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I am currently adding family profiles for the well known and loved Kiwi Game Show host, Selwyn Toogood, who invented a new game show in 1946 and was the host of that show for some 40 years!!

The Game Show was called "It's in the Bag" and contestants competed in bidding or outbidding the host for the money or the bag. At least I think that's how it worked. I was not a big fan and I seldom watched the show.

Anyway, I cannot seem to find a category for TV GAME SHOW HOSTS,

I have looked in all the TV categories for NZ and also under the occupations - but they generally have TV broadcasters (I assume these are news anchors and news readers)  and TV journalists.

Can someone please find this category for me, or create a new one if it does not currently exist?

Thank you

Robynne Lozier

WikiTree profile: Selwyn Toogood
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You can just write [[Category: TV Game Show Hosts, New Zealand]] on the profile, and he'll be in the category.

Unless you have the urge to write something about the category, don't bother creating a text page for it.  Then you can leave it to the project to decide what parent category to put it under.

THat did not work. I got a BIG RED Banner at the top of the profile that said this -

Warning: Check the data.
  1. Category problems were found. You can add a category by clicking the category button category button, entering text, and selecting the category name.
    • Category "TV_Game_Show_Hosts,_New_Zealand" does not exist.
You can't use the doo-hickey category thingy.  You have to type in the category manually above the Biography.  You will still get the category in red unless you click on it and create it.

I just question the purpose of a NZ game show hosts category.  What purpose is there in grouping such people?  I would make it broader to something like television personalities.  But that still is not genealogically significant, I don't think.
I can agree to televeision personalities

Being on TV in front of a camera IS an occupation!!

And I would like to add 2 words. Alex Trebek. (profile currently unlisted but the PM is the Notables project)

If someone can tell me what Categories Alex Trebek is in, then I can put Selwyn Toogood into those same categories since Alex and Selwyn both had (have) the same occupation.
Selwyn Toogood started on the commercial radio in the 1950s, or earlier, with a Quiz show, then later transferred his Quiz show to TV, keeping the same name for that programme.   I think it was  Lever Bros. sponsorship, featuring Rinso soap powder.   John Mayberry(?sp) had a rival quiz show on radio, I think his product was Persil soap powder.

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In addition to the bits I've added, the category of "Television_Announcers_and_Presenters" was added. Created this when I was connecting Bear Grylls to the tree. (Also added New Zealand Entertainers to Selwyn's profile)

I was considering a game show host category, but with considering the low number of them on wikitree anyway...
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
selected by Robynne Lozier
Thank you so much Richard!!!  I really appreciate those additions!!
I had also tried to find out what unit he was a part of during his service but haven't been able to definitively have an answer

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