Jul/Aug 2018 Connectors Challenge

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Hello Connectors!

Let's begin another month of connecting the unconnected across WikiTree. We'll get the project page updated soon with last month's tallies, but for now, it's time to start connecting!

Thanks to all of you who participated in last month's Challenge. If you haven't checked out the Connectors Chat page, you should! There is a lot of chatter there about what everyone is working on.

Now on to the Connectors Challenge Rules:

  1. Answer here to let us know you're in for this month, but use the tracker to record your connections.
  2. Pick any WikiTree profile which is not connected to the main tree. (In other words, that profile does not have a box at the bottom of the page, showing the degrees of separation from Queen Victoria etc.) You can find unconnected profiles using the Unconnected People tool, the Unconnected Profiles category, the Unlinked_Profiles category, or you may run across an unconnected profile in the regular course of your research.
  3. Add a new or connect an existing profile for a first degree relative (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) of the person on that profile as a link toward a connected profile.
  4. Add a source to the profiles involved in the connection showing the relationship between the two profiles. This could be a census record listing a family, a marriage record, a death record listing the spouse and/or parents, a birth record listing the parents, or any source which demonstrates that the two profiles should be connected to one another. Your source needs to be cited as closely to the style recommended on our Sources help page as possible to count towards your tally.
  5. If you are adding a new profile, it is a good idea to add a second, independent source for that profile. (For example, if you add a spouse because of a marriage record, then look for a birth or death record for the spouse you're adding.) (Note: The reason for this rule isn't to discourage you from adding people. But as you have probably already learned, even official documents frequently misspell names, so adding an independent confirmation of the name helps to save other researchers time in trying to find records that don't exist, because the person's real name was not the same as showed up in the linking document.)
  6. The tally is of branches/unconnected profiles connected to the WikiTree tree, not sources or profiles added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better, and sometimes a connection will take a number of profiles to get added. Every one is different, and each one makes our tree better. 
  7. If either or both profiles you connect did not have good sources before and were already on WikiTree, then you can also count those sources towards the Sourcerers Challenge.
  8. All participants who do not already have a Connectors Project badge, will get one. Winners each month-the person with the most connections made to the tree-will get the Connection Challenge Winner badge, and the Top Connector each month with get a spiffy template to wear on their profile page. Stats will be kept on the Connectors Challenge page, just like we do for the Sourcerers Challenge.        

Ask questions in the comments section here. Thank you! 

 Follow your standings in the Connector Tracker.

WikiTree profile: Space:Connectors_Challenge

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (271k points)

6 Answers

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I’m in. I believe I already connected up a couple profiles.
by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Pilot (486k points)
+7 votes
Sure thing!
by K. Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (148k points)
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Question: I added Ashfordby Wintermute (Wintermute-117) as a son of George Wintermute and Nancy Ann Arrison and then connected the unconnected profile of Mary Ann Wintermute (Wintermute-52 )(Ashfordby's daughter).  Mary Ann is still showing up on the unconnected profile page-does it go away or does something need to be done to remove her?  Thanks very much for your help and sorry if this is a redundant question (literally just figured out how to participate in challenges a few hours ago!!)

by K. Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (148k points)
It can take 24 hours for a connection to appear. The system only checks once a day.
Thank you!
+2 votes
I am in for this month
by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (509k points)
+3 votes
I have been doing connections and tried to see my count but when I clicked on the challenge tracker link here, it was for the month of May. So how do I find the connectors challenge tracker for July/Aug ? Thanks
by N Gauthier G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
In the URL, after the 2018, replace the 05 with 07. That should bring up the July/ August Tracker.
+2 votes
I believe I am going to give this challenge a try! So count me in please!
by Louann Halpin G2G6 Mach 7 (73.4k points)

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