Just found my relation ship to two of the sureities , Aubigny and LeBigod what do I do now?

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What was a surietie?  How can I relate that back to my Spencer line , the profile that I manage can I mark with some icon?
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Before taking the lines as proven look at the references for each generation and make sure they are good. You may find that the line is based on a gedcom upload or Ancestry.com tree that you may or may not be able to verify.

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I recommend you read the following with regard to the Magna Carta surety barons:  https://magnacarta800th.com/schools/biographies/the-25-barons-of-magna-carta/

As George mentioned, many of the connections here on Wikitree that trace back to one or more of the surety barons are incorrect.  Once upon a time, people were allowed to import gedcom files without sources.  And people would piece together lineages based solely on someone's ancestry.com tree, again with no sources.  A small group of people (through the European Aristocrats and Magna Carta projects) slowly work at trying to figure out many of these lines through the use of reliable published sources as well as ongoing research.  You can view a list of recommended sources here:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Magna_Carta_Project_Resources

If you are interested in trying to confirm your ancestry back to one of the surety barons, you might contact the Magna Carta project (link is on the web page I've given above).

Darlene - Co-Leader, European Aristocrats Project

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To cut a long story a bit shorter, Audrey Barlow is a recognized gateway ancestor.

Richardson's 2011 books give her one line, which is here


and goes to Huntingfield.

No ancestry is shown here for Isabel Strange (#8) or Katherine Pabenham (#9).

The 2013 Royal Ancestry books (Vol 2 p 508 under Engaine) give Katherine Pabenham a descent from Ros and Albini, through Fauconberg, which can be followed here


But the alleged Vere/Quincy line through Isabel Strange is obviously fiddled


because it has Isabel married with 2 kids and dead when her grandfather is 42.  And here


Isabel's son is born before her father.

Richardson says Isabel was allegedly the daughter of Ebles, Lord Strange.  I don't know how probable that is, but it doesn't matter much because the Ebles who was a Lord wasn't Strange-523, it was the earlier one


who married Countess Alice (who wasn't anybody's mother).

The Bigod line isn't in the book, though I expect it's been given by somebody in some form.  Marlyn Lewis's version is different


It's a tangle.  There were threads about all this



The problem is to show that Thomas de Pabenham was the son or grandson of Margery Pecche's daughter Elizabeth.

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PS scratch the last bit.  Having had a crash course in reading, I see Elizabeth wasn't Margery Pecche's daughter at all, so there shouldn't be any Bigod line here.

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