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Dears, could you help me in indicating name of my relative? I am not sure which fields to use and how: She is born in a Czech village located in Ukrainian-Russian speaking teritory of Ukrainia in the Sovet Union, in the birth certificate is mentioned "Алжбета Вацлавовна Вогралик" (transliterated in English it would be "Alzhbeta Vaclavovna Vohralyk") in the official language, nevertheless the Czech speaking family used the Czech form "Alžběta Václavovna Vohralíková". After moving to Czechoslovakia she used just "Alžběta Vohralíková" without the patronymic "Vaclavovna"). After marriage, till now she uses and has in all document the name "Alžběta Matějková".
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I found this page - (not sure it helps answer your question though).

You might want to contact the project -

(I'll add the project's tag in a sec.)

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I would use the name the family gave her:  "Alžběta Václavovna Vohralíková".

Maybe you could use the rules that are in place for the Dutch Roots project since they also have patronymic names.

Proper First Name: First name at birth (Voornaam)
Full name or names at birth mentioned in an official birth certificate or baptismal record.

  • Johannes, Cornelia Magdalena etc.
  • If a patronymic also is mentioned as name, the patronymic.
    For example: Pieter Jansz. de Ridder; then add in the PFN field: Pieter Jansz.
  • Preferred Name: (Roepnaam) Here automatically the content of the PFN field will show. If known, you can replace it or only add the preferred name.
  • Other Nicknames:
    Other names or nicknames by which the person was known.
    For example: Maatje de Nooijer was known in her village as Maatje van Keetje van Jacob or Jan de Boer had the nickname "de Snurker".
  • Middle name: Middle names is something we don't have, know or use at all in the Netherlands. So for all Dutch profiles always check the box : no middle name.
  • Last Name At Birth: (Achternaam)
    In this field, the profile ID is defined.
      1. Last name including prepositions given at birth in an official Birth or Baptism Note.
      2. Patronymic that can be derived from a Birth or Baptismal Note. (First name of father + sz, s , dr)
        see Dutch naming convention or explaining below for more info about patronymics, matronymics or the multiple generation ones.
      3. Matronymic same as Patronymic (First name of mother + sz, s, dr)
      4. If no data are available, birth name listed in Wedding banns and documents .
      5. Surname mentioned in other official documents.
    • Prepositions
      • Write prepositions of Dutch names always with lower case letters and separate from each other and Name.
        Don't use capitals for prepositions .
        van, van den, op den, ter, de, van der Bilt etc.
      • Don't use abbreviations, for example, v/d.
    • Lastnames start with a Capital folowed by lower case letters.
      • Jansen, Barentsen, Claessen
    • Add Surname including preposition separate from each other in the LNAB field.
      • van Opdorp, van der Stee, de Mooi
      • de Vos van Steenwijk
  • Current Last Name. This field could be called Preferred Last Name, Last Name at Death or Married Name.
    • For living people, it should be whatever they would currently prefer.
    • For non-living people, it should be the last name they were using at the time of their death. If a woman was married more than once and because of this had multiple names you can add the others to the Other Last Names field.
    • If it's a married woman known to have carried the surname of her husband, it is preferred there to fill in the name of her husband.
    • Early profiles (Pre-1700) for married women; only add the surname of the husband if records show she had adopted it as surname.
  • Other Last names
    This field could be called Alternate Last Names or Last Name Variations. It could be used for alternative spellings that appear in the records. This and the Other Nicknames fields are the ones that can include multiple names. Separate these with commas.
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Or Czech naming guidelines!

You may also need some input from WikiTreers familiar with Russian/Soviet and Ukrainian name and location conventions.

Ideally, the profile should follow the actual birth documentation (actual document/digital image, not a transcription)(presuming such documentation exists) for Proper First Name and Last Name at Birth, as well as birth location. Thus, the profile may need a change to the Russian alphabet for those fields (of no immediate concern, though; spelling in alternate alphabet should be included in other relevant name fields, at least).

Well, that's my interpretation of WikiTree's "their convention" guidelines!

edit: I see Liz already mentioned Czech naming guidelines - Doh!!

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I would use the documented name for LNAB and given name and put the Czech version in Other Last Name and Preferred Name. Married name would be in Current Last Name.
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