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Hi Guys,

During the last seven months I have been focusing on the Dutch unconnected roots,via the DBE UnconnectedList NLD page. Since 1 April I have been keeping track of the progress, by noting the number of dutch profiles and the number of unconnected profiles that are mentioned on the page:

1/4: 11213/179379
29/4: 11282/183574
27/5: 12027/188642
1/7: 11448/193424
and the last score of 11111 unconnected out of 195130 profiles. Slowly but surely we are below 6%

As I will be AFK (away from keyboard) during the next few weeks, my question is that someone posts the new scores that will be available on Wednesday. 


in The Tree House by B. W. J. Molier G2G6 Mach 9 (92.6k points)

Hi Jan,

Thank you for taking care of the Canadians. This week there are two new large branches from Newfoundland: Raymond-2568 for 88 and Andrews-4428 with 36 profiles.

Last week was very strange, I connected 8 branches but the unconnected number rose from 9324 to 10407 (+1083). The total number of Dutch profiles grew from 396893 to 417392 (+20499), the biggest growth I have ever seen!

B.W. is there any explanation for this growth? Could we do some kind of check? It's indeed very strange such a huge amount in one week.
Not clear to me why these 2 trees (and many others)  are in the list. There seems to be no link to Nederland/Netherlands.
Maybe the script to find the unconnected/unlinked has changed ?
Jan, I didn't see the link either, but sometimes the marriages in Newfoundland & Labrador are recorded as NL.

Margreet, I don't know. Sometimes there is an error in the numbers Ales produces.
I think marriage locations are now in searches. My search for unsourced netherlands united states grew a lot last week and it seemed to be due to marriage locations. Perhaps this has increased the numbers of unconnected?

I was able to connect Désiré Cleys (1870-1962) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree to the three. Only 1 profile out of 126 related to Nederland :-)

Als changed Amsterdam to Amsterdam in South Africa for another tree and changed NL marriage to Newfoundland in yet another tree.

I noticed there are many profiles with locations "Oostenrijkse Nederlanden" are also in the list of unconnected trees. This is nowadays Belgium (België), should these be on our list ?

Thank you all for responding. Due to LOWT (life outside WT) I could only respond in a very short way. Great work in Cleys, a lot of the top 10 on the page is mainly Belgium or Germany. BTW, depending on the year, "Oostenrijkse Nederlanden" can be Dutch of Belgian. The filter is not very precise.

On the sudden growth: it might be that the table with names  used to define 'Netherlands' or Dutch profiles has been changed, thus including more profiles. I have been marking quite some profiles as Dutch, but not that many... wink

On the other hand: there are loads of Dutch Wikitreers now, so there might be some serious work being done in the current lockdown.

Yes, two parts of the story. I read this in the Arborists group:

"I worked out the issue with the stats for this week. Wikitree+ is now picking up profiles in the searches by locations at marriage as well as birth and death. So it has added more profiles to the various searches based on the place of marriage. Definitely a good thing in the long run, even if it did inflate the numbers for last week."

And I know I spend no evenings outside during this lockdown.

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Will do!

I will be FAK (frequently at keyboard).

Hope the reason for AFK is holidays. If so: have a wonderful time!
by Living Terink G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
Thank you Jan,

Holidays indeed. and tomorrow a visit to Middelburg.

BTW, just made a connection for a Nering Bögel, and read the amazing story again of the black sheep!

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