How do we note that a YDNA test should apply up to a confirmed MRCA and no further up the tree.

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When a man attaches his YDNA result The label is carried up through the profiles of all male ancestors,  even though at one point the surname is from a female, whose children took her surname instead of her husband’s.
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That cannot be done.  The Y-DNA test will attach to all patrilineal ancestors of the tester, and their male descendants.  That's how Y-DNA inheritance works.  The surname on the profile doesn't matter.  Patrilineal descendants of William Holmes would still match Y-DNA tester John Pumroy if the genealogy is correct.   

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Thank you, Kerry for clarification on why it can’t be done.
You're welcome.  I'm happy it helped.
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Will it carry forward if you change it to uncertain?
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Thanks for this good suggestion, Sue. The compiled  genealogy points to Holmes.  The YDNA of two males descendants from different grandsons of George Holmes Pomeroy point to early UK Origin Pomeroys. .
Well, either Holmes IS a Pomeroy or the kids are not his. Maybe they adopted kids from brother or cousins on the Pomeroy side and that's why they carried the name forward.
Yes, Sue. If the genealogy of  Lt. Samuel Pomeroy of Pallice, and the connection of  George Holmes Pomeroy to Thomas Holmes-Pomeroy was perfect, we would accept adoption or a NPE. Why do  I feel myself falling down a rabbit hole?
It was so long ago. If they couldn't find evidence 100 years ago, what can we find now? DNA certainly blows open what we assumed. This is definitely beyond my skills and resources. Bring out the big guns. Who are the experts that might be interested? Can you call for help?
Thanks, Sue. I have read that only about 5% of all the early UK documents and records have been indexed,  and made searchable online.
I was reading about searching unindexed files on Family search. Do they have much in the UK?

This  topic is the result of two recent  Pomeroy  FTDNA YDNA results.  Research shows that they are descendants of Col. John Pomeroy (Pomeroy-127) , by two different sons; Francis, (Pomeroy-1698) and Thomas (Pomeroy-1878).   

The Wikitree paternal ancestor of Col. John Pomeroy is  given as William Holmes (Holmes-60) , husband of Martha Pomeroy. (Pomeroy-145).  If the genealogy is correct, the YDNA would have come from William Holmes.   

The results of both men were entered into  Family Tree DNA Surname Projects: Holmes and Pomeroy. 

The Holmes Project shows that while both men match each other, they do not match anyone else in the Holmes project. The Pomeroy Project shows they match each other and  27 other Pomeroys, all with early UK origins. 

Sue, you raised an interesting point, which I did follow up on: That William Holmes and Martha Pomeroy Holmes may have adopted Pomeroy children. Assuming the genealogy is correct, and Lt Samuel Pomeroy was son of Edward Pomeroy (Pomeroy-322), it would be logical to look to Brixham for any  Pomeroy children available for adoption, and who would most likely have been  nephews of Lt. Samuel Pomeroy.  

Not all of the children of Edward Pomeroy and his wife Wilmot have WikiTree Profiles, but the Brixham, Devon birth records record just four sons of Edward:  (1608-1612) Thomas (1605-unknown1609), William (1606-1683) and Arthur, b. 1614, whose death is recorded in Brixham 1663).  William’s descendants are well documented in Brixham.  

While examining the Brixham and Devon birth records,  we note that there is no birth record for “Samuel” in Brixham. No Samuel as son of Edward. 

Adoption doesn’t seem likely. The History and Genealogy of the George Holmes Pomeroy family has many detailed pages covering the descendants of LT Samuel Pomeroy, their marriages, wills and legacies. 

It is specific as to the chronology of events of the Thomas Holmes Pomeroy, and the compiler gives many suggestions as to how the Pennsylvania family tradition MAY fit into  the “proven” chronology.  Note he doesn’t claim the family  tradition fits with the proven facts.  At this point we cannot know what the facts are. 

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