I need help with my DNA matches Gedmatch done and added over a week ago

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Hi can someone help me with my DNA matches if I have any on Wilkitree please.
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Wikitree does not uploads of DNA data and does not perform matching. However, you can register the tests you have taken. About 24 hours after you add your DNA test information you will see the theoretical trail of the DNA propagated along the lines of the tree.
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I have done my Gedmatch and uploaded it already I need help in using Wikitree system. Don’t know where to see the theoretical trail of the DNA propagated along the lines of the tree.

If you only added your test details today, then the those details will not be propagated around the tree yet. Not until the updates that happen over night, There is always a 24 hour delay - depending on when you uploaded the details. Wait until tomorrow and the details should show up in your tree.
I got an email from WikiTree stating when the upload and comparison is finished. You go into the area that you uploaded your DNA and you should see a list of potential matches. I use Ancestry for a lot of my record gathering and I was shown possible matches between WikiTree and the people I have on my Ancestry Family Tree.
Roslyn, If you are still wondering how to register your DNA on Wikitree: Go to the Add menu. Top of the list you will find DNA Test Information.
Jesi -

It sounds like what you're talking about is how GEDmatch processes your results (which takes hours, once they get to it), and only when it's done do you get your list of matches. But that's all on GEDmatch - you use their "One-to-many Matches" feature.

On that list - on GEDmatch - some of the matches will be identifiable as being for WikiTree members (look for the blue "Wiki" hyperlink). These are for where a WikiTree person has added the GEDmatch kit ID on the profile for the person who was tested. It takes about a day for that "Wiki" link to show up after you add the kit ID.
Jess I want to know how to use Wilkitree DNA. Matches I am not interested in what on Ancestry right now there’s more South African Information on Wilkitree than on Ancestry. Besides most of my matches in Ancestry don’t have trees or they not public or no one responds to emails.
As I commented above Roslyn, Go to the Add menu. Choose DNA Test Information. On the DNA page scroll down to find the type of test you want to register. Wait a day then look to see how the DNA trail has been propagated along the paper trail.
@Lynda I have already done what you tells me to do I have registered my test I have added my Gedmatch Number. Your response hasn’t helped all I see is people in my own tree showing me who I am connected to although none of my family members in my own tree have done DNA testing.

There’s a huge list of Coetzee family trees on Wilkitree how do I see if any of the Coetzee name has taken DNA test??

Where do I find Related to me on the door down I see Related but not Related to me ??

If I'm understanding you correctly, you are looking for who on your wikitree family tree that has DNA. Many of these wont. It's easiest to run a gedmatch one to many report and look for a wikitree link, however if you really want to go through wikitree there's a couple ways I know of to look.

1. The DNA confirmation page will show potential DNA matches as hints under each ancestor. For instance under one of my great grandfathers, 5 DNA test appear for relatives of his that have been tested. One is mine and I unfortunately don't match the other 4 kits.

2. You can look to the right side of the screen on each person's page and it will say "DNA Connections. It may be possible to confirm family relationships with ______ by comparing test results with other carriers of his Y-chromosome or his mother's mitochondrial DNA. However, there are no known yDNA or mtDNA test-takers in his direct paternal or maternal line. It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with ____:" or there may be no one who is known to be related who has taken a DNA test and put that on wikitree. I've found wikitree is most helpful at recording DNA results and maintaining my tree, more than finding the DNA connection.

3. If you are searching for people in general who have had the name Coetzee, which will exclude many of your relatives and include many that possibly aren't related (except in the general and very distant all humans are related sense) you can check out https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:DNATests&s=Coetzee     (If you want another surname you can just change the surname in the link after the = )

For all of these it gives you a possible kit to compare against your own, but it redirects you to gedmatch to compare. WIkitree doesnt run any system to compare kits itsself.

Did that help?

Yes thank you very much for the explanation

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