Is some Admin working thru all the manager-less private profiles upgrading someone unilaterally from the Trusted List?

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Is some Admin working thru all the Living private profiles without a manager?

PLEASE check before upgrading someone unilaterally from the Trusted List.

A WikiTreer, not on the Trusted List  has added me as manager of a living profile without consulting me and I cannot now remove myself. (I have contacted the person who did so)

I was only on the Trusted list by an historical accident / misunderstanding of the original creator, who is no longer a member and had added me to the Trusted List of ALL her profiles, not just those I'd helped with  / was interested in.
in Policy and Style by Lorna Henderson G2G6 Mach 2 (27.2k points)

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You can remove yourself from any profile's Trusted List or as Profile Manager. Go to the relevant profile and click on the Privacy tab. At the bottom of the page you will see your name on the Trusted List. You can click to remove yourself as PM or click the button that says Remove Yourself. That will remove you entirely from that profile.
by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (504k points)
I thought if you were the only PM, that you can not orphan a living - that was my understanding - may be wrong

BUT  I do not understand how someone could make a person be a pm

You can orphan a living person's profile, as long as there's still at least one member on the Trusted List.

And a PM can make another person become PM by adding their email address on the Privacy page (to add them to the Trusted List) and then selecting the link that says "Add as Manager."
I cannot remove myself as Manager from this profile, as she is living.

Yes there is another person on the Trusted st, but she will have been added similarly to myself and is unlikely to want the profile either.

I was added as PM summarily by an Admin Wikitreer without consultation
Thanks for that clarification Ellen, I learn something new every day!  Now Lorna I see that would seem pretty rude, I can see why you are upset - I can understand putting someone on a trusted list if you feel they may want to be involved on a profile but I sure would not make someone a PM unless they wanted to be one - jeeze
If you are the only person on the Trusted List (with no PM), you cannot remove yourself if the profile is PRIVATE.  If you try, you get a banner.
Lorna, you can see the change log for this profile, so you should be able to see who added you as PM. Have you contacted them?
as I said in the post I have contacted the person who did so.
They have responded, basically saying that it is impractical for them to contact people when they are tidying up profiles of those who have left WikiTree and that I should review my unwanted profiles.
She should have removed me by now.

Which is all fair enough I suppose but in at least this case will have involved her in just as much work.
I do review my profiles reasonably frequently, particularly when a change comes to my attention and I wonder why, but as the person who added me to her profiles initially is no longer a member and I am interested in some of them but not all of them, it will take a while to work through them!

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