Bad news: Dutch resource "zoekakten" no longer available

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Just now the invaluable Dutch and Belgian resource zoekakten stopped  "due to circumstances":

Het is niet anders.
Zoekakten is wegens omstandigheden gestopt !!!
De alternatieven zijn:
Nederland bijgewerkt t/m 2017
België bijgewerkt t/m 2017
Voor de films, die in 2018 beschikbaar zijn gekomen,
zie de catalogus (te doorzoeken per plaatsnaam)

NB: Een geschikte opvolger is NIET gevonden.

in The Tree House by Living Terink G2G6 Pilot (303k points)

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I recall that on several previous occasions Zoekakten (and its predeccesor GenVer) was threatened with closure, but everyone time a solution was found. It was quite a valuable resource, so it's now a real setback that the site has been removed.

I wish they gave more information about why they closed. If money was the issue then I'm sure that many genealogists (including myself) would gladly donate a few dollars to help keep the website going. Or if the owners are looking to retire then someone could have taken over management.

Does anyone know how to access cached pages/Internet Wayback pages? That could keep the content of the site accessible.
by Abm van Helsdingen G2G6 Mach 5 (51.9k points)
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Looking on's Wayback and the last snapshot was in February and there isn't enough of the site to be able to access any data in those snapshots. What I found was
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (552k points)
Thanks Doug, and yes, looks like only the homepage was archived, unfortunately,
Thank you for looking. It is unlucky that no content except the homepage was archived.
The Wayback machine can only archive static/fixed pages of HTML, most pages of Zoekakten were lookups in the database. The only exception is the homepage. So if the database is offline, the wayback pages cannot be shown.
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That is certainly bad news, I had already discovered it today, I would examine a marriage supplement for a date of birth, it was always a very good source for me, does anyone know a good replacement?

by Enoch Stuivenberg G2G6 Mach 7 (70.4k points)

All FS films are still accessible, but it's much harder to find the right film. You have to navigate through the catalog to get to the place and type of record you need, for example Beerta

Thanks for your reply Jan, I'm going to try it out

Jan, is there a way to navigate quickly to a certain location (place). I find it very hard to navigate through the catalog.


In FS there is no direct access at the place name level, province is the lowest level available. You can search and select a place name, but are always guided back to the province and have then to select trhe place again...

Easiest would be to go through the site I personally have a ethical objection to doing that, as that site stole the data from GenVer, the predecessor of zoekakten.

There currently is a (Dutch) thread on the stamboomforum on the demise of zoekakten, with some alternative strategies

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I tend to use when digging things out for my Dutch cousins for the birth/marriage/death. Sometimes find annotations that they emmigrated.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (552k points)

Yes, WieWasWie in most cases get you the data you need, but pre-1811 (church records) are mostly missing. Also images are not always available, or lacking in quality. That's why I prefer FS for images, and WieWasWie for index records.

The page Dutch Archives has info on most Dutch resources.

I had forgotten about Dutch Archives. Good resource. I do use WieWasWie for the search and then go to FS to get images. Haven't taken my cousins' lines back that far so haven't hit the limitations.

Agreed, BWJ, openarchives is making clever use of the trend for Dutch archive organisations to make their data available as open data. openarchives gets this data, presents it on their own website and in turn supplies the data to Familysearch as a partner, thus making individual records also searchable there. But Familysearch refers you back to openarchives for details and image (so no FS image, but relying on the Dutch archive to supply the image).

Openarchives can be considered a serious competitor to WieWasWie. Personally I get irrtated by the popups urging me to get more than free access...

And yes, finding the right image on FS by navigating through catalog levels is quite cumbersome.

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Using the "genealogiewerkbalk" gets you the most basic functions of zoekakten, locating FS films.

by Living Terink G2G6 Pilot (303k points)
This look like a good alternative to me. Thanks Jan!

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