Help finding Martha (Morgan) Palmer Babcock?

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I just edited a profile that had Palmer as the husband. He turned out to be the first husband of Martha Morgan. Now I can't find it. I think it was Morgan-6667, but that is my poor memory talking.  In searching I found Martha Morgan again(see below), but with Peleg Babcock, her second husband and their children. The problem I see is that the marriage dates for Palmer and Babcock were approximately the same, 1798. So I wanted to send a message to the profile manager about that and another discrepancy, the Find-A-Grave in Martha Palmer's name when she died so much later, in a different place, and under the name Martha Babcock.  I also have Palmer's first name as Ariel rather something that started as a Z. The reason I joined them was that the parents and siblings of Martha Morgan all matched and she did have a 2nd husband Palmer.  The father was Samuel Morgan (1734-1807) and mother, Bethia Parrish (1739-1800) with 13 children.
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The super easy way to  retrace where you have been editing is to go to your own profile page (Flamer-1) and click on your contributions. It is highlighted in pink right under the "send private message" area. 

From there you can scan by the date or search the page using the "Control F" function on most computers.
I used "Control F" to search your many contributions for "Morgan" which I had typed into the "Control F" search box. I can see that thirty minutes before you posted your question you were editing on Morgan-6616.
When you are searching a source that has no built in search function, using "Control F " is going to save you a lot of time. Very helpful to know.
From where I was, I can even click on the editing record and see your exact contributions. You clearly have much to contribute!
That being said, I would like to point out that without us Wikipeople paying money to get beyond "the subscription wall" of, the majority of us cannot actually see many of your sources. Just so you know, when my computer clicks on an Ancestry linked source I am zoomed straight to a page advertising and encouraging me to subscribe. 
So to whatever extent is reasonable, if you can convey the name of the source Ancestry is working off of or the detail included in the source, that gives the rest of us a chance to know what you are talking about. Even better, but more time consuming unfortunately,  is to find and link a free citation for that same sources, many of which can be found on Family Search which is a never ending gold mine of sources provide free, courtesy of the Church of Latter Day Saints whose tradition of commitment to genealogy record keeping is unmatched. To get deep into their records you do have to sign up for a free account, though, which seems a fair trade to me.
Please enjoy the "Control F" tip, remember those of us beyond the subscription wall, and keep going with your wonderful enthusiasm!
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It turns out that I don't have a subscription to Ancestry. I was cleaning up the profile.
In that case, thank you very much for cleaning it up and sorry for assuming you had left those unreadable links!
When I'm cleaning up a profile, such as after a merge with three or more profiles involved, I sometimes go overboard to not lose any information. Maybe I should examine the Ancestry links more closely, but I am usually trying to get as much done in as short a time as I can. When I do a clean up, I organize it into three general sections: Biography, Acknowledgements, and Sources. Once in a while there is a Research Notes in there. Then I write the Bio based on the data available and using in-line sources if there. Then I check for whether all the sources are Ancestry trees. If they are, I add {{Unsourced}}.  Do you have any recommendations? Should I do it differently?
You are a super-star!

I have no recommendations except "Go forth and conquer as many of these needy profiles as you can stand with your awesome editing/synthesizing technique."

It's a funny situation  because the Ancestry links really must have loads of info in them for those who pay, and it is great to have so many people helping build the wikitree despite the invisible sources and that funky Ancestry vertical spacing that make it all look like my grocery receipt when I do my weekly run...But those go nowhere links indicate there are some sort of sources back there, and some probability that what is being posted has some merit,  just can't evaluate the reliability of the source.

Your editing technique sounds really solid, especially for approaching disaster zones, and I love the touch of adding {{Unsourced}} to the invisibly sourced Ancestry links. That's a really good approach.
Hi!  You can go to the library of local LDS church that has a Family History Center. I would make a list of documents you want. I think you would have to look up the records at save to a flash drive. That is the best free way to get Ancestry access for free. The library is open to the public. I have over 3,000 documents that I can't really see either. Hope this helps. Also, looking for Martha Morgan is a big needle in the haystack. My Martha Morgan was born in Tennessee and died in 1863. It has been very hard to find resources.. I will keep my eye out.

Actually I don't have an Ancestry subscription, though I am a member of New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS). Everything else I do is free. I live on a very limited retirement budget. I do have access to Ancestry when I ask my friends to invite me to see their trees, but that is it. And I have a lot of genealogical friends.

Thanks for the CTRL-F tip

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