Euroaristo Project Boxes are all over the place, without Project Account Management [closed]

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Last November the policy was changed so that Project Boxes (templates) can ONLY be used on profiles that have the Project Account as manager (see here and also here).  I understand that it's a slow process adding the project account to relevant profiles and replacing other templates with a sticker.  But I am really concerned by the sheer number of EuroAristo project boxes I am coming across.  Especially concerned when I saw this profile with the Project box had the source " family trees":

I clicked on the Project link and the very first thing on the page is instructions to add the Project Box, without any mention of the new rules that it needs to be managed by the Project Account:

I checked some of the other EuroAristo Project page links.  British Isles 1500-present Project page also does not mention, in the Project Box section, that management by the project account is required.  European Aristo 742-1499 doesn't mention it either.  Neither does European Aristo 1500-presentEuropean Aristo prior to 742 doesn't mention it, and in fact the very first thing under the "Profile Improvement Checklist" is adding the Project box (even above "add sources").  It's not surprising to me that profiles like this one created several months after the rules went into effect are incorrectly using the Project box.

The only Euroaristo page I found with the correct rules was Cymru Welsh Aristo.  (And I know the Magna Carta Project has been extremely diligent about adding the project account to profiles with the box).

Again, I understand that it's a slow transition and EuroAristo projects have a particularly heavy workload, but it has been over 6 months and it's unclear how much progress is being made.  At the very least I think it's time to edit the main Project pages to reflect the new rules, so that individuals won't add more Project boxes to new profiles.

WikiTree profile: Thomas Wentworth
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in Policy and Style by Sarah Heiney G2G6 Mach 5 (54.0k points)
closed by Darlene Athey-Hill

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Thanks for your concern and interest in the EuroAristo project.  Indeed it has been slow going.  Not only is it the largest project on Wikitree, it's actually five projects.  So there is a lot to figure out with the various project boxes, stickers, and Google accounts.  But rest assured it's not just sitting there.  We are working with Abby to get things sorted out.

As to project boxes on pages that show " family trees", I'm sure there are many of those.  Once upon a time, anyone and everyone could create these HSA profiles -- and they did -- and they also created lots of duplicates.  I could spend 24/7 just being a medieval arborist to try and clean it all up.  Unfortunately for Wikitree, I have a life that doesn't permit that . . .  And while our project is the largest, there are only a handful of people working on them.  Our project is always seeking new, active members to assist with clean up.

Meanwhile, I'll make a note on the project pages.  

Darlene - Co-Leader, European Aristocrats Project
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (560k points)
Thank you Darlene!  I know that for a lot of projects (like One Name Studies) we made the switch from Project Box template to sticker automatic, so that individual volunteers wouldn't have to change them manually.  Depending on the EuroAristo project, it might be easier to just change all of the project boxes to stickers and then manually re-add the Project box template to profiles that are actually managed by the Project account.

And if y'all set up a maintenance category for this process, post it here and I would be happy to add the category to any relevant profiles that I come across :)

I very much appreciate the offer of assistance, Sarah.  We're going to have Ales work his magic with the bot.  Hopefully very soon . . .  wink

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Sarah it is a slow process, and no the Euroaristo Box should not have been added to Thomas Wentworth-55, because he has not one source on his profile to back up anything, except his father has a Euroaristo Box. 

by Keith Mann Spencer G2G6 Mach 3 (33.0k points)
On WikiTree he's the conveniently blue-blooded ancestor of a New England immigrant, as usual.

In real life we're told he was a Catholic priest.  Not necessarily all his life, but there's no evidence that he was anybody's ancestor.

The internet is all over the place guessing who was the father of Alice.
I imagine that with the transition to stickers you'll still get plenty of people erroneously putting a sticker that says "X was a European Aristocrat" on their not-quite-aristocratic ancestors.  But to me that's less of a problem than a box that says "This profile is a part of the European Aristocrats Project" when it's definitely not part of the Project.
I've deleted the project box from Thomas' profile.

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