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I was recently running thru menu items, looking for something else, and saw the "Suggestions" item.  Hmm, what's that?  I looked.  I've started to correct my profiles.

I didn't know that such a list existed, and perhaps others don't either.  Perhaps on the weekly WikiTree News we could have a single line item stating that we have XX number of suggestions to review?  With a link?

in The Tree House by S Brooks G2G6 Mach 1 (14.3k points)
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A great suggestion about suggestions! ;)
I agree. I was on Wikitree for over two years and had created 1,000+ profiles before I learned about "Suggestions." I think it was called the Error Report back then. Needless to say, when I clicked on it I had a month's worth of mistakes to fix.
I think the same idea also applies to the "Requests" tab. I did not even know someone had requested to be on my trusted list until one day when I was bored and decided to explore. A more visible notification would have helped.... poor person probably thought I was just ignoring them.
True on requests. I found a request 2 days after someone else gave them access. I didn't get a message or an email either. :(

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Yes I agree SB. I also didn't know about it until someone mentioned it to me, so yes I don't think it has enough publicity, maybe also mentors and intergrators could mention it to the new Wikitree members!
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
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I think that would be rather off-putting to someone who had just signed up, being told that they are about to make hundreds of errors, so look on your suggestion report once in a while...
If each individual's count of suggestions were used it might work but I think just having a periodic "Have you checked your Suggestions list lately?" question asked in the weekly mailing. Then give a link to that menu item for people to follow.
I hear you Ros and Doug, but I don't think it would be off putting at all, more likely very helpful, I have corrected mine and I check on it regularly and all good. I think even new members would appreciate being prompted to fix errors in their profiles. a lot of us when we started out on Wikitree made a lot of mistakes and were not even aware of them and I most certainly appreciated it when suggestions were brought to my attention.
Shaun, I found my suggestions only by just looking through items on WikiTree menus.

The one suggestion I have difficulty with is when I have used the same Findagrave citation (because one shared stone).

Good to see you posting, Shaun. Keep on hanging in there, buddy!
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I know when I do data doctor challenges and encounter profiles that are not open, I usually send an email to the PM and explain about the suggestions report. I've done this for at least 6 months. So that is another alternative to get the word out as well.

"Please run your suggestions report located in the dropdown in the upper right corner under "My WikiTree" and fix any errors it shows on your profiles you manage and update the status. If WikiTree+ is currently timing out due to lag, please check back later. These are the Errors that Data Doctors target and fix if the profiles are open. If the person is deceased, consider setting the profile (lock) to open. Thank you."

That is what I generally send and I may add in the actual profile itself.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (412k points)

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