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by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (713k points)
Long time no see my friend, Eddie! Welcome back.

Donnie Blackstone makes me do stuff ! Anyway, it's catfish season. None of you peeps are as important to me as catfish fried in butter with a side of collards. devil

Great to see you posting again!  You have done some really wonderful profiles.  Thanks for all the great work!

Hello Laura

I only work with friends now. No more open profiles of the long gone.

Here's my other guy I did this week .


Welcome back Eddie!

Nice profiles
Very nice!  You have a gift for really doing well researched and sensitive profiles.  Working with friends is the best!
Nice work!
Wonderful as usual Eddie :)

What you've created practically makes us hear the music.   You've certainly raised the bar.

If you click on the video links top of profile, you CAN hear the musiclaugh

Welcome back Eddie

Wow - what a great example of a profile.
that is a great one there - very nice pictures and articles - great
My new guy next week will be a black jazz musician who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. (USAF)
And I am sure you will do this fallen hero a most amazing and respectful profile as he deserves.  May he rest in peace.
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by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (713k points)

The Morgan Choir is one of the best! Thanks, Eddie.

Aretha and friends!
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Tips  July 20

Today we are going to center on tips from the Style Guide. 

1.  Names:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Name_Field_Guidelines  You will notice on this link there are specific guidelines for different countries and time periods.  When in doubt ask a question in G2G of other members of the project the profile would belong to.  Also there is more name help here https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Name_Fields

2.  Unknown name now has its own new project.    https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Unknowns and here are the guidelines for entering names of people who either do not have a surname or you do not know it:

Our system requires the basic first name and last name fields. They cannot be blank. This necessitates a few special case rules.

•           If the first name or last name is unknown, use Unknown in the field. Do not use Not Sure, NN, Wife of X, Adopted, etc.[1]

•           If the first name or last name is uncertain, use the name it's suspected to be and mark the field as "uncertain." Do not use "Possibly X" or "Might be Y", etc.

•           If a name is being omitted for extra privacy, use Anonymous or an initial. Do not use Living, Private, etc. See Names for Living People below.

•           In rare cases where a modern person has no Current Last Name, like Madonna, use No Last Name.

•           If last names weren't used in the person's time, one needs to be created. Most such profiles will come under a project, such as the European Aristocrats project (see Name Fields for European Aristocrats) and the Dutch Roots project (see Dutch Roots/Naming Convention). Check this pagefor links to other project-specific naming guidelines.

•           There are no special rules for slaves. Their Last Name at Birth is often that of the slave owner. If their last name is unknown, use Unknown. See this G2G discussion: Naming conventions for slaves.

3.   Surname prepositions, particles, and prefixes  refer to the guide here https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Name_Fields and when in doubt post a question with examples of what you might enter in G2G to see what others think.  

4.  First Name: 


•          If you're unsure of the Proper First Name, enter Unknown. If you can make an educated guess, enter that and mark the status as "uncertain". You might also wish to explain it in the biographical text. Do not use NN, or something like Twin, Daughter of X, Husband of Y, etc.

•          If an infant died before he or she could be named use what is on their death record according to their conventions, otherwise use Unnamed Infant. Do not use Infant Boy, Baby Girl, etc. There is a gender field for this.

•          If you want extra privacy enter Anonymous or the first initial. Do not enter Living or a fake name or alias.

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (849k points)
edited by David Selman

Thanks for the great tips, Laura!


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David, Thanks so much for hosting!
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (849k points)
Your welcome, Laura!
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Today’s puzzle is a visual language one.  The images create words or parts of words.  Some may be easy and some are really hard.  The number of letters will be indicated by _ _ _ _ _  would indicate 5 letters.  A plus sign or minus sign means you add or subtract from the image before it.  The word meter could be represented by a picture of a metric ruler that shows 1 meter or it could be done by M + a photo of someone eating.  M + eater  =  meter.  Or it could be a photo of a steak + R  =  meat R = meter.

Royalty free images are from https://www.pexels.com/  and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Photo_of_the_Week/Archive and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:WikiFree_Memes

The phrases and words are specific to WikiTree. 

Because of the size of the file to access the puzzle you will need to go to this link in the dropbox and select either the pdf or the docx version.  

It is a visual treat so follow the blue link for the fun!


The answers to the clues are in the answer folder at the above link.  

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (849k points)
Fun. I always liked these puzzles.
Another Great Puzzle by the Puzzle Master, Laura! Thanks, Laura for the fun!
Thanks Doug and David.
As I mentioned in a later post I am busy get a company ready to transfer to the new owner next weekend.  So I will not have a puzzle or tips next week.  If someone else wants to do one, please do so with my blessing!
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Hey Cousins!

Thanks for hosting, David!

I had a crazy week exercising my research chops chasing rabbits through space and time.  Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Germany, Lavalleys, Posterts, Strothers.  Drama, mystery, and suspense.  Great fun!

This weekend's submission - back in the day, we called these darn fine eatin'.



by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (774k points)
Awesome !  

Do King Kong !

Thanks, Eddie!

I did King Kong last week.  Oh, wait, no, that was King Kang.  Or Kang Kong.  laugh

No, last week you did ME ! I am the X-Treme Kong.
Nothing beats a Dinosaur Steak!! Thank for the Origami, Hebert!
My pleasure, David.  It's grocery day.  Have to find a suitable modern alternative to good old grass-fed organic sauropod.
So do you have shelves of these on display?  You should.  They are works of art!  Hugs to Dino!
Thanks, Laura!  I do have a collection of them in my office.  They're a bit small for hugs, but thanks all the same!
They DID move in herds!!!!

Or flocks?  Aren't they more closely related to birds?  Therefore, I bought chicken tonight.  wink

Well, yeah. =) Appreciate people getting the Jurassic Park reference. =D
Ostrich?  Most were flightless... and it is the biggest bird ...   there was a restaurant in a neighboring town that served exotic meats besides convention ones.  So they had ostrich on the menu.  I never ate it...  but I loved their buffalo.  Reminded me of my childhood when I would go out West to visit some family.   Buffalo burgers and fry bread with buffalo chili... now that was good eating!
Ostrich is great.  Dark red and beefy tasting.  Tastes nothing like chicken.
Thanks for sharing your dinosaur.  I think Staple is a good name for him
LOL Thanks, cuz!  Unpaid endorsement.
This is most definitely true, in your case Eddie!
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Today is..............

National Lollipop Day July 20


July 20th, National Lollipop Day, is an annual observation of this popular and flavorful treat.

Ever delightful and sweet, lollipops have been satisfying the sweet tooth for generations and possibly for centuries. They may have been a way to preserve nuts and berries in honey during prehistoric times.  Much later when sugar was plentiful, lollipops appeared in 16th century Europe.  

In the United States, confectionaries and medicine shops as early as the 1860s sold lollipops in various forms, but it wasn’t until 1908 that George Smith gave lollipops an official 20th-century story.   He gets credit for inventing the modern style lollipop and in 1931 trademarked the name which he claims came from his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pops.

They range from the small size, which can be purchased by the bag full and are also given away at banks, barber shops, and parades, to the very large ones that are made out of candy canes twisted into circles.


1934 – In the movie Bright Eyes, Shirley Temple sang the song “On the Good Ship Lollipop.”

1939 – The Wizard of Oz brought us a world of characters, including the Lollipop Guild. Armed with a giant spiral sucker, The Lollipop Guild welcomed Dorothy to the Land of Oz.

1969 – How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. The Tootsie Pop (the trademark name for Tootsie Roll’s lollipop) commercial debuted on U.S. television. The 60-second advertisement included a boy, cow, fox, turtle, owl and the narrator.

1973-1978 -The lollipop-loving detective, Kojak, from the TV series of the same name, softened the tough guy while at the same time, toughened up the lollipop.


Enjoy a lollipop today to celebrate.  Post on social media using #NationalLollipopDay.


The National Confectioners Association founded National Lollipop Day.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
My teeth hurt at the thought of eating lollipops.
Have not had a Lollipop in years, Now I will have to go get one or a dozen!!

Thank you, Dorothy, for your Today Is........ Post.
I used to love those big multi-color ones!  And cherry and lime were always great flavors too!   Dorothy your posts are always so "tasteful"!
And my immediate thought was of:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rYoRaxgOE0
How about Shirley Temple on "The Good Ship Lollipop!"

Thanks Dorothy, you always find great eating stuff.  I love lollipops, haven't had any in years, but they are fun even just to look at, like all those Shirley Temple movies.
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My brother and his family are over so I am gonna make this quick. Re: Quicker than usual.

Tip: If you find one third cousin in one family on AncestryDNA you are gonna find more. Sometimes. Results may vary. Por ejemplo:

I saw three siblings who did DNA tests and are on Ancestry. I've been talking to them and we've been trying to figure out who they connect to on my tree. After a few months, one of them decided to contact their grandma Agnes. To make a long story short, they connect with this guy:


That's my great-grandmother's youngest brother, Oliver. This guy I had trouble finding info on. But, it all worked out.

On another front, I found yet another descendant of my grandmother's Uncle Rocco. That was a cool connection. Third cousins again. I am finding a lot more third cousins than anything. I found a few fourths, though.

I do have one question. I have two Forgione cousins in the tree who descend from my great-grandmother Clementina's brother, Pasquale. One cousin ended up sharing more cMs with me than the other one. This is normal, right? Ancestry has them separated by a bit (gen wise) even though I put them both in and they are in the 2nd cousin once removed area. In fact, Frank and Trisha are brother and sister. One just has more cMs in common with me than the other.

I am having fun with the Google doc. Got it colorcoded and everything. Oh and Wednesday I talked to Laura on Skype. Was cool. If any of you want to talk on skype, my id is cferra1

Off to go get some lobster rolls and ice cream. PEACE!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (795k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
Where's my comic ? You promised a new episode !
I do miss the occasional lobster roll. Now you have me wanting to make another trip east.
Hi Chris, Thanks for dropping in on the Weekend Chat! Lobster sounds good for lunch but we are having roast beef, rice, salad, lemon poppy seed muffins and mixed strawberries and blueberries, topped off with homemade fresh cheery crisp.
Chris is having fun with his two nephews and they adore him!  As do we!

Had a great chat with him using my husband's skype.  Ron is out on Wednesday mornings so I use that time to commandeer his skype to talk to people around the world.  Otherwise he is on it for business.  

Eddie I will send you a link to the latest comic I got from Chris.  I have to find that email!
Here's the most recent comic, Eddie: http://starbolts.blogspot.com/2018/07/starbolts-398-lies-of-royalty.html

My friend, Zenith, sent me her cameo so I'll be reviewing Action Comics #1000 soon. Then I am off to do Starbolts #399 and #400.

From #401 on is gonna be a roller coaster of feels, my friend. Then again comics are like that. Just the right amount of drama with romantic payoff for two characters who honestly, truly deserve a break. Seriously, people might think I don't like some characters when I do. I just tend to throw the kitchen sink at them.

I had a great time getting lobster rolls up in Portsmouth. We went to Yummies in Maine and got some candy. Then we went to the lobster roll place. Got ice cream. Was good. Here's where we went: http://www.thebeachplum.net/portsmouth/menu.html

I highly recommend it and Yummies: https://yummies.com/

The kids are subdued for the moment. Things are great. Had a great time talking with Laura. =D That meal sounds good, Dave. Umm...one more for dinner won't hurt, right?

Oliver Legault and I are 6th cousins twice removed with Sabastien Cholet being Oliver's 5th great grand father and my 7th great grandfather.

They are doing the new Doctor reveal at Comiccom  It is a woman this time so says the hype.

Looking forward to Jodie Whittaker as our new Doctor. There has never been a bad actor to play the Doctor. Even Colin Baker. He was thrown under the bus during his run. His new run in the Big Finish audio dramas have been amazing! We knew about Jodie for a while. She narrowly missed being interviewed by Chris Hardwick. That guy..just look up what happened with him. It ain't pretty!

@Nicole: And we are 7th cousins once removed. Neat!
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Hello Wikitree!

Thanks David for hosting this weeks session. Well this week was pretty much like last week. Still trying to figure out the DNA stuff however been endeavoring to knock out a few McCabe Profiles in Pennsylvania. I didn't know there was so many McCabe's in Philadelphia. This past week we had pretty good weather so I can't complain. Well I reckon I off to re-watch some episodes of JAG https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JAG_(TV_series)

Appreciation Team tip of the week.

  1. When giving constructive criticism, try to find a way to compliment or thank the other person first. At the least, you can thank them for trying to make valuable contributions to our common project.
by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (389k points)
Thanks for the Appreciation Team tip, Steve!
Great tip!

This weekend I'm watching giant snake movies. Bikini babes get swallowed whole.devil

Geez Eddieblush

Well, if the babes had a lot of clothes on, the snakes might have to chew them up, right ? Very messy !
That actually just happened to an older lady in Indochina or Malaysia.  She went out to check her garden and they found her inside a giant python.  She was however not wearing a bikini.  I think she had a shift like dress on.
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My husband bought a book yesterday about something that was part of our lives in our youth. (You only have to live long enough for your life to become History and it doesn't seem very long). "Didn't you work with her?" he asked. Good grief, Yes. How odd to read about someone you worked with in a history book. wonder if she's still alive. Might contact author and ask if he knows, might not. Must be able to identify him. That was easy but soon discovered the author died in a motor accident shortly after the book was  written. Wonder who he was, sounds interesting. Took less than half an hour to discover that he was a distant cousin of my husband. Wikitree already has his great great grandfather. what an odd world.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Wow small world!
Two of my peeps are in movies. Wilson Lee in GLORY and Quitman Walker in TUSKEGEE AIRMEN(starring Sam the Man Jackson)
Hi C., thanks for your story about the book.
I had a similar reaction when I saw dolls I had played with in a small town history museum.
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If National Lollipop Day can be headlined, we need to also mention that it is 

National Moon Day

In honor of the Apollo 11 landing.

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (552k points)
Perfect!  Today we celebrate the suckers who believe we put men on the Moon!  <<===  Joke.  That really did happen.  I watched it live on TV.
Didn't see that obvious one coming. Thanks!

I watched it live as well.

Ba-dum tiss!  I'll be here all weekend.  laugh

It was magical.  Oh, and the Myth Busters proved it was not a fake!

I hate that they had to prove it was not a fake. People got the dumb. Sigh....

Obviously I am too young to have seen it. I at least heard about it and read about it. My parents were saying we should go back. We should.
Mars !

I volunteer for the first flight. Gonna take my trumpet. Martian JAZZ !
And what kind of martian will you play music for?

1. J'onn J'onzz

2. An Ice Warrior

3. Marvin the Martian
J'onn J'onzz
Thanks, Doug for reminding us of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. I have seen them all!
Laura, my wife had never seen My Favorite Martian so this past Spring we binge watched them. Lots of fun.

David, I watched all of the Mercury and Apollo flights. Still pay attention to what is going on. Back when the ISS was new, I worked on some software for the science stations to communicate with laptops (I worked on the laptop side). Lots of fun working with NASA on that one.
Doug I know two of the men who worked on AI for NASA.  One of them also worked on the movie Avatar.
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The past week was very hot so I got to do a fair amount of genealogy. I'm making headway with one of my French Canadian lines and added some more WWI soldiers from New Brunswick who were killed in action. I also started a Free Space page to track the ones I've added and whether they are connected to the main tree or not. I periodically go back and try to connect them and to improve the profiles. New Brunswick WWI Soldiers.

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (552k points)
Doug if you run into any who were in the Canadian Cycle Corp, let me know and I will forward their information to Casey who is heading up a project to get the CCC national honors.   My great uncle from London, Ontario was in it and he was killed 3 days before the war ended.   The CCC were the brave young men who rode bicycles to take dispatches to the front, who scouted into enemy lines, who paved the way for the battalions.  They had a high number of casualties.
I'll keep a watch out for those. So I'll remember I'll add it to my TODO list.
+13 votes
Hi everyone. Thanks for hosting David.

I donrt have to leave the apartment yet - that will be on Tuesday - but things are a bit hectic around my apartment today. Right now is lunch time so I am sneaking in my big news.

My mothers DNA results showed up late last night, so I stayed up until 4 AM this morning going through her matches. She has over 6000 - while I only have 4800.

She is definitely a first cousin with someone from the Irish family so it's looking like we have found her fathers family - just need to make contact and see if I picked the right man as the father. I chose the only brother in  the family who never married. I assume that the other 2 brothers would not have affairs if they were married. The brothers have all passed (Died) which is why I need to confirm things with the first cousins.

If it becomes necessary, I may need to persuade one child from each of the 2 brothers families, to also do a DNA test (if they havent done so already) to confirm that they are also 1st cousins with my mother and not a half sibling.

So fingers crossed that this is the right family. I am hoping that the first cousin we are aware if, already knows about my grandmother, or at least knows of her name.

I have already put this Irish family into wikitree. I just need the confirmation in order to connect my mother to her possible biological father and my tree will no longer have a great big huge gap in it!!

The other interesting news is from my mothers ethnicity estimate. She turns out to have mostly Irish. Scottish & Welsh - which I expected - some english - which I also expected. But what I didnt expect was some small amounts of eastern european, central asian and Ashkenazi jewish.

This actually makes sense for my own ethnicity results. I have mostly irish, scottish and welsh, along with a small amount of Baltic (part of east european), a small amount of middle eastern, but no jewish. We have no idea where that comes from either. It might be fun to find out.

OK lunch tme is over so I will be back later on, probably after the family chat. Cannot wait to tell my mother all this news!!!

Ciao for now

by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Robynne so glad you made all that headway so quickly!   Good for you!
Thanks Laura,

A lot of this headway comes from the other family having already done DNA tests and also from my own DNA results which came out back in May 2018,  It took me a while to figure this out and make these connections.

Having my mother do her DNA would just support my arguments for this family - and they have.

Now I just need to confirm the right man.
Don't leave. The day globe burns. IT BURNS!!!

Okay. A little dramatic. But, that's okay.

Kind of weird how she has more matches. My parents and I have about the same amount on Ancestry. On FTDNA, my dad has 12 (with me) and my mom has over 100. Dunno why that's so low. Of those twelve 5 are from the same family.

Congrats on finding the first cousin. That is pretty close. Like "Come on over for Christmas dinner." close. Keep digging! You never know what you find. And if you find skeletons, put them in funny hats. Because funny hats make everything better.

Now go forth and ask questions! Don't shake people down for info. Be cool about it!

First cousins with your mother means they'd be first cousins once removed with you. So.....Basically that's close enough for someone to invite 'em to Christmas eve or something. Good luck and keep us updated! This has been exciting to read about.

Got the popcorn! Ciao for now!
Robynne you are right about it being easier when the family you need has tested and is out there for you.   I have a friend who took a DNA test and the closest relative to him is 4.7 generations away!  We are trying to entice his brothers to take a test or a cousin.  It also surprises me at how resistant some folks are to the idea of testing.
Probably don't want to spit in a tube. Or believe in that hype that DNA tests will bring someone down. Only if they're criminals. And some people call it a scam. That's only true for like low to no budget DNA testing places which would be like a guy with a bucket sitting in an unmarked white van.
My Heritage and FT DNA both use cheek swabs - which are so much easier to use!!  I do agree that spitting into a tube is so GROSS!!! Both to do and to see (on youtube video).

I saw one video where the parents said  they could not get their young son to spit (he was under 5 I think) so the parents had to fork out more money for a My Heritage test so they could swab the boys cheek when he was sleeping!!
LOL! That's one way to do it! People have done grosser things on YouTube than spit in a tube.

I...once ate a cheeseburger donut. It was so gross. It actually made me sick. It was this donut shaped like a cheeseburger with chocolate pudding for the burger part. I had it on blip. Never put it on YouTube. Blip went under and I deleted the video. It'll never see the light of day again. That was the first and last episode of "Cferra Tries".

Other people have tried grosser things.

My dad did the "spit test" as he called it like a pro. He's a dentist. So he flicked the tube and was very scientific about getting it done. He even said which glands to stimulate. Doctors, man. They go into details.
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You would think with all the hot weather there would certainly be tomatoes to can, but noooo... they are late this year.

I keep finding more cemeteries to put on my must visit list (at least they are all in a 20 mile radius).

Spent a lot of time searching pre 1840 census for unknown fathers, but its like a needle in a haystack.

Just wandered upon a will, got another gg grandfather connected. He named his father in his will which will lead me on another search. His father-in-law also named my gg grandmother (with her married name) in his will. Finding some connections....

I'm torn whether to look for the Mayflower connection or go for the PGM that might give me pedigree collapse between maternal/paternal sides. It is also tempting to go for the black sheep. Thomas Rood was hanged for incest in 1672. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rood-173 The sad part is that his daughter was whipped for her 'crime'.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (617k points)
You are one busy lady that is great!
Hi Kay, best of luck with the research and finding connections.
I just bought some field ripened ones at our local grocery store.  They are so flavorful compared to the others.....
+16 votes
So the newest on the saga of closing down our spice company.  We have an email expressing intent to buy the company for an agreed upon price.  Now I am working with my accountant to determine what if anything gets taxed for sales tax.   And I am leaving the chat to go start packaging up things like the recipes (electronic file), some sales history on the retail side (electronic file),  some sampling gear / storage containers.  We are slated to finalize everything next weekend.  So I will most likely miss the chat until very late at night...  

I do not have a puzzle or tips ready.  And won't have time this week to pull them together.  So if someone wants to take a stab of doing them, you have my blessing!
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (849k points)
Best with the sale, Laura! I know you will be glad when it is a done deal with money in hand.
Good luck Laura
Thanks, I will have a life again!   Looking forward to that!  It has been more time consuming closing it down than running it!
+12 votes
I have been doing a lot recently, just not on WikiTree. I got a new smartphone, for my birthday tomorrow, and I will be busy setting it up for a while. I am being nominated for Director of Education for my Amateur Radio Club, Elections are in November. I continue to make big cuts to my watchlist on WikiTree, down to under 1700 from over 5000 just a couple of months ago. I have been trying to do more outside activities and cut my time spent on the computer so reducing my watchlist helps some there. I still plan on working on genealogy, just concentrate more on my close family from now on. The best news I can offer is that ALL of the profiles on my watchlist have been edited in 2018. That being said I am soon going to find it much harder to edit profiles because the profiles I continue to edit will be mainly on my watchlist and they are slowly becoming about a done as I can do them.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Happy Birthday Dale!!!!!
Dale ! !  Manly hug, bro.

Pop a CD in the stereo, enjoy ! (I recommend some mellow jazz)

Another manly hug !
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!   

Happy Birthday, Dale!  

Happy Birthday, Dale!

Congratulations we Appreciate You

Happy Birthday Dale.  My Dad always claimed to never be any older than 29 years of age.  He said it was a great place to be, he was always so young at heart.
+13 votes
Hello Everyone!

Here where I am, it is very hot :( It rains for a minute then gets so humid!

I have started looking into my Italian/Spanish ancestors again and when they migrated to the United States and Guatemala. I've learned and remembered things that have been very interesting. I had great cousins and uncles that were prominent figures in Guatemala, which is really cool! If anyone has some knowledge/interest in Guatemalan genealogy let me know!
by Sarah Callis G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Hi Sarah, welcome to the Weekend Chat!

Here it was another record breaker as far as the heat as it was officially 108°F and tomorrow it is supposed to reach 110° F with no rain in sight.

Welcome to the Weekend Chat, Sarah.  The closest I get to Guatemala is Ecuador where one of my daughterinlaw's mother is from.   But there are a number of folks with either Italian or Spanish heritage on the chat most weeks.  We celebrate everyone's heritage and love to hear stories from all around the world!  

Do you hear the song... It's a small world after all  playing in the background?  

It's a small world. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. Song is in my head. Thanks!

Now then, Laura is correct. There are many people here with Italian heritage willing to help. I'm a project coordinator for the Italian Roots project. If you have any questions please ask. We'll be happy to help.

Don't really know about Guatemala. But, if it's Italy you need help on please don't hesitant to ask! =D
Christ it is better than ...  my husband said if I post that song people will never forgive me... so consider it edited...   but it is worse than the one above....  very insipid...   little ones love it!!!!
Hmm....*eyes nephews* Let's test that theory.
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Hi Cousins,

Just got back from attending the 50th Synod of the Diocese of the Eastern US in Charlotte. Met a delegate there who graduated from South Meck the year after I did from West Meck. It was “old home week” for me, talking with someone who remembered Mecklenburg County before Charlotte exploded.

On the way home, we (me and the wife) took a short side trip into Paw Creek where I grew up. VERY different. Roads relocated due to the Outer Belt.

Stopped at the house my two great-grandfather’s (cousins) built in 1901. Of course the landscape had changed from the open pastures and farmed land. The house is a business now, and the owner appreciates its history. It has been extensively remodeled inside, doors walled off, stairway relocated. But the restoration/remodeling is beautiful. The owner wasn’t there, but two of his office employees were. They knew a little about the history, and I was able to give them the low-down on a lot more. They were very kind to allow me to look around and even escorted me upstairs to see the new office spaces. It was beautiful. And I didn’t even cry. I was so glad to see the house is such good shape and cared for.

My home across the pasture was another story. My parents bought two acres from my grandparents and built a house in 1955. It was in sad shape. Almost unrecognizable. All the beautiful trees in the front have been cut down and the back where my dad farmed has gone to brush. All the shrubs my mom planted in the front... gone. Very sad. I didn’t even go knock on the door.

All in all, my wife got an earfull of local history, poor thing. Drove south through Paw Creek and passed Moore’s Chapel Methodist Church where I have many, many relatives buried, including a g-g-g-grandmother.

It was all so different, many places nearly unrecognizable. But, some of the old landmarks were still there, including Jones Hardware now run by the son who I grew up with.

I guess nothing stays the same, really, and the only constant in the world is change. “They” say you can’t go home again, and in a sense that is true. But for now, some of home is still there, and I’m glad for that.

Thank you, David, for hosting the weekend chat. This is one of my favorite things about G2G.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Sounds like an rejuvenating trip.  (Probably even for your wife.)

FindAGrave has definitely made headway on documenting old family cemeteries but some small family cemeteries that I've researched haven't made it into FindAGrave yet.  (I.E. Everywhere I look there's more work to be done.)

Hope you didn't get chiggers.
Doug I have been plotting where my glass and crystal makers lived, worked and died.  (Sometimes one person did that in more than 3 places).  It gives an interesting view of occupational migration.
I'm also plotting where my textile workers migrated. A few of them moved around a fair amount. Now I'm trying to determine which mills and if any records still exist. Makes a nice visual or graphic animation to show those migration paths.
Doug, that’s a cool project I never thought of.
Peggy, there’s several cemeteries here in Transylvania County that haven’t been photographed by FAG. I’ve got one on my computer and another I can get to. Need to get busy!
I'm visual as are my sisters so I have to find ways to make the history more appealing. The idea isn't mine though. It came from Lisa Louise Cooke (Genealogical Gems). I'm also a fan of Edward Tufte and find his books give me other ideas.
Pip, enjoyed our phone call the other day.   Hope you had great luck with running reports now!

Ha! Most phones calls I get or make are so bland compared to talking with you. That was special, and my actual conversation with a WikiTree member. 

did get my dna uploaded on Gedmatch, and it’s been great running all the different reports. I still don’t know all the ins and outs of x34cm6x’s and such (I just made that code up; it’s all about like that to me!). I need a crash course on “matching segments” and the number of “this and that”. Does Gedmatch have a page for that? Or is there another one elsewhere I can read? Fear of incompetence kept me from uploading it for so long. I’m easily confused by Web instructions! angry

Beth S. has been knocking around my Gedmatch stuff finding relatives, working on a triangulation. I hope she can find what she’s looking for in the Underwood family. 

And... I have found some close cousins who have matched me pretty closely. Galloway’s from here in Transylvania County.

Hope the weather is as nice in Missouri as it is here today. Rain this a.m., but balmy now, a nice 80 degrees!

Ok, the reference to Edward Tufte got me! The Visual Display of Quantitative Information sits on my shelf, not far from Elements of Cartography.

I am discovering that many of my ggg grandparents lived within a 20 mile radius of where I grew up. This deserves a map.

Pip the weather has been gorgeous here in Missouri today.  Low humidity (a rarity for this time of year) and not as hot.   A bit overcast but very pleasant. 

Pip if you go to the puzzle folder at 


there is a folder called GEDmatch reports I use.  There are files in it that will help you I think.  I wrote them to help new Adoption Angels.  But they work for non adoptees as well as adoptees.  Feel free to COPY them to your hard drive but please do not move them,  

Also our DNA project has a lot of help texts  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:DNA_Project_Resources_Page

and here is a link to some GEDMatch help texts  https://www.gedmatch.com/Using_GEDmatch.php   you may need to be logged into GEDMatch to see this... it is in a box on the left hand side of the screen after you login.  

A quick primer:

One to Many Report:  this report brings back the first 2000 matches.   You can ignore for the first pass any matches that show 5 generations or above as the DNA gets very diluted at that point.   I only use those if I see a surname that fits in and then I look to see if there are any closer ones...   On this report there are 2 main sections that show Total CMs (centimorgans...a measurement used in DNA)  You want at least 7 cm to be showing.  Personally I first look at 20 and above leaving the others for later.  Next to that is the longest segment.  Generally, the longer segments = closer relationships.  

Gen = generation distance.  That is a computed number based on total CMs and longest segment

The next section which is next to the one above deals with the X chromosome.  If you are a male it can only come from your Mom;s side because your father cannot pass an X to a son.   If you are a daughter it is little more complicated because you can get an X from your Father's Mother.  

Ok so you run this report and look for the top 5 to 10 matches to begin with.

Copy and "Paste special " as TEXT to Excel.   Now copy the WikiID of the person you have the highest match with.  Now run the People Who Match 2 or 1 Kits report and you will see all of the people you and that person both match.  Think of this as a way to identify "branches"  I give a step by step for this in one of the files in the folder I mentioned.  

This report when you run it for 3d will show you the Chromosome and SNP range breakdown.  You want to see a minimum of 7CM and 700 SNPs or you can ignore that match as not being enough to be relevant.  

Hope that helps.   You have my number, so feel free to call me if you want to talk through any of this.  

+14 votes
Well hello, not sure how long it's been

Reached the end of the first week of a new term study wise.

Other than that?
1) Not sure how I got onto it but I was checking a profile representing one of my 6th gg father's and for some reason decided to check the sources I had listed and looked around at the listed children. Long story short found a profile of one of them and now I know I have cousins resident in the state of Hawaii.

2) The emails from individuals worldwide continue to come in both in greeting and inquiring into the information on a particular person they have seen the WikiTree profile attributed to someone.

3) Continuing to clean up unlinked profiles from managed by various members
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (251k points)
Wishing you the best with your studies, Richard! Thank you for working on unlinked profiles.
Thanks for doing all the clean up!  I bet your Hawaiian cousins get a lot of folks who want to go visit!
+15 votes

Hi David, thanks for hosting this weekend. Laura, thanks for the puzzle and tips as you always are giving us some wisdom nuggets!! Also welcome everyone to our weekend chat. Its great to see the regulars and to see new participants!!! laughyes

This has been one hot summer that is for sure. We are under a Tornado watch this evening.. so hopefully the wind and rain will cool things off but NOT become so storm that we have a tornado warning!!

I won't be available too much this weekend as a former neighbor (from when I lived in Alabama) family member is in critical condition (pancreatic cancerand the family was called to be available because he will not be here too much longer. Paul is in North Carolina and most of the family is in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. I knew the family since 1989 and Paul is a retired MP, Military Police. 

I have been offering spiritual support to the wife and youngest daughter whom I am close to (as a "god parent")... and also helping her do a family tree in honor of their parents and grandparents to keep her mind off of what may happen soon. I can't travel to be with them, so lots of phone calls back and forth. They are taking this pretty hard. 

Dorothy B. 

PS: thanks you'all for the Youtube videos being shared for our Today is posts!!!! 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Hi Dorothy-God bless you for being that support for your friends, from experience i know it will be a difficult time for them, and for you.  At times like this it is very difficult to find words of comfort, however may comfort and blessings be guided your way and theirs.
Dorothy, prayers sent to the family and member who has cancer. Thank you for being there for them at this time, God bless!
Dorothy my thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended "family"  Sometimes those really close friends are extended family to us.  

When I am doing a vigil as someone is dying I ask the others who are there to answer some life questions like:  what is your favorite memory?  What lesson did you learn from (person's name)?  So often the dying person can hear and this creates a good life testimony and I have seen it eases the passing for he person and for the family and friends who have gathered.  

I grew up with death.  One of my Grandmothers was the baby of 12 children.  I can't remember a year I did not go to someone's death bed vigil and then wake.  So in a way, I made peace with death as a child.  

I think that is why when my friends have parents who are dying they often call me to be with them.  I find the process uplifting when you really celebrate their life. And listening to the family stories is always a really interesting experience.  What some of these people endured and survived is amazing.  

Know that my heart is with you and please extend my sympathies to the family.
Bless you, Dorothy, for being there for others, “comforting them with the comfort with which we have been comforted.” You have a kind heart.

Like Laura mentioned, if we are willing to listen to others’ stories, like you do, it puts own lives in perspective. We think we’ve got it bad until we hear someone else’s story. Letting others talk is a special characteristic of people who care.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, it means alot. No improvement for Paul, he is just hanging in there... indecision

*hands Dorothy a kitty* Sounds like you need purr therapy. Hope you aren't allergic. If so, I can acquire a dog. =)

Sorry you have this rough patch. Just remember we are here to talk to!

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