I found at least two of the children this program erased

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Luckily I have already found the two children you removed.  Their grandfather was just at their birthday  in May - they are 2 years old and feisty -  - what does oe expect of twins at two years = both boys.
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We would expect that you continue to enjoy knowing them, but unless you are their parent you cannot add them to Wikitree again.

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I'm grateful to know that you've managed to retrieve information for your family members.  I can certainly empathize with the frustration many of us family genealogists regularly face when inviting other family members--including (typically overly-busy young parents) to get involved in genealogy.  If your experiences are anything like mine, despite some initial interest and superficial enthusiasm, energies quickly wane to be directed toward (possibly more important things) such as child care, education, health care, tutoriing, after-school programs, etc.  

So while WikiTree's official position makes sense on the face of it, it seems we're most likely still caught in a bit of an awkward phase with respect to the idealized expectation of all parents managing their own profiles on WikiTree along with their children's profiles--and the reality I've seen much more of in which very few young parents manage their own profiles at WikiTree, let alone their childrens'.

Perhaps we can put our collective thinking hats on and come up with a more practical, more realistic solution?
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Thank you for your answer.  Have been trying to scale down my actual tree by putting things on-line, tho never giving up  my  original Tree   -no additions made to it in several years as was trying to get everything on line..  **That sentence doesn't sound good.

I will try to get at least four of the children back on to my original Tree as I didn't keep records of younger children.    Now was given a warning but never dreamed they would take it down without a warning or at least send me back the information.  I was not pleased  that my pictures had been lost as received those by email.  It is these younger children who may have an interest in genealogy as the years go one as they now take up some of it in classes.  My grandson was pleased by this and is showing an interest in the family but he has to get married first and have children with all the entertains.

Personally don't think this was a wise decision but can understand where they are becoming from - sort of.

I do wish they had  come up with a better system perhaps offering us the choice to get parental permission and offering it up.  Children nowadays at least in Canada ARE SUBJECT TO BE FOLLOWED all the time on-line.  The rules may state a bit differently but as long as their parent gives permission they are well documented on-line by advertising firms.  I think a letter of permission would have been better than having their parents join up as man are busy with childcare, working, etc.   I certainly did appreciate your comments.
I definitely do empathize with the good work you're doing for your family genealogy, and am grateful to you for putting so much good information together here at WikiTree for all of us and future generations, too!  Hopefully the children will be able to connect any missing pieces created after this year's changes to our shared WikiTree.  

I prefer to consider WikiTree my primary family tree, since in the event anything happens to me, I am quite clear that there are no family members who would excitedly pick up my computer system, learn it, and suddenly carry on forward with research.  No, it's much more likely that those who will catch the genealogy 'bug' will be working online through sites such as ancestry, familysearch and WikiTree.  

I appreciate your insights about what's going on in Canada, and the idea for a letter of permission.  Perhaps WikiTree would consider some middle-ground solution such as this.
I feel that the U.S. is much the same as Canada and the laws regarding computers are almost the same.  Am sure the children there are also followed closely on-line.  Two of my grandchildren went to a private school and I was shocked to see them using iPad's in classes.  If you look at youngsters and adults they are continually running around looking at their phones so obviously their parents had to give permission which means they are being traccked and documented.  Not sure how the group in Europe hope to control this.

Many thanks for your kind words.

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