christine Abrahamsdotter.

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Good morning.

I've the name Abrahamsdotter into the généalogies from remote cousins. But, also, names like Karlsson and Knutsson(Sweden). I'm interested for to know if there's a possible connection with christine Abrahamsdotter queen of Sweden, born in Finland in 1432?


mja Mahé

PS : my group blood is also relative with the Findland.
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Sorry, Manuel, this is not very likely.

The names you mention, ending in -son or -dotter are examples of the patronymic system used in Scandinavia for longer than most other European countries.

It simply works like this: a son of a man named Abraham would be called Abrahamsson - Karl Abrahamsson, or whatever - and a daughter of Abraham would be Abrahamsdotter (dotter=daughter). Then Karl Abrahamsson's sons would be Karlsson - the eldest probably would be Abraham Karlsson.

So these were not family names inherited from generation to generation in Christine Abrahamsdotter's time, or for a few hundred years after that.

Only in the course of the 19th century the patronymic system was slowly abandoned in Sweden. People adopted family names - many like Lindblom or Nordström. But also many people adopted -son names (not -dotter names) as their family name.
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Thank you for your answer eva Ekeblad.

What could becoming a name like Abrahamsdotter 5 centuries after?


Kristina Abrahamsdotter was the mistress of the king. They had one son out of wedlock. She was married to the king and made queen shortly before his death - evidently in hopes of making their son a legitimate heir to the throne. This failed - there was fierce competition withing the nobility at that time.

Their son, Karl Karlsson, lived out his life in obscurity. IF he had children, nobody has kept track of them, so IF he had children they would have been Karlsson and Karlsdotter - and their children in their turn could have been just anything.

A case in point: my GGrandfather, Johan Ersson was the son of Eric Andersson. When he became an adult, the records indicate he changed his name to Johan Lindblom. I'm unsure why he changed his name, but nonetheless, all future generations carry the surname Lindblom.

Hi Richard, welcome to WikiTree!

What a coincidence with Lindblom smiley  but actually, names starting with Lind- are among the most common of the nature-based names that people adopted. Adopting family names was more or less just a sign of the times. The -son-names were fine as long as people stayed in their home village, where everybody knew each other. When you moved to town or became an industrial worker, you needed something more distinguishing.

I knew about the nordic family names, because I've had antoher contact with a remote cousin on ftdna family finder before about this subject. I've two branchs with the name Abraham. My paternal branch with this name is connected, my maternal branch for the same name isn't connected actually.

Good morning.

And for the the family name Ericson, do you know a common origin?


Again an example of the patronymic naming system. A male with the surname Ericson had a father with the first name Eric. A daughter of the same father Eric would have the surname Ericsdotter. A modern person with the name Ericson can probably trace their roots back to the 19th century to the first Ericson (son of Eric).
Thanks for that, Richard.

Erik / Eric has been one of the most common male names in Sweden since "forever". It is still, today, the most common male first-name.

So, at the time when patronymics were "frozen" in the 19th century there will have been hundreds (even thousands) of Eriksson families started.

A common origin for Ericson would be the father was named Eric. wink Thats why there are so many Ericsons out there who are not related to each other.

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