Where is the proof this man went from Quebec to Louisiana?

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I  am trying to reconcile the information in the profile with an article (https://www.lebleuslanding.com/lebleu-s-history ) which describes Bartheleme Blaise LeBlue as coming from Bordeaux, France.

The profile says he was from Quebec and gives one reference which I cannot glean any helpful information from.

Can anyone help identify which of these two sources or how they both might be accurate?

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I see the plaque putting him into Detroit.
And perhaps the article is wrong. Perhaps they were immigrants from Bardoux Louisiana?
I found a baptism record that confirms Louis Chauvin's place of birth and date is correct (Montreal)
Did you find anything that puts that Louis Chauvin in Louisiana?
The below is from the book "D'Hauterive Billaud and allied families of Louisiana" published 1729.  There is a bunch more info but it's behind paywall so I can't paste the link. I got it from the Geneanet library, but it is also available at Family search.  

<1> SIEUR LOUIS CHAUVIN DE BEAULIEU I, the first husband of Charlotte Orbanne Duval, was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1678. He was the son of Pierre Chauvin and Marthe Autreuil and one of St. Denis's companions in the Texas Expedition. Their marriage contract 1724waswitnessedby:D’Hauterive;CharlotteDuval;Lt.]osephChauvin;sit NicolasChauvinde la Freniere,his wifeMargueriteLeSueur,and his dmgluterMargueriteChauvinde la Freniere. Louiswasin hisfortiesandCharlottewasfifteenyearsold.Someofthis informationis fromA Dictionag ofLouisianaBiographyVol.1,byGlennR. Conrad. ofFrom“TheChauvinBrothers,”inLouisianaHistog,byGaryB.Mills:“LouisChauvin and his brother]ean«Baptiste,both(Canadian)voyagems, arrived in Detroit onJune14,1706. . . appar ently Louis remained only briefly in Detroit before continuing down river to the Gulf Coast settler ment to join his brothers in Mobile.  Louis was one of St. Denis’ companions in the Texas Expedition of 1716 and,with]oseph Chauvin Delery and Nicholas Chauvin la Fteniete,bohght property on the Chapitoulas Coast in 1719.He is considered possibly the first in habitant or property ownerin what is now ‘OldMetairie’.”
I think what is more concerning is linking Barthelemy as the son of Louis.  According to the book I mentioned above, Louis only had two sons Francois Chauvin de Beaulieu and Louis Chauvin de Beaulieu. Unlinking Barthelemy makes the most sense to me.
Yes. I understand that point. However, doing that is something the project would be responsible for.

Also, the book also cites conflicting stories:

"According to the Census of 1726, Louis Chauvin de Beaulieu and Charlotte Orbanne Duval had three children. " 


"From “The Chauvin Brothers” in Louisiana History, by Gary B. Mills: “Although he left two sons bearing the name of Chauvin de Beaulieu, their Louisiana descendants have faded into obscurity.”

This does not mention anything regarding his wife Marie Gentils, probably because the book is about Charlotte Orbanne Duval's familly. 

There is no Bardoux, Louisiana.

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You seem to have a fair cross-section on him there already, probably needs some cleaning up as some of it looks like computer generated translation nonsense, Google translate isn't the best thing to use.  

Meanwhile, I tend to agree with Kyla, how did Barthélemy Blaise le Bleu wind up being son of Louis Chauvin dit Beaulieu?  I've seen plenty of name variations happening over time, but going from Beaulieu to le Bleu in one generation, whoa there honey, that one is a stretch.
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I do not see the computer generated nonsense.. Can you point that out?
Also I do not pretend to understand the naming conventions. Bart was attached to these parents in the cited sources and before I came along. Profile managers will have to decide whether there is an error.
It's in the text, there is mention of a 1753 baptism, first in ''Frenglish'' and then in English.  

The naming conventions for those born in Canada, New France (modern-day Québec), are laid out in the Québécois Project page.  But that wasn't what I was referring to.  Names change over time, certainly, but I find the change from Beaulieu to le Bleu far-fetched to have occurred in a single generation.  The first would sound like ''Bo-lee-yeu'', as closest approximation I can think of to phonetic rendering, the second ''Le Bleu'' has too many skipped sounds and added Le in front.
found some further data on him, placing him in Louisiana with his brothers, and others with whom they had a trading society.

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