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I'm new to Wikitree and wondering what I can do to improve this tree.  I've found a handful of sources, but still feel I'm lacking.  What else might I include in order to beef the profile up a bit?  Before I continuing on with the rest of the family, just want to know if I'm on the right track.  Thanks!
WikiTree profile: George Kienzle
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holy moly, your new!!  lol, sooo much better than anything that i ever did when i first started on here, and in many ways still much better than most of my pages now.
I'm really interested in sources and making sure that the information I have is double/triple/quadruple sourced.  There's several more sources that I haven't linked, but linking sources is semi-annoying, so I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I've spent around two years now off-and-on researching my family.  It was about a month ago that I decided to focus on one family and get as much as I can.  It was crazy how much more I was able to track down when I focused in on the family.  This is the fruits of my labor the last month!  Still have a little more to add!

Thanks for the kind words.  I think it's a matter of getting lucky with what's available for this individual (and his family).  There are several family members that when I get around to it, there won't be much...

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Great work.  Much better than my own profiles.  But you asked for suggestions so I would recommend that you try your hand at categories.  Saint Mary's Cemetery would be done like this before the biography.

[[Category:Saint Marys Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota]]

You can also do job categories such as cooper or laborer or brewer like this.

[[Category:Coopers]][[Category:Laborers]][[Category: Brewers]]

You can also do things like the cities they were from but I will let you try that yourself.
by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Pilot (283k points)
Great tip!  So I added them to the biography, but it doesn't appear to include the tag if it's in the biography.  Looks like I just need to add the category as a tag and not in the biography to include them on the page.  Works for me!  Thanks for the tip!!
I don't see where you added the category so I will add it above biography so you can see what it does.  For the others, just copy and paste the items in and you will see the category.  Then go to profile and click on the category and you can see has profiles done with the same category.
I think I got them in there, I put them below the sources, didn't like how it looked with the big gap when they were above biography.  Think it's working, though!

Thanks, I appreciate your tip and look forward to continuing to add information!
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I believe George's birthplace should be Grand Duchy of Baden or Großherzogtum Baden.

The German Confederation was an alliance and not a unified nation until the 1860s if I am interpreting Wikipedia correctly.

You might add anything you know about parents or siblings. The censuses will probably just say Germany which would require further explanation.

by Ron Moore G2G6 Mach 2 (21.4k points)
Thanks!  I have no "real" confirmation of his birthdate at this point, it's just what was listed on the gravestone.  I don't know anything about parents or siblings at this point...trying to find info!  I'm using "Baden" as that is what is listed on the censuses he's included in on.

What's the recommendation for that then?  I'd definitely use Grand Duchy of Baden or Großherzogtum Baden, but I've not seen any confirmation of that up to this point.  I'm still trying to track down that information...

The Grand Duchy of Baden existed from 1806 to 1918 so it is safe to say that was his birth nation. The standard is for the census takers to ask for the nation of any foreign-born citizens so my assumption is George was referring to the nation state and not the town of Baden (Baden-Baden in modern times). If you can verify somehow he meant the town of Baden then the preferred form would be to use the native language so Baden, Großherzogtum Baden otherwise just Großherzogtum Baden is the safe choice.

The trickier part is his parents. In the 1875 Census he puts their birth in Baden as well. Depending upon the year, they could easily have been born into the Electorate (Napoleon's reign) or as citizens of the Holy Roman Empire in the Margraviate of Baden. Additionally, if he meant the nation state as I suspect, there is another issue in that the Duchy covered considerably more territory than the Margraviate did. If his parents were born before 1806 (within the borders of the Duchy as George would have known them) but not within the town of Baden, they likely fell under a different jurisdiction entirely.

In other words....I've got work to do!  He's one of my brick walls right now.  The marriage record didn't list parents and I'm waiting to see if his death record lists any parents (don't have access to the "official" copy at this time).  I have a feeling that the only way I figure out who his parents are is through a good luck DNA test.
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Really nice work, Tim. Like Gurney said, better than my own. Keep up the great work.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)

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