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I had perhaps 6 children under the age of 13 on the list (if not more?).  Can I retrieve these?  When they reach the age of 13, will their profiles be returned or do I have to go to their parents and ask AGAIN  for this information. Perhaps I will try to get these busy parents to join Wiki Tree.
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Profiles for children under the age of 13 would have been deleted.

New profiles for these children cannot be created until after they turn 13 and even then they will still be UNLISTED and therefore noone can see them.

I personally do not see the point in creating any profiles for anyone currently still living unless they are members of Wikitree.

If you look at my family for example, I have 2 siblings who have both passed, so their profiles can be seen. My remaining sister is a family member so her profile can be seen. My father has also passed so his profile can be seen, as can mine, since I am also a member.

The only family member whose profile is unlisted is my mother and I know she wont become a member, She can barely manage to get around the computer just to use her email and facebook, let alone any genealogical site. But since she is in her 80's, it won't be terribly long before she too passes (less than 20 years most likely) and then I can reactivate her profile as well.

I know the current policies are somewhat draconian, but until we see just how much the EU will police the online privacy issue for anyone who is a potential EU citizen, then we have to play it safe.

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some one that know the value, that understands..

Time vs reward.

That understand new and old system types.
You need some that finds the spark inside that wants to do it with a passion and will not throw out some thing like that.

It is 5 am.. lovely talking to you!!smiley Must go.

Do you have any idea of how much room the Family Tree for the Smith and Hird family takes up?  Believe me it is a large pile of stuff enough to cillll three largish (quite large) bins.  Now who in their right mind would want to take that over.   Most of the members in my family are on-=line anwd trying to reduce their paper load.  I would like that too but cannot part with this Faimily Tree I have.  Of course put most of it on Wiki Tree but still have hung onto it - much to my family's dismay..  Also have all of my Aunt's stuff including her two boxes of stuff (one really large box). of family tree.   Her picture albums are unbelievable but take up  lot of room.  O have  spot but no idea what to do with them.

Note I also have the Whittier/Sibley/Robichaud trees.
to Helen Ford-

did you raid the information carefully?  It clearly states that for a minor a parent can speak for them.  Ha ha - many children using iPads fall into this area and many parents have received rather large bills because their child has ordered something on line or many things!  This is not a protection from greedy people who go after the $$$  of children.
That is epic. I read ipad.. sadly.. I convert to children of ther modern age that do not fully, know what true reward is or value, Yes. Ipads are pricey.. but they teach children click here.. I get instantly rewarded for nothing.  So ipad to me = depreciation. False $$$.  Not valuable. I can do more with a desktop, that I put together myself.
As I wrote before.. Different time zone.. I stayed up all night talk to the states.. It's monday morning.. I am going to snoozze (Sleep) nap.
I have an iPad and a MacBook Air computer.  I love both but that is me.  I like the fact that you can order books on-kube and read them on an iPad..  Hopefully soon will get some more time for reading.
I like papper backs, and hard backs... it is nice have the book in your hand. if I need a epub I use my phone.
I live in an apartment (80 yr old) and used to prefer books too.  However with my increasing group of files on the family, it is proving not feasible.   I was trying to scale down on these files but recently inherited my Aunt's Collection of family data - two rather large boxes, one of photos  and another of files on the Tree.

Yes am finding some very interesting thing like my Grandma's wedding invitation,=, etc.    May be 80 but my son is insisting  "get with it" so I am trying.  Of course have many books in my home  still.

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