Can we put a hold on creating more categories for Ireland place names? [closed]

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I was trying to test Ireland categories discussed by Irene Dillon and I in the categories project.  Someone has done a lot of work since Xmas, that's great, but it has been set up inconsistently with what we were thinking and may cause some problems for categories down the track (we are trying to learn from the US place names issues).  I think the Irish roots google group is where this discussion should be had.  I am posting here so that we can perhaps put a hold on creating too many more 'place name' categories for Ireland until we can get a group consensus with the project and also the categories group about what will work best down the track.
closed with the note: Resolved in 2014
in Policy and Style by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
closed by Veronica Williams

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Hi Veronica,

I'm looking forward to your input in the Irish Roots Google group.

All the best

by Billy Wallace G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
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I have seen very little activity on google groups.  In fact, this posting is a case in point as the subject is brought up here but not in the google group.  Also, you reference categories discussed by Irene Dillon.  Is there a link to that discussion you could provide to give some context?  Thanks!
by Thom Anderson G2G6 Mach 4 (47.2k points)
This was resolved a long time ago and discussed in whatever forum we had back in 2014.  I think the question should be closed.
Do you have a link to the resolution?  Just to be clear, the questions was "Can we put a hold on creating more categories for Ireland place names?"  and by implication you are saying that there should be no hold.  If there is no link available, possibly you can adumbrate what was resolved.  Thanks!
I don't have a link and as I said before it was in some email group at the time.  The place categories as they stand now resulted from the discussion, as I recall.  It's 4 years ago and there would be no benefit in revisiting the old discussion now, in my opinion.
Well, given that not ALL places have been categorized, it might be premature to close this question.  The author references work done recently and claims it was done incorrectly.  Closing the question G2G is fine . . . as it would be best to take this up in the Google Group for Irish Roots but I dare say the author is correct in recommending discussion - even if just to bring us newbies up to speed.

You realize, Thom, you're arguing with "the author" about what "the author" wants? And "the author" is telling you she asked the question 4 years ago, and that it was resolved 4 years ago? This isn't recent work.

If you're interested in checking out the adumbration, look here:



Well of course I am aware that the author is Veronica and the use of the third person was to direct the message to others with the use of the reply button seemingly to the contrary notwithstanding.
Oh good! One is glad that the commenter and the author and the reader are engaging in such productive and mutually comprehensible interlocution!
I'll drink to that!  . . . and thanks for all the links.
No problem.

:) what time is it ... I might start that drinking now!

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