab like FTDNA's is actually running the samples. I can't comment about whatever after-processing analysis or ethnicity genotyping they do. If the raw data can be downloaded--and I have no idea if it can--there's a very high probability that it can be uploaded to GEDmatch and used there for comparisons and matching. There really are only two types of microarray chips in use for commercial autosomal testing, both manufactured by Illumina, so the raw data is almost certainly from one of those bead chips. The Better Business Bureau profile for CRI Genetics can be found here.

Thank you Edison.  I have, now, been notified by CRIgenetics that my yDNA  was unable to be analyzed thoroughly, and they are reimbursing me the charges for that (see the quote below from the email sent to me).  I am now considering a new DNA test and I would appreciate guidance here as to the best vendor to use (i.e. 23andme, Ancestry, etc.).  Thanks.


Based on your DNA specimen, we got a limited Y Chromosomes. As a result, your YDNA (Paternal Haplo). It means that the Y Chromosomes from your DNA specimen is not enough to perform genetic comparison and not enough for us to make a convincing report. It was a rare occurrence but it happens to some people. Either the Y Chromosomes are lower or higher than normal to perform accurate DNA testing.

Hello Richard, The best vender for DNA testing is Family Tree DNA because (besides autosomal DNA and X-DNA) they also offer Y-DNA and mtDNA testing.  They store your DNA sample which allows for additional testing and they have a telephone customer service.
Ancestry have the largest database so if you are interested in autosomal matching it is more cost effective to start with them and upload the results to FTDNA. You can do the Y-DNA and mtDNA subsequently by submitting a sample to FTDNA if you are interested in those results too.

For a selection of views on the "best" DNA test to take you could look at the recent discussion on https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/638851/dna-testing-recommendation?show=638851#q638851

Everybody has their own opinion and different experiences, but that discussion includes a number of useful points to consider.

Thank you very much Paul.
Thank you Ms Lynda..............
Thank you Peter..........
I am also new to DNA testing and have completed a CRI Genetics test within the last month.  I requested my raw data file, but they would not give it to me due to the way they test.  They don't want their algorithms, which are their own way of testing, to be out there on the web.  Is there a way I can place my information on Wiki without taking another test?  All the companies need to get together and use the same algorithms, so we don't have to subscribe to websites and take individual tests.  Isn't this what the Wiki tree is for - to come together as one unit, as one tree and one DNA place to match????
Renee:  After my experience with CRI Genetics, 2 years ago, I dropped them, as they were not cooperative with any raw data.  I DID spend some additional money and tested with FTDNA, and I have been very satisfied.  Regarding WikiTree, you can still join, as it is FREE.  However, you, like me, may need to take further steps if you desire "transferable" DNA testing/sharing.  I hope this helps you.
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Apparently this company offers autosomal DNA and Y-DNA tests.

If you have done a CRI Genetics DNA test, you could add it here as an "Other DNA test."
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Ellen, thank you.  I THINK that I have already listed my DNA test as "other", but I am unsure about how to fully complete the information form; as I am a "rookie" here with this stuff.  I DO have my printed reports, and I am willing to share all the information.
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If you are able to save a raw data file from CRI Genetics (not your printed reports) it might be possible to upload that to https://genesis.gedmatch.com I've had a look and it doesn't name your company in the help instructions, but might it might work as a generic upload. You should contact the company directly to find out if you can get a raw data file from them.

Having your data in Gedmatch would allow people to compare their DNA to yours: it allows people to see a list of other people whose DNA matches their own and approximately how distantly they would be related (based on the amount and size of the shared chunks) for the purposes of checking the accuracy of their family tree or finding other researchers.

Once you get your yDNA done again, that will give you a haplogroup type which you can type into Wikitree without uploading anything anywhere.
by Kathleen Cobcroft G2G6 Mach 8 (83.0k points)
From the info Richard included, it appears that he may have only taken a yDNA test.  Those results would not be uploadable to GEDmatch.
I second the suggestion to ask for a raw data download. I'm reading a lot into the sparse description on the website, but I think it's possible that they are using the GPS array developed by Eran Elhaik.

If you are able to obtain your raw data, I could take a look at it and see if the SNP selection is suitable for matching at GEDmatch Genesis. Email me DNACousins@gmail.com.
Thanks for that, Ann! I didn't even consider it might be Eran's GenoChip. Do you think the processing lab would have been Helix, then, or is someone else using it commercially? I'm learnin' stuff here....

Kathleen or others:  I am now considering a new DNA test and I would appreciate guidance here as to the best vendor to use (i.e. 23andme, Ancestry, etc.).  I want to make sure that all the data is supplied this time.  Thanks.

The processing lab would not be Helix, which does exome sequencing. They do call their product Exome+ because they include some mtDNA, Y, and enough autosomal SNPs for the Genographic Project to do geographic origins (about 178,000 SNPs with lots of no-calls in my results).

If it is in fact the GPS chip, another possibility would be outsourcing to HomeDNA


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