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closed with the note: Weekend event now over
in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
closed by Robynne Lozier
Thank you, Robynne, for hosting the chat this weekend! We appreciate you.

Thanks David and Robynee, just trying to help. Team Work! wink 

Thanks for hosting today! =D Keep up the good work!
Dorothy you are one of the BEST!  Hugs!  Hope you have no more water problems.  Stay dray and cool!
Laura, So far so good, new water heater, new pipes in shower... now to keep the air conditioner working, we will make it through the summer. My dog, not so much. "Dog days" of summer, lazy pouch!!!!

Reminder, if you would like to host a chat, read more about it here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Weekend_Chat

We have had some fantastic hosts so far!!!

(Added the link up top too, in the heading).

Yes thank you Robynne for hosting the Blazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Its now midnight - eastern time - about to move into saturday 14th - I'm heading to bed.

It is already bastille day in France!!
Thanks Robynne, Great job!

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Tomorrow - 14 July 2018 - is Bastille day in France.

Here is Laura Bozzays quiz for Bastille Day.


France    Bastille  Day   

1,    What  is  the  formal  name  of  Bastille  Day?       

2.    What  does  it  commemorate?     

3.    Where  is  the  oldest  and  largest  European  military  parade  in  Europe  held  on   this  day?     

4.    When  was  July  14  declared  to  be  a  national  holiday?     

5.    One  year  after  Bastille  Day  another  event  took  place.    What  was  it?     

6.    What  triggered  the  original  uprising?   

7.    What  was  the  slogan  of  the  French  Revolution?     

8.    Statues  of  a  woman  wearing  a  Phrygian  cap  became  common  place  during  the  18th   Century.  She  represented  Liberty.    What  name  was  given  to  her?     

9.    What  song  is  associated  with  the  French  Revolution?     

10.    What  are  the  3  colors  of  the  French  flag?   

Answers can be found in the below dropbox - I hope I get this link right.


by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Thanks for all the great puzzle Robynne.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

I just love Laura's puzzles. Thank you for hosting Robynne!
Thanks everyone and Happy Bastille Day!
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Today is....


Each year on July 13, many people will participate in National French Fry Day by enjoying one of the many varieties of the classic food.

French fries, also known as chips, fries, finger chips or French-fried potatoes, are batons of deep-fried potatoes and are common fixtures at fast food restaurants that are loved by adults and kids alike!

A wide selection of condiments such as ketchup, ranch dressing, vinegar, mayonnaise, honey mustard, cheese and many more compliment French fries. Sweet potatoes make an alternate, healthier offering of fries found on menus around the country.  Other varieties are baked and come in unusual shapes such as curls, waffles, crinkle or tornado cut. 

The expression “French Fried Potatoes” first occurs in print in English in the 1856 work Cookery for Maids of All Work by E. Warren.

It is believed by some that the term “French” was introduced to the potatoes when the American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I and consequently tasted Belgian fries.  It is suggested that they called them “French” as it was the official language of the Belgian Army at that time.


McDonalds is born!

The first McDonald's opens in San Bernadino, California selling hamburgers, sodas, milkshakes, and French fries


French Fries hit America

Recipe for "French Fried Potatoes" included in "Cookery for Maids of All Work" by E. Warren


Ye Olde French Fries are served

Thomas Jefferson serves "potatoes served in the French manner" at a White House dinner


To celebrate National French Fry Day, share some French fries with your friends and have them seasoned, cut and shaped how you like them!

Also check your favorite burger places on line, you might get a free order of fries. 




by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
French Fry day on the day before Bastille day makes perfectly good sense to me!!  LOL

French Fry Day = Bastille Day!  Coincidence?  Hmmm.  cool

Hi Herbert.

You are here. Now the FUN can start!!

Don't forget Ice Cream Day on Sunday wink

Steve: Got it saved for Sunday, but I want some now lol!!!
I like mine with Yellow Mustard.  Today is also Friday the 13th which has a tie in to French History as it was the day that the French King Philip IV moved on the KnightsTemplar.

I usually slather my fries with Worcestershire sauce!!!!

Cannot stand vinegar on fries - but worcestershire sauce - YUMMY!!!!
One of these days I want to try poutine. Fries, gravy and cheese kurds.
My boys LOVE their poutine. We have to buy it on a regular basis.

I personally cant stand it myself, but I never grew up with it.
It seems to be a favorite among convention goers I know. Whenever they go to Con Bravo in Toronto they always need to have poutine.
Yellow mustard is good. Sometimes dipped in both.

I do miss poutine. I should make some to celebrate!
Ketchup with my fries please.  And don't forget the salt.

I agree with Nicole Duchesne. I grew up with French Fries. We always had it with hamburgers and hot dogs especially on birthdays.

Thanks again Dorothy for a marvelous National Day which you have every time Dorothy.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Hi Dorothy. French Fries - one of my favorite foods!
Yes, what a great day...I love french fries.
+14 votes
Not much has changed for me this week. I did manage to open up some profiles that were Unlisted recently and even added a couple of profiles to help connect them, eventually. Other than that my "work" on WikiTree has been to reduce my watchlist, do at least minor edits and attempt to be sure that all the profiles I manage are no more restricted than the Green privacy setting, whenever I can. Sadly that last task may not be completed in my lifetime due to the Unlisted profiles I am stuck with. For those of you who may worry, I have no big plans this weekend. I have done all the shopping I really need to do until next week and my only plans are to attend a picnic on Sunday at noon. We might do the laundry tomorrow but other than that it is only working on WikiTree and watching TV for me this weekend.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Hello Dale,

You can catch up on the weekend chat during the ad breaks on TV. LOL

Welcome to the weekend chat.
What breaks? We mostly watch Netflix any more.
DUH. Of course. Silly me . Sorry!!!!  LOL

You do get some very long credit streams on Netflix so you could catch up then smiley

Doug, on my Netflix I get only about 10 seconds before it starts the next show.
I guess I've been watching too much of the Netflix produced shows that have dubbing in a billion languages. Sometimes it feels like the credits take as long as the show.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Have fun at the picnic Dale!
Dale how big is your calendar?  You are always busy!  That is great!
Laura, My calendar is pretty large but it is also long. Just today I found out I have plans for April 27th and 28th of 2019. The Maple Festival Committee wants our Ham Club back next year.
It is good that you keep busy.  Just make sure you have some time to decompress and recharge!

Lately I feel like a hamster on a wheel.  I am looking forward to getting off the wheel.
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Hi Robynne, thanks for hosting!

Greetings, WT cousins,

Not much new here.  Lurking about G2G, looking for interesting detective work, poking my nose into some rabbit holes without deep diving any.  Our monsoon has come at last.  The last two afternoons brought headlights-on, slow-down-on-the-interstate downpours, with more to come.  Woohoo!

Now some of you wrinkled your noses at last week's origami, so today we return to safe territory.  Let's have no more talk of sheets and fans, OK?



by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (776k points)
That is so cool! I can never make anything with origami (admittedly, I get frustrated easily and end up throwing things, lol!)
Thanks Kay and E!

E, look up Jo Nakashima on YouTube.  His tutorials are terrific, and cover a wide range of difficulty.  The French Bulldog above is one of his.
At least it isn't <censored>


Cool kangaroo. =D

Thanks, Chris! 

'Kangaroo,' OK, sure.  wink

It's a kangaroo!

....I hope.
Hey cuz, nice looking kangaroo.
Thanks, Nicole!

I agree with everyone on this chat and it is a kangaroo and a very good one.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

What a great Kangaroo Herbert - thanks!
Thanks, Linda and Mindy!
+14 votes

My mothers DNA sample is currently being processed at the My Heritage labs in Texas. It is a slow process to be twiddling my thumbs while I wait for the results.

In the meantime I went looking for a Kiwi notable who was not yet in wiktree, one who had already passed and will not be unlisted, and I found the Host of the popular TV game show, called Its in the Bag. His name was Selwyn Toogood and I was lucky to fnd that his grandparents were already on wikitree, so I am making as many profiles for this large family as possible, So that they can all be connected by tomorrow.


This also made me late for opening the chat for which I profusely and most humbly apologise!!

My family chat is due in 4 and a half hours. I think my mother will be away today - she has a patchwork do on. She loves her patchwork. So hopefully my sister and I will be chatting.

by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Family chat now done. My mother was there for half the chat - she rushed away to go attend her patchwork do half way through - but thats OK. She got to see and speak to us, which keeps her happy for another week.

My sister has to work longer hours this week to cover the boss who is away on a post graduate course.

I was telling my sister about the Selwyn Toogood profile and family that I am currently working on. This family uses a lot of maiden names as middle names.

We commiserated over the major hassles my nephew had had to deal with in school since he has mine and my sisters maiden surname as his middle name.

By the time my nephew started school, my sister was divorced and had gone back to using her maiden name so that the school also eventually began calling my nephew by his middle name and not by his surname.

Just one of the problems of being a divorced mother using your maiden name which hapepns to be different from your kids surnames.

A problem long gone since my nephew is now aged in his 30s and not in any hurry to get married.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

It is great that you get to do this weekly.  Technology really helps to make the world a smaller place!
+18 votes


1. Stickers and templates are a great way to add some flair to a profile.  There are all kinds of stickers and templates.   Some templates are being phased out ad replaced with stickers.  You can find the list of available stickers here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Stickers     and the higher category of templates can be found here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Templates

2.  Need help understanding the hierarchy of categorization?  Take a look at this help page:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Categories and there are versions of this page in other languages. 

3.  Adding images to profiles is a great way to bring a visual dimension to the profile.  While on the profile, click the tab that says Images.  The image has to be JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF format and be 10MB or less.  It cannot be a copyrighted image. 

4.  You can add the same image to multiple profiles.  Click on the image after you have uploaded it.  Then scroll down to see the box that lists the profiles on your watchlist.  Select the ones you want the image to display on.  

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (854k points)
edited by Anthony McCabe
Thanks Laura. Sorry. I forgot about those.
Definitely agree they add flair to a profile, though I admit I usually forget them/don't understand them! Also, adding tags is helpful as well!
((Hope you don't mind Laura I fixed some spelling))
I wonder how many stickers you can add to one person and have it still make sense.

Either way the stickers are cool. =D I use 'em all the time.
No problem.  Thanks for fixing any typos.  I did use spell check but sometimes there are multiple versions in it for a word.  And it can miss an incorrect use like there for their.  So I appreciate any fixes.  

Robynne, I became available around 18 minutes after the hour and I know how many pieces you have to do when bringing up the chat.  So no worries.  You did a great job!  

Thanks so much for hosting.  I will be off list again for several hours will check in and out as I can.today.
Psst Chris.

Can you give me the link of where to find the host chat stickers. I cant seem to find my link...
I'll do ya one better. Here's my code: {{Weekend Chat|March 23, 2018-March 25, 2018; May 25, 2018-May 27, 2018}}

All you have to do is copy it and change the dates.
Cool. Thanks Chris!!!!
No problem!

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Also as usual  great and marvelous tips Laura.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Great tips Laura, as always! I love using the stickers and categories on my profiles. There are some great stickers on the list smiley

Laura, your tips are always great...
Glad you like the tips.  There is always so much going on in WikiTree and new things to learn.  If any of you have any tips you want to share I am very open to you posting them!
+16 votes
Hails and horns!  What is up? Not much here I *drops a link*


Whoops! How...How did that get there?! That's right. Scott and I finished up Steve Ditko's tree and it looks great. Still need to make one for Jack Kirby one of these days. I'll find the time. I swear I will. Not enough hours in the day.

I could cheat and copy Wikipedia but eh...no. Y'all would be on my case. =)

In other news, I made a tentative list of all my cousins on MS word so I can keep track of who is who and who our common ancestors are. I started with my first cousins, then my dad's cousins and then my mom's. It just exploded from there. Weird thing is I have yet to find a fifth cousin. I have cousins up to fourth. Then it skips to 6th and beyond.

I should probably turn this into a tip somehow. I always do. Let me see...

When you are trying to figure out how you are related to a 3rd or fourth cousin and beyond, look for records and ask the match questions. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Also, when you find a match and the person has wrong info break it down gently. Please. Details in this thread: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/643164/hannah-leonard-or-lorance

Same lady called me a "Great find" I didn't know I was that rare. Have a great chat, everyone!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (803k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
Cool. There's a free version. =D
Thank you to you and Scott for doing the profiles for Steve Ditko!
Stan just tweeted this: https://twitter.com/TheRealStanLee/status/1017862839623708672

So many feels. EXCELSIOR!

Great find Chris. and tip.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Nice work on the profile Chris, as usual. Yep we would lol... no copy and paste allowed.

Hmm, gives you another goal. I hope you find those fifth cousins. I use a spreadsheet also, for those I've contacted, and who I think might be our MRCA (or who is). It helps a lot when I wait a while to start contacting others again. My memory just isn't what it used to be ;)

The only time I ever copy/pasted a bio from Wikipedia was when I cleaned up Peter Tufts profile and that's because I was out the door:


I forget where we were heading. My mom, by the way, went to Tufts University. I told her about our connection to this guy and she wondered if she could've gotten free tuition. If only it were that simple.

I haven't had the chance to put Peter's profile in my own words. Been kind of busy.

I am sure fifth cousins are out there. It's just weird how it jumps a generation. Perhaps the people I can't find the connection to ARE fifth cousins and it's been under my nose this whole time. Time will tell.

I suppose using a spreadsheet would be better.  Probably neater than the tables on MS word. I still dunno if I got all of my mom's cousins' kids and in some cases their kids. Gonna have to poke some people on book of Face. =)
I like to organize things, so spreadsheets are a must for me. I'm sure those cousins are out there... I have no doubt you'll find them. Have fun poking lol
Thanks! =D Ancestry and other sites help but sometimes you gotta canvass your relatives. =D
This is something I do with my adoptees to make sense out of the matches.  I posted the write up in the same folder where I post the puzzles.  It is called GedMatch reports I use


The report is called GedMatch Reports I run for adoption research

You can use this for your own families.  I wrote it for helping my adoptees know what I am doing.
Definitely check that out. =D
+16 votes

Hello Wikitreers,

Well good news is upon us. This past week after obtaining the results of my DNA through the help of many I been able to help narrow down a few relatives. Laura Bozzay was a gem in helping search down relatives. And I greatly appreciate the long talk we had on the phone. I didn't know I had the gift for long conversations. My Adopted mother claims she cant get me to talk more than 30 minutes while me and Laura talked 1 hour 39 minutes and 24 Seconds devil

So for the good news through the research of Laura along with assistance from many on wikitree along with questions I asked on G2G. I been able to establish more information. I want to thank specifically Herbert Tardy and Rubén Hernández for collaborating with me on the mother or Peter Joseph McCabe. Although it not concrete information it helped rule out some other theories.

So far I have been in contact with 3 relatives with a 4th one I just emailed today. Who lives in the general vicinity. They do research on Find A Grave and seems to be an descendant of my 4 time grandfather Nicholas McCabe

This week here where I live we have had a couple beautiful days. I had the opportunity to get out everyday this week. Today the humidity has came back which now makes it almost unbearable outside. It is currently 82 but the feel like temperature is 92. Although at night it's been getting cool outside. Perhaps tonight I can turn off the AC as it's going down to 63

As for wikitree I feel like I been slacking with my projects I involved with. I may have to weed out some. 

Sunday is National Ice Cream day so make sure you go out to your favorite Ice Cream place and enjoy at-least a dip

Well till next time be safe

by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (390k points)

I been getting emails from relatives the last bit and maybe I been researching the completely wrong line. Some names are lining up but not all :| This might be the end to 8 years of research all in 1 day crying

Steve, don't stress man. Take a deep breath. You're doing fine. Sometimes corrections have to be made. It happens.

Sending ya a quick message, Laura.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Congrats on narrowing down those relatives Steve. Laura is a gem, isn't she? I hear you on that heat and humidity. It's been such a problem here in Kentucky. Makes it hard to get outside and do yard work, unless you do it early or late in the day.

@Chris I'll take steak and Potatoes on the grill. And with a side being a large cup of beer yes

Imported or the swill we call "domestic"? =)

Just remember. The more German sounding the beer's name is it's better. Never been fond of beer to be honest.
Well if your buying. What do they say? Beggars can't be choosy. I don't drink beer very often. Actually very rare. But now and than it good on top of dinner.
Yeah. I'll drink a Sam Adams or something. Beggars can't indeed be choosers. =D Cheers! We'll get a cold one for ya.
Since I am allergic to beer and wine (yeah I know a real bummer) but I can be the designated driver! And I make fun appetizers!
Not like I'll be drinking that much anyway,
+13 votes

Beautiful sunny day here in southeast Texas! Currently spending the morning hanging around WikiTree and enjoying the air conditioning before I head outside this afternoon to work on mowing the yard, repainting the chicken coop and installing a few new lights around the house.

To combat Dorothy's answer (just because I am trying to stay away from carbs these days), today is also:

National Beans 'N' Franks Day!


Also known as “beanie weenies” both dishes are similar to pork ‘n’ beans, but substitute hot dogs or frankfurters for the pork. 

  • Dating back to the civil war, bake beans emerged as one of the very first canned convenience foods.  
  • It is unknown who originally added franks to beans.
  • Van Camp’s owns the Beanie Weenies name.
  • Other brands are sold under alternative names such as Franks & Beans.
  • Typical ingredients include: baked beans, skinless hot dogs, brown sugar, onion, mustard, BBQ sauce and spices.
  • There are a variety of beans ‘n’ franks recipes found around the world.

For those who are interested, July 14th is National Nude Day...

This day in History:

  • First World Cup (1930) - France defeats Mexico 4-1 and the United States defeats Belgium 3-0 in the first-ever World Cup football matches, played simultaneously in host city Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Kennedy Nominated for Presidency (1960) - Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts is nominated for the presidency by the Democratic Party Convention, defeating Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas.
  • Ghost in Theaters (1990) - Romantic-thriller Ghost, starring Demi Moore (unlisted) , Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg (unlisted), opens in theaters across the United States.
by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (774k points)
Thanks for sharing Steven!! Making me hungry again!!!!!
I have been hungry all morning, this low carb diet will be the death of me!!
Did not have beans and franks today for lunch, instead, we had hot dogs smothered in sharp cheddar cheese and sauteed onions and sweet peppers, honey BBQ chips and fresh strawberries and blueberries.
Steve! Brother! Don’t I know it!?! Low carb is killer diet. (Bit it makes cheating so much more fun!)

Ditto to everyone on this chat. Also Thanks Steven for the National Day.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

I love all the special days!  And I love how everyone gets into the spirit!  

Thanks everyone for sharing and Dorothy for starting such a wonderful tradition!
+14 votes

Welcome to the weekend.

It's still summer. It's still hot. It's still muggy. Oh boy, almost time to boil water for 3 or 4 hours to can some tomatoes!

I've been diverging down a slew of different rabbit holes and traveling between Virginia and New York researching my husband's and my families. I finally finished profiles for 20 of Billy's children and need to find some sources for that elusive one behind the family stories that there were 21. The Revolutionary War pension applications are tempting me down another whole set of paths...

My big find of the week was a will probate. Not so much of itself but there is a sworn statement to the Surrogate court that my gg grandmother (by maiden name) is married to my gg grandfather. That supports other evidence that they were married; have not yet found any marriage record.

I keep finding reasons to put off researching the Reed family, such a common name. I keep hoping my cousins might find that elusive source record that pulls it all together.

by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (623k points)
Oh no, Kay! You’ve got Reeds, too?  Almost like Smith where I grew up. Got a possible Reed double descent that I can’t prove. Grrrr.
Lots of common names. I have Reed, Greene, Salsbury, Burk, Benedict when I need a break from my husband’s Knight, Jeter and Mitchell.
Me, too, Kay. I have one and only one distinct line, Lawing. As far as I can tell, there’s only one Lawing family in the whole USA. Several disconnected ones on WikiTree. Eventually, we’ll get them all connected.

And I’m not ready to tackle creating profiles for my wife’s lines. Too much to do with my own right now.

Ditto to what everyone said here.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Hot and muggy here as well Kay. Luckily, this year we aren't canning as much as we usually do. Congrats on finishing those profiles! I still feel for that woman, how on earth did she manage?
A lot of marriages were not recorded or were in books that were thrown away (cringe) because they were old and no one in them was living...  

Common law marriages were binding and the laws pertaining to them vary by state.  So if nothing else you can use that as a proof of marriage.  

Post your brick walls here and in G2G and maybe someone will find that elusive clue!  Many hands working make the work light as the saying goes...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am pretty confident in the marriage; they are buried together and the children all lived and argued with each other, used names from both families for their children (thank you Heman!)  and were named in the childless uncle's probate. This is just one more piece of evidence. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cornish-379

I've already tried the church, but it wasn't formed until after they married, and her husband was an early member. I am visiting the area next month and might get some more clues. After that I do plan to post my real brick wall who was also an early church member, along with her brother.
+16 votes

Hey there, nobody saying anything about today being "Friday the 13th"!!!!


History in the making... 

This day and date has been traced back to King Philip IV of France arresting hundreds of Knights Templar on Friday 13 October 1307. See more here: 


The number 13 is also associated with Judas Iscariot, Christ’s betrayer, and is regarded as imperfect compared with 12, which represents the number of months in a year. 

In Spanish-speaking countries and in Greece, it is Tuesday the 13th that frightens people. In Italy, it is Friday the 17th.

In Italian popular culture, Friday the 17th (and not the 13th) is considered a day of bad luck.The origin of this belief could be traced in the writing of number 17, in Roman numerals: XVII. By shuffling the digits of the number one can easily get the word VIXI ("I have lived", implying death in the present), an omen of bad luck. In fact, in Italy, 13 is generally considered a lucky number. See more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th

Famous indicators of bad luck include a black cat crossing your path, breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors and saying the name of Shakespeare’s “Scottish play” in a theatre.

More about Friday the 13th here: 



How many of you kinda stay home on Friday the 13th when it comes around???? Got any bad luck stories associated with it, like maybe a parking or speeding ticket, the elevator not working especially to the 13th floor, the black cat going crazy cheeky; come on share with us!!

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry

Why did ya have to go and JINX us....


It's a state of mind... devil . As for me, here is my day so far: 

*Started having issues after I posted this, a black cat hid in the bushes when I went to walk the dog, and she just wanted to go after it. 

*Cut and pasting not really working well on WikiTree... (Full discourse however, its been that way since they updated the server.... )

*Also my internet went out four times since 11 am... Too hot for AT&T, I don't know lol. frown

But, tomorrow is another day, and I survived all the other Friday the 13th's, I am sure I will survive this one. PS: Not walking under any ladders though. wink

Hey, nobody offered up any music yet, so...

Jeff Beck

Thanks Herb!!!

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

13 is also a baker's dozen so there are some good things associated with the number... now, where are my cookies.....
+14 votes

Hello again, everyone!!

The 13th was definitely productive for me because I found a lot of family information in the hands of my great-aunt and it helped me smash through a wonderful brick wall or four!

Because its Friday 13th, I have a question! Are you superstitious? What about? If not, why?

by Amelia Utting G2G6 Pilot (213k points)

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Congrats Amy! It always feels good to break through those brick walls! I'm not superstitious, so it really wasn't a big deal for me to hit a Friday the 13th. I have a few friends that are though.
I think we make things happen unconsciously... self fulfilling prophecies.

So if you think bad things will happen you will look for them and find them.

If you look for luck you will find it.  It is all about where you put your focus.
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Last week was hot, hot, hot. Finally getting a break from it. We've settled into our summer routine and now go up into Rocky Mountain National Park twice a week for hiking and photography along with a little painting.

The farmer next door has done a major change. From what was just hay fields, he (actually his son) put in 80 acres of drip irrigated industrial hemp. We'll have to see how it affects my honey. Not sure how hemp will change the flavor.

Still slowly plugging away at killed in action soldiers and trying to put sources on family members of ancestors that someone else added.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (556k points)
It does seem to be a bit cooler this weekend, thank goodness. At least it is where I am.  Welcome to the chat, Doug.
Hi Doug, our son and oldest grandson are Honey Farmers (I guess that is the correct term for Beekeepers). Our son also has an Organic Produce Farm. The grandson is planning on hauling the hives to California to pollinate the crops out there.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

What a great summer activity Doug! I'll bet the paintings are wonderful. Good luck on those sources.
Thanks, Mindy. Not only pretty photographs and possibly paintings, it is almost 20 degrees (F) cooler up that high. We've been frequenting a meadow that is at a little above 10,000 feet (~3050 meters) and seeing how the plants/flowers change over the summer.
David, some beekeepers do go by "honey farmer" others go by "apiarist". I'm a hobbiest type and only have 4 hives and just say beekeepr.  They are easy to care for and fun to watch.
I love honey!  Get it from a local beekeeper (apiarist, honey farmer, and all around good guy!)  and it is yummy.

Yes it's hot, hot, hot here too. Today we finally got some rain here, near Kansas City... rain gauge only showed 1/8 inch but we'll take anything.    I was about to start watering shrubs and trees!   We only plant vegetation that can handle the normal climate  (OK, I'll admit I keep planting crepe myrtles that die back in the winter,  but can't help myself)... so it's pretty extreme when I water trees and shrubs.

I'm still working on Revolutionary War records while they're free..... Have found some fun surprises.
Native vegetation here is mostly grass. We are only planting things that grow in near desert conditons or, if they need water, they need to either feed us or the wildlife.

Those Rev War records contain a lot of interesting stuff. The War of 1812 do as well.
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Well this is strange. I discovered a distant cousin with the Byers surname. It is strange because it is a profile for that surname that I did not enter. To add even more mystery, her father was named Ray and was, as far as I can tell, an only child, so was my father. No it is not the same man, dates, parents, and locations are no match, and yes I checked. Sadly again as far as I can tell she and her siblings are long deceased but it felt strange just the same.


I think I need to work with her family a bit more soon.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Keep looking and I am sure you will find your answers.

Welcome to the weekend chat.
Don't really need answers Robynne, I am related to her thru the Maltby line. But her profile and the rest of her family does need some work. I just don't feel like working on them right now, I will get there eventually. At this time I have only some profiles on my watchlist that were edited in December before I can say all of the profiles I manage have been edited in 2018 and that is my short term goal.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

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Thank you Robynne for hosting and happy weekend to all and hello to all my cousins.  I had an exciting contact this past week from a cousin on the Doyle, Diel, Dyelle.. side of the family.  We are both excited to share information and in the process we get to know each other.  I think that is so cool.  So now i have my work cut out for me, well, kinda cut out cause those rabbit holes keep popping open.
by Nicole Boorse G2G6 Pilot (900k points)
Thank you, Nicole, for joining the chat this weekend. You never know what you will find down a rabbit hole! Best of luck with those brick walls.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

I hope you find treasures in those rabbit holes Nicole. Those pesky things just suck me in all the time!
I got an email from one of my cousins who lives in Germany.  We collaborated on the Koenig (and with umlat o) line.  She and her husband are taking a trip to see some friends and will be passing close to Urloffen where our mutual family are from.  So she is stopping to take some photos and see what else she can find.  Working with cousins is the best!
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This week I’ve enjoyed helping Jourdi with the 1927 Poplar Bluff, Missouri, tornado victim profiles. Not as quick as Eddie “the Super Profile” Maker King, but I created a few and found one already on WikiTree. A good distraction from doing my one-by-one gedcom profiles!

Tomorrow is my 28th wedding anniversary. Well, not just mine, but my wife’s, too! Got the gift, but can’t find a really good restaurant that has room for a reservation. Tourist season in the North Carolina mountains.

Tired this week at work (the plant nursery) and at work (home). If my kids had grown as fast as my grass, they’d have been out of college at age five! Lots of weeding in the front and three plants left to get in the ground. We’ve decided that the beauty of mulch isn’t worth all the upkeep. Replacing wih rock!

I’ve got to figure out how to upload my dna results to Gedmatch. Nothing ever seems easy, including their instructions. For me, at least! I’ll get it somehow.

Next week, I attend our denomination’s synod as a delegate. First time. Oughta be interesting.

Still trying to work out the details of a regional get-together for WikiTreers. Location and keeping costs down for everyone. I still think I can convince my mom depending on how many folks would come. If it’s a larger group, then I’ll have to find another venue. Southern covered dish or something else? Probably looking at the spring now instead of this fall.

While I’m here, let me add that I think highly of y’all. I am constantly amazed at the quality of work all of you require of yourselves. Makes me realize I’ve got to up my game. And I appreciate that. I need to be pushed or I’ll slip back into being lazy. No place for that here! You are all soooo appreciated!

Have a Wonderful WikiTree Weekend!
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Congrats on being married for 28 years!!

Welcome to the weekend chat.
Thanks, Robynne. Still madly in love. And thanks for hosting the Chat his weekend.
Pip, Congratulations to you and your wife on the 28 TH year anniversary!
Thank you David!

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Eddie is a dynamo, that's for sure! Thank you for working on those profiles. Congratulations to you both on the anniversary!! Let me know if you need help with Gedmatch. It really is a great tool to use along with your traditional research. I wish we were close enough for your regional get together. It should be fun!  Yes, there are some incredible people on WikiTree. I'm so thankful to be here!! laugh

Happy anniversary, Pip! =D

Eddie, man. They probably could have used him to find that soccer team trapped in a cave. He can find anything and anyone! Good friend, too. He could be Wikitree's MVP. =)

I most heartily agree. Eddie can find anything!​​​​​​ 

Pip once you download the raw DNA file uploading it to GedMatch is really a matter of following the instructions for the lab it came from.  I am happy to help you with that sometimes next week.  I am booked all day tomorrow and Monday.   I open up a bit on Tuesday.  Feel free to private message me and I can help you get it done.
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Not exactly about Genealogy but more about Geography and the weather. I guess we have a rainfall deficit here in Northeast Ohio. I drove over a causeway for one of the northern most lakes that provide water for the City of Akron, Ohio today and I have never seen it as low as it was today. This is a string of lakes that feeds the city and they use the dam on this one to try and keep the others full, one of the other ones we saw a couple of days ago and it did not look low to me, but this week we only have a small creek bed showing with any water flowing in it and this is one of the headwaters for the Cuyahoga river. Yes it has been HOT and DRY for several days but it could rain Sunday and we need it.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
edited by Dale Byers
Welcome to the weekend chat, Dale.
You can have some of our rain, Dale! Grass, grass, grass!

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

It is really storming here.  My husband, decided to BBQ because he thought it would be a while... yeah.. wrong...  so he is running in and out getting soaked... it might even hail they said.  Sigh...   he is such a good guy...  I told him we can finish it in the oven but he said...it would not be BBQ then!
Thanks, Laura. I keep getting error messages saying my file is too small, so I don’t know what I’m downloading incorrectly. I’ll get with you later. Many, many thanks!
No problem you can private message me at Pennie-22 and I can either send you an email (make sure to include your direct email in te message or call you if you are in the US.
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Great News!

As I mentioned, we've had a couple of days of good monsoon rain.  I passed the Ranger Station on the way home, and they have downgraded the fire danger from "Very High" to "Middlin'!"  Two notches down in two days!
by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (776k points)
Excellent, Herbert! We’ve had a fire season last year, too. A fire was creeping up from SC. We’re near the border. Lots of smoke. Definitely not this year, though.
In my area, it is so dry if two blades of dry grass rubbed together it could cause a brush fire!! Be thankful for the rain.

angel  Welcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Fire danger is still pretty high here.
We have had far too many fires in the world these past few years.  And floods and volcano eruptions and earthquakes.  So everyone, please make sure you have a survival kit and don't delay getting out if it gets bad.  Your lives are worth so much more than the house even with all its memories.
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Hello I finally here. In the Barnett Family still has a lot of problems still. We finally got the hospital bed mattress Monday and my sisters husband and their friend came down and took apart the king size bed a part and set up the hospital bed before my dad came home from dialysis Tuesday. So it should be easier for mother to clean my dad up. But he will not use a bedside commode or the regular commode he rather use his diapers and have mother clean him up. He also said that is her job. But mom can't afford to do that because it is physically killing and her hurting her so bad. She talking about with us kids about while we are here till we move that she has two places that will take him because of his dementia and dialysis and and will take him to Sweetwater for dialysis. The two places are in Lenoir City and Loudon, Tennessee for good till we move. Then she has to look for someplace up where we are moving. So Wednesday was my dad's 86 years old. He started having blood in his stool mom said it looked like tar. We think it from is colitis, the fold on his intestine bleeding  but we don't know about that they have to find that problem. Then his blood pressure this morning was 70/86 and pulse 84 because there is a viral cold go around at the Sweetwater dialysis place so we had them listen to his chest to make sure he didn't get pneumonia but he did because they wrote a prescripition for him to go to any hospital and have x-ray for chest to see if he had pneumonia and he did so they transferred him to a hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee so they can find out what is costing the blood in his stool and treat his pneumonia with antibotics which will bring on the cfid back again that we well have to deal with again. So we had to put him in the hospital for the third time in a year since they have to give him antiobotics so if he gets cfid they can deal with that and get ahead of it. He also had lost 10 more pounds since he has been home for the two weeks. He is really sick. He has had about 7 bouts of pneumonia this year. He wouldn't eat hardly anything at all. Except when my siblings and their spouse was down last Saturday to celebrate his birthday early because it was in the middle of the week. So I thought I will try to get on as early as I could. My sister and husband and brother and his wife every year at this time in Kingsport, Tennessee has FunFest for ten days, so they wanted me to have a vacation from this problem we have. So my sister-in-law was coming down on Wednesday morning and I will go up till Sunday afternoon when they will bring me back but that might be canceled since my dad is back in the hospital. So you might not hear from me after this Sunday until next Sunday afternoon.

Well Sunday he had a scope done and they find he has a hernia again since 2013 and also they find a bleeding ulcer sore that they didn't cartherize and then they are going do a test about his swallowing liquids to see if he has aspiration liquid. Mom said he might get to come home on Monday.

angelWelcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (511k points)
edited by Living Barnett
Best of luck with your dad Linda. I hope he starts feeling better and stops losing weight.
i really do hope you can get away for a while, Linda. And I know a little of the care problems wih a relative with dementia. We kept my dad home as long as we could,  taking turns between my mom and me and my brother. It got to be too much for us. It is all so wearing on the body and the mind, the constant watch. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Linda as our parents age that is so often the pattern, one things leads to another and then little things seem to push them into hospitalizations.

I agree with Pip if you can get away for even a few days that would be good for you.   

And like Mindy and Pip, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..
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Last evening we were talking about possible day trips and I discovered a possible Notable from Ohio was not on WikiTree. Down the rabbit hole I went. I may have created a profile with a wrong LNAB due to the family using several versions of the name, even in the same census record so until I get that sorted out I will not give away the name that got me into this "jam", hint, hint. I am looking into this this morning.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
The good news is I did not create a duplicate.


Before anyone comments on the profile for J M Smucker that I posted in my comment above, Yes I know there is a lot in it that was copied from other sites. I put that in a Research Notes section to help me minimize the number of open tabs I have while working on his profile and plan to, as well as already started to, remove sections of that as soon as I rewrite/edit the profile and add profiles for those who are mentioned there, That section should go away soon.

I have found several family members of his on here, sadly most, so far, have errors in the LNAB. This is going to take some time.

Good News, J M Smucker is connected to the tree. The connection should show up tomorrow. There is still a lot of family to enter yet and there are a lot of incorrect profiles out there, some I manage, to be fixed but I am going to climb out of this rabbit hole now.
Extra cool. There’s a member of our church who is related to the Smuchers family.
We are talking about visiting the Smucker Store/ museum in Orrville sometime in the next couple of weeks, perhaps I can pick up some more information on that visit. But that will probably be after the 25th.
We visited the store/museum a few years ago when we were staying in the area. It is more store than museum.
Isn’t that always the way it is, Kay? In the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, while fabulous in of itself, is the store is for folks who don’t want to pay for the museum tour.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Especially about the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. There is one in Lenoir City, Tennessee about Sequoah  the Cherokee that invented the alaphabet for the Cherokees.

angelWelcome to the angelBlazing Hot summer WikiTree weekend chat. angel

Kay, The store would be only one stop on this trip. There are lots of other things in that area, including the cemetery where a lot of his family are buried. I have maps of that area listing a lot of possible activities and we are working thru them planning.

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