Changes coming to the One Name Studies Project, plus the return of the Surname Spotlight Challenge!

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Hello everyone!

Project Coordinator Ros Haywood and I have been hard at work making improvements to the One Name Studies Project, as you have seen in her recent G2G post:

Two of the biggest issues in the project are One Name Study pages which have incorrect URLs, and One Name Studies which cover multiple variants/spellings but it's not entirely clear which ones.  To that end, we are making two changes:

1) If you manage a One Name Study, add a section to your page for "Surname Variants," and explain which variants are or are not included in your study.  It's entirely your choice to include variants or not, based on your project's research interests.  If the variants that you have chosen to include do not yet have a Project button on their genealogy index page redirecting to your Name Study--and most do not--please let me know and I will add it right away!

2) If you want to create a new One Name Study, instead of creating the page yourself and then telling us about it after, we ask that you instead post on the project's G2G thread the surname for the study you want to create along with any variants that you want to include.  Ros and I will create the page for you, with the genealogy index page redirect(s) and the correct Name Study category already set up.  You will immediately be made manager of the page and can then run it however you want, just like before.

These changes are necessary so that we can have an accurate idea of exactly which surnames are included in the One Name Studies Project so far, and also avoid the creation of duplicate studies for the same surnames.  We will also be able to avoid all of the very easy to make, but often very difficult to fix, mistakes that frequently happen when new pages are created.

Another change that I'm excited to announce is the return of the Surname Spotlight Challenge on August 1!  For the first "rebooted" challenge, four very common surnames will be selected, and any edits made to profiles with those surnames can count for points.  Make sure to follow the surname_spotlight tag on G2G if you want to join the challenge when it launches.

Thank you to all of you who have improved the size and accuracy of our Global Tree with your work on One Name Studies! :)


in The Tree House by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 4 (49.9k points)

Here is what is puzzling me: first link above is a category with two subcategories (English and Northern Ireland) and then there is a heading 'People or pages in the Jackson Name Study'.  Under that heading as a profile is the 'Jackson Name Study' and 'The Jacksons of Salineville'.

Perhaps that "Jackson Name Study" should have been set up as a sub-category and not as a profile page???  Or can you explain to me what is the difference? 

I would like to create categories such as Jackson in Harrison, West Virginia and/or Jackson Earliest Known Ancestors or Jackson Brick Walls.  I'm unsure how to do it because of this being a profile page instead of a subcategory of the  Should I just ignore the profile page and create subcategories as mentioned above.  Or can someone walk me through the process?

A Name Study is a freespace page.  A freespace profile page, although most people call it just a freespace page.

I replied on your other post

that you need to wait until at least 22nd July to give the current profile manager at least a week to respond.  Please do not go ahead and create subcategories until at least this date, when if he has still not responded, you will have to go through the Unresponsive Profile Manager process.

This is a great change!

I'm still trying to fix a few categories with [[Category:Name/Variant Name]] as a category name. Never use the "/" in a category name, it really messes things up!
I have added the variants to my study page can you link to them please?

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Great to see "One Name Studies" back in action. Thank you for taking this on.

Could you take a look at Devlin Name Study and let me know if I need to change any thing. 

The main variants are Devlin, Develin and DoibhilĂ©n (Irish spelling)

by Richard Devlin G2G6 Pilot (425k points)
Hi Richard,

In the Surname Variants section, could you add a line like "These variants [or "these spellings"] are included as part of the Devlin Name Study"

So for example, I will add a redirect to your page on the genealogy index for Develin because that surname is specifically included.  But I will not add a redirect to your page on all of the other various spellings that you list in the "Alternative Spellings" section.

I hope that makes sense, let me know if you have any questions :)
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I currently have ROSLING which I have as a registered surname with The Guild of One Name Studies and The Surname Society. I

I probably need to add these variants



and possibly Roscelyn or Roscelin given the locations associated with the few profiles that are on WikiTree.

I have been thinking about adding GADSBY with variant GADESBY and BUCKLE with variant BUCKEL(L) as One Name Studies on WikiTree particularly as I have quite a number of profiles for these surnames and variants.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (254k points)

Are you still in the 'thinking-about' phase, or would you like us to create the pages for you? Happy to do so! smiley

Sorry Ros I have only just seen your reply.

Can you please create the pages for me and do I need to add the variants to the page for my ROSLING study so that the Project buttons can be set up?
Gadsby Name Study with you as manager plus companion category page:

Sarah: Gadsby and Gadesby redirects needed

Buckle Name Study with you as manager plus companion category page:

Sarah: Buckle, Buckel, and Buckell redirects needed

If you are studying variants in the Rosling Name Study, then yes, it would be an idea to display them! see Sarah's original question above.
Thanks Ros

I will add variants as mentioned above.
The redirects for the three studies are all set now!
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I have updated my Hargate Name Study page. The variants are Hargett and Hargitt.

I have been thinking about doing a Name Study for Gyte for some time. Could you please create me a page. The only variant that needs including is Guite.

In the future I may also do Count and Sokell, but not yet.
by Joan Whitaker G2G6 Pilot (144k points)
Redirects for Hargett and Hargit are now set up, and I just sent you a message about Gyte :)
Thank you Sarah.
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Ros and Sarah, great work and I think this is on a good trajectory. I often get confused about how to find stuff and how to do things properly. When I created the Beasley ONS at WikiTree, I understood the need for a space page but I might have done it wrong. 

The space page I created was Beasley Genealogy Project followed by another page that came about during some discussions trying to figure out categorization: Design and Implementation of the Beasley Project. Just now, I realized there is a Beasley Name Study - Home Page that I don't remember making, maybe it was made automatically. I'm guessing this should be the master home page. I've also been working (slowly) on categorization to try and make sense of how it is put together. 

It is especially important to me to integrate and cross-reference ONS and DNA which I'm trying to do including THIS and THIS. I was starting to do something on Variances but the way I did it was kinda dumb. I've always been concerned about the fact that WikiTree automatically encourages name studies in a way that can be misinterpreted. I have surname tags for each of the primary variations and on the tag for my own variation states: "Nobody has started a BEEZLEY Project yet. Please lead the way! Create a new free-space project to get things started."

I would love to get some guidance in line with your plans.

by Douglas Beezley G2G6 Mach 3 (31.3k points)
edited by Douglas Beezley

I didn't pick up on your Beasley Genealogy Project for the simple fact that you have not categorised it with the One Name Studies category - so it didn't appear in the Surname Index!

I would have done, though, because Name Studies should be called Name Studies, not Genealogy Projects (i.e. Beasley Name Study).  Which variants are you proposing?

Under the new reboot, I will create a new freespace page for you (yes, this will be the 'main' page), together with the correct redirects.  If you put me onto the Trusted List of both your pages, I can then merge them into the new one. 

ros.haywood [at]

Beasley Name Study set up and the Genealogy Project merged into it.  Please also add me to the Trusted List of

so I can merge that one in also.
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The  Frazier Name Study has several variants of Frazier:  Fraser, Frazier, Frazer, Fraser, Frashier, Frasyer, Freshour, Frazar, and Fraizer.  The spellings are used interchangeably in older records:  censuses, birth records, marrige records, etc.  Please add a project button on their genealogy index page.  I have not checked each of these variants.  I am excited about a reboot of the One Name Studies Project.

by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 8 (86.5k points)
edited by Edie Kohutek
I added redirects to your page for Frasier, Frasher, Frashure, Frayser, Frazer, Freshour, and Frazar.

Interestingly, there was already a redirect in place for Fraser that takes you to this page:

It's not categorized so I would never have known about it otherwise!  I will contact the manager :)
It looks like it is an early, inactive study. The original spelling in Scotland is Fraser and the rest are variants.  Thank you for your help.
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I've noticed that the Surnames/Tags pages for my Barnum Name Study show numerous listings for supposedly related surnames which are not actually related. It seems to me that might be confusing for persons trying to search for family members within the Barnum Name Study.

There are only three valid spellings of our surname. They are: Barnham, Barnum and Barnam (apart from a few instances of Burnham, which is not a related surname but appears within one of our Barnum lines of descent due to a legal name change by an ancestor).

However, the Surnames/Tags pages show as related surnames Banham, Barham, Barman, Barna, Bearman, Berman, Bernheim, Boarman, Boerman, Bonham, Boorman, Borman, Bormann, Bornman, Branam, Branham, Branum, Brinham, Broomham, Buhrman, Burman, Burnam, Burnum, Buurman, Farnham, Parnham, Varnam, Varnham and Varnum. None of these surnames is related to Barnum or its variants by either origin or descent.

Is there a way to correct the errors?

by Patrick Barnum G2G6 Mach 5 (52.1k points)

related surnames are most likely determined by the fuzzy matching part of the search software, I suggest you refer your question to the tech gurus Mary

It doesn't mean they are related by blood/marriage.  It means they are 'related' by sound/spelling.
^ What Ros said!  Also, I set up a redirect for you on the genealogy index page for Barnam.
Thanks to all of you for your help!
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The Volcik Name Study has only one variant at present, Wolcik - which can be redirected when you have a chance.

Thanks for all of the hard work Sarah and Ros!

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
Wolcik now redirects to your page :)
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Lemme get this straight: if I want to create a new name studies page, you'll do all the work for me to set up the page?


Thanks, you all do a great job!
by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

That's right. smiley

+3 votes
by Joelle Colville-Hanson G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
Joelle, would you like me to set up redirects to your study on the genealogy index pages for "Colvill," "Colvin" and "Scovil"?

Everything on your page looks great, except that Variants is misspelled :)
Yes please. And thanks for the proof reading:)
The redirects are set up :)
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This is great!

Do you guys have any plans for those studies that don't really have anyone working on them right now?
by Sarah Callis G2G6 Pilot (116k points)
That's a good question because, inevitably, some will set up a study with good intentions, lose interest in genealogy and then never return.
If you're interested in managing an existing ONS you can always request to join the Trusted List, and if the person doesn't reply you can start the Unresponsive Profile Manager form.  (If they deny you access let me know--this is WikiTree, we should welcome collaboration!)  But as long as the page has Open privacy you can always make edits without being the manager.

As far as rekindling interest for lapsed studies--I'm hoping that the Surname Spotlight Challenge will help motivate some people to revisit their ONSs :)
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I manage the Kemp ONS at the Guild of One-Name Studies and here on WikiTree.

Could you please link the variants KEMPE, KEMPF, KEMPS, KEMPT, CAMP & CAMPE to the Kemp ONS page (

by Andrew Kemp G2G1 (2.0k points)
+2 votes
Done for the Weston study.  Variants Wesson and Western need project buttons on the index page.


by Chris Weston G2G6 Mach 1 (17.5k points)
Redirects are all set!
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I have added a surname variant field for Pomeroy: 1715 POMEROYs. We will try to work on the following related surnames: POMERY (104) POMROY (79) PUMROY (5) POMERAY.

by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
Your Pomeroy Name Study is one which is misnamed.  It should be called Space: Pomeroy Name Study instead of Space:Pomeroys (this is in the URL in the web address bar at the top).

I have sent a Trusted List request so I can facilitate a merge between Space:Pomeroys and a correctly-named Pomeroy Name Study page I will create.  Once this is completed, Sarah can create the redirects for the new page and the variants you have chosen.
Added to trusted list, thanks
Redirects are all set!
Pomeleau, Pomerleau  turn into Pomeroys, we already are working with them, so can we add them too?
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I have added the following to the Borden Name Study. Somehow my space and category don't seem to be completely connected.

Surname Variants About 1155 BORDENs. Related surnames covered: BURTON (9164) BARTON (7121)  BURDEN (1286) BARDEN (868) BORDELON (380) BOURDON (372) 

by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (150k points)

Hello Sue

I have checked, and your freespace page:

and your category page

seem to work perfectly. smiley

You do not have a link to the Borden Surname Index:
(when did you post to the signup thread in G2G?)

So are you asking for a redirect to:
Borden, Burton, Barton, Burden, Barden, Bordelon, and Bourdon?

I set up a redirect for Borden and also for Burden, Barden, Bordelon, and Bourdon since you explicitly stated that those were included.

There is already a Barton Name Study.  Since it's a common name and you've already got a lot to work with, I don't necessarily think they should be merged.  But you should certainly link to their study on your page and coordinate research with their manager when it overlaps.

There is also a Burton Name Study but it was orphaned (and improperly named).  There are almost 10 times as many Burtons on WikiTree as Bordens, so I'm hesitant to merge Burton into Borden as one of many variants.  (Also, a quick Wikipedia search suggests that Burton and Borden have different origins.)  Do you think your study has enough work cut out for it with Borden, Burden, Barden, Bordelon and Bourdon? 

Good call, I'll add links. Thanks.
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SHEPARDSON name study

About 328 SHEPARDSONs. Related surnames will be added: SHEPHERDSON (73) SHEPHARDSON (11) SHEPERDSON (2).
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (150k points)

Your Shepardson Name Study is one which is misnamed.  It should be called Space: Shepardson Name Study instead of Space:Shepardson Name study (incorrect capitalisation). This is in the URL in the web address bar at the top.

I have sent a Trusted List request so I can facilitate a merge between Space:Shepardson Name study and a correctly-named Shepardson Name Study page I will create.  Once this is completed, Sarah can create the redirects for the new page and the variants you have chosen.

added to trusted list, thanks
+2 votes
Yes, a redirect for the variations listed for Pomeroy, Shepardson and Borden. Thanks.
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
Redirects for Pomeroy and Shepardson are done, see the Borden thread for the issues there
Thank you. The Borden seems a good call.
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I've revised [[Space:Tovey_Name_Study]] to list the variant Tovy. Please could you add the project button!

I've also added this to [[Space:Turvey Name Study]]. Please could you add the project button to Turvy, Turvie and Turvell.

Many thanks!
by Andrew Turvey G2G6 Mach 3 (37.6k points)
Well done Andrew, the redirects are all set now!

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