Is there or can there be created a poppy motif that can be used in profiles?

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For those KIA or  who served in a theatre of war, can a poppy be linked to display in a prominent position on their profile.

If there is already the facility to do this - can it be made simple to just link a poppy to a profile?  Or can instructions on how to do this be added to the right hand link help?
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Terry Wright made one that many of us have been using. (Terry's such a whiz kid!)  You can find it on any of the Vietnam POW profiles right below Military Service. It's easier if you just let me copy and paste it somewhere on a profile for you and then you can use it wherever you want. It won't copy-paste here; so I may have gotten something wrong below, but this is what it's like. It's lovely because it acts as a visual divider and draws your eye to that line.






<div style="padding-bottom:5px;text-align:center;border-bottom:3px solid Red;"><br /></div>
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I include the Canadian Flag gif on my veteran profiles.  You could link to the poppy on the Roll of Honor page just as well.  I did a sample up for you.

You can also set  this as the primary picture so it's in the thumbnail or set it as background.  The directions are here:
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You could use this:

{{Roll of Honor

|category=Killed in Action, United States of America, United States Civil War


|country=United States of America

|description=Killed in Action

|war=United States Civil War}}
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Buck-4860.jpg is a poppy motif.
That looks like the source image for the ones on the roll of honor page.  

The search engine in wkitree will turn up several more.
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As mentioned, the Roll of Honor has a small poppy image the Veteren Recognition page ( has a larger poppy and some other insignias.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (556k points)
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I've used this one several times, Sez: 


You can adjust the size of the poppy in the 40px.  Replace the double question marks with 'center' or 'left', etc.

Alternatively, use this one on Stickers:  Military_Badges_and_Insignia-1.jpg



by Kenneth Evans G2G6 Pilot (258k points)
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 - hi  Sez Ward  , - here is an example of how I use a poppy = = it is Terry's poppy - - cheers - ja

by John Andrewartha G2G6 Pilot (118k points)

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