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I am English. I was born in England. I consider myself English first, British second. I do not consider myself a European. Who on here consider themselves English first?
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I was born in England of parents who called themselves English but I never felt entirely English though I would have given English as my nationality until 2005 I have French and Jewish ancestry on my father's maternal line but solid English on both parent's paternal lines.  In 1999  I moved to Ireland and have no expectation of ever returning to England. I got Irish citizenship in 2005 and since then I have given my nationality as Irish, though I have no Irish ancestry. I would never have called myself British, though I think that would have been my legal nationality as I used to have a British passport.  I don't have a passport at all at present but if I got one it would be Irish. Ethnically I would consider myself European.

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Are you approaching this inquiry from the perspective of nationality or ethnicity?
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That's a good question George. Nationality I suppose although even that is not clear. Not everything is clear cut, is it! Far from it in fact. I think I'd describe it as a gut feeling. I feel English even though my mother was Dutch and when my husband and I did a d.n.a. test really, it turned out that he (who is American) was more English than I am. I am 38% and he is 50%. I could therefore, call myself European but I don't. I live in Europe but I don't feel European. I feel English.

Recently, during the World Cup Football tournament, I was glad that Holland were not in it, although they usually are because in the past they have had a strong team. I supported England. If Holland had been in it, I would have supported them as well but not if they were playing England. That's a nationality issue, isn't it.

Ethnically speaking, I am even more of a mixture.

I enjoyed thinking about your answer to my question. How do you feel about yourself?

I consider myself Canadian as I was born in Canada. My  family history roots are in England and Ireland.

Ethnicity tests are very unreliable. What the testing companies fail to disclose is that if they say your ancestors are from Italy, it actually means your ancestors could be from any country in or around the Mediterranean sea. I would go with your birth place.

DNA tests only play a very small part in genealogical research and the further you try to go back, the less reliable they become. The paper trail research is the research that should be conducted as the primary method.


Yes I agree and both make for fascinating studies don’t they.
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Definitely English first, then possibly British.

I do think of myself as European, but in the sense of the culture of the Continent not in the sense of the EU, which I dislike.
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I dislike the E.U. too Martin.

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